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  1. So there are a few of you left that don’t live in Japan or the Dominican Republic
  2. Great, great post. All very true. I’ve seen him engage students on different topics (history in particular) on summer road trips. Yes, in the summer. And actually get kids interested in educational topics unrelated to basketball. He’s really something special who will have an impact on many kids that can last a lifetime.
  3. I saw something the other day by a well respected NBA draft analyst talking about how impressed he was with his game. He keeps improving, kid has a real shot. I think he’s already at a point where he will be able to make a living at the game. With his trajectory though, playing at the highest level isn’t beyond him. Excited for him and his family. Stay healthy and keep improving!
  4. 🙄 were you there? I won’t get too disrespectful but I honestly doubt there’s a 4A district in the state with better coaches from top to bottom than this one. There’s more than one that, IMO, would have more hardware if they coached 100 miles or so away than the current coach there because they are capable of making in-game adjustments and altering game plans based on the opponent. HJ’s coach is one of them.
  5. Silsbee is going to be fine. And I know you guys think the second coming of the class of 2019 on the way. But you either do or will realize how special that group was. You had 4 kids on that team that will play D1 basketball (I hear glowing reports on Tyler constantly on what he’s doing in juco in Kansas). On a 4A team. And McCain had the ability to be the best kid on the floor in every game he played from freshman year on (and was the best player in San Antonio in that State Championship game). And if you haven’t noticed, Adams, as a college freshman, is already drawing the attention of NBA folks. Yes, you heard me right. Maybe you will catch lightning in a bottle twice, just maybe. But that group was a once in a lifetime type class. It will be unfair to every class that comes through Silsbee for the rest of time to use that bunch as the measuring stick. Simply enjoy that you will almost always be one of the better teams in the area.
  6. You know, I don’t know when that started being “permitted”. But it’s more prevalent now than I remember it being 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Some refs don’t tolerate it. But I’ve noticed most let it slide or just continue giving warnings.
  7. And let’s just be clear, Rideaux would make most teams in this area better. He can be polarizing when it comes to other team’s fans, but I can tell you he can flat out coach. (And it’s little known that’s he pretty darn good coaching on the gridiron as well). He’s a passionate guy so some will not like when his emotions get the best of him. But he’s as real as real can be. What makes him elite when it comes to coaching though is a couple of things. He is exceptionally bright and works his tail off with preparation, and he is outstanding with the Xs and Os. But when I tell you he cares for his kids, that is a drastic understatement. I mean he cares for his kids to the point he will do anything in his power to help them, while they play for him or 10 years down the road. And kids aren’t dumb. They know when someone loves them unconditionally. Those kids love him in return and will give him everything they’ve got. Those of us that have known him knew whoever eventually gave him his first head gig was going to get even more than they realized. And those who he worked for before this year will tell you how special he is. Coach Mitchell at Lumberton has done an amazing job there. And he might be the biggest Coach Rideaux fan.
  8. Exactly what I thought. Expected a split between those two (and might still happen).
  9. Can we revisit the ridicule that was received when some on this site poked fun when others said HF basketball was hiring a “game changer”? I’ll hang up and listen. Oh and congrats to Coach Rideaux and the Horns! Huge, huge win.
  10. Yates should be the best team in 4A, with or without Doakes. They have the best roster anyway.
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