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  1. Don’t get it twisted. Yates is better in the backcourt as well. Granted, Bush might be the best player on the floor in that matchup but after that, it’s several Lions before you get to the next Tiger. Back to the game, sounds like it was a classic. Exactly what that matchup deserves.
  2. Rivalry and Silsbee basketball. Silsbee basketball may only be surpassed by WOS football in terms of thread posts.
  3. I swear I was debating and couldn’t decide between -4 and -6. You might be rubbing off on me.
  4. I still like to think of myself as an independent thinker. I’m not a fan of politicians in general, which I think applies to a lot, if not most Americans. So when one actually tells us what he is thinking, whether I agree or disagree with his thoughts, I certainly appreciate it. The fact that “speaking one’s mind” freely and openly has been taken as taboo by a lot in Washington tells me everything I need to know about Washington. And while I think it might benefit him to mute himself on some of his thoughts, it’s just kind of who he is.
  5. And I will say I have to self-monitor at times when I’m critical of some of his statements. I’ve found that in every day life, I enjoy being around people with no filter. Like with the President, I don’t always agree with them and often don’t. But at least I know where they stand. I greatly prefer that to someone who tells you one thing and then goes and does the opposite. Point being, his bluntness is so rare in politics that it was almost shocking. So even if don’t agree with the message, the transparency of it should at least be encouraged, if not celebrated.
  6. You aren’t alone. It would be good to have someone to monitor him when he goes way off on something but, by and large, I think more than not find it refreshing. As I had someone tell me at breakfast this morning, he didn’t think the President’s cajones would fit on the table where we were sitting. And I think that’s a positive for the majority of voters.
  7. Yeah rivalries aren’t as fun, especially for the general public, when they are one-sided. In your playing days, those were some battles, with huge stakes on the lines often times.
  8. Listened to this game on KOGT last night in the car. Really good game, especially in the 2nd half. Other than the top 2, any team in this district can beat any other. Lot of parity.
  9. Every time I hear some crazy BS one of those candidates come up with, I think that no one can top that in terms of lunacy. Until someone else does. I can’t figure out who is advising these people and telling them it’s a good idea to put some of this stuff out there. I can’t imagine any of it goes over well in the so-called battleground states. If I was Trump, I wouldn’t say anything and just have a monitor and a clicker and play one asinine video after another.
  10. Looks about right. The two teams in the ‘05 Championship game are of the best I’ve ever seen. The sheer number of pros on the rosters of those two teams was ridiculous.
  11. Don’t be afraid to look bad. Never stopped me I predicted the last Silsbee class (while they are in jr high) would lose no more than 3 district games in 4 years and even with a big asterisk on one, they didn’t. I will predict this series will split this year; we will see. Regardless, I think we will see a more evenly balanced rivalry this year. I will also go out on a limb and say if any Silsbee class beats the four year results of the one that graduated last year, they haven’t been born yet.
  12. I love fast paced basketball as much as the next guy and am definitely a fan of the shot clock. But it would be really difficult to implement at the HS level and would take some competitiveness out if it. We never would have had the true story behind Hoosiers without it, for example. The bigger problem is a practical one. Every game would require another official likely to run it. They aren’t as easy to run as you might think and games with volunteers running it invariably require multiple game stoppages to get it right. Add to that expense the expense for all schools to have them installed and the argument goes way beyond a philosophical one.
  13. The way he scores the ball (and it’s not exactly against cupcakes by the way) is incredible. The fact that he does it at his size (and almost always against the opponent’s top defender) is almost unbelievable.
  14. I will just say he needs to be more consistent. But top 5 is an understatement.
  15. Let me rephrase, potentially second best. With his size and skills. If he plays hard and avoids silly plays, he’s as good as anyone not named Bush in that district.
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