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  1. Lamar beats McNeese today for the season sweep. In so doing, they not only qualified but earned a first round bye in the conference tournament. Great job Cards and Coach Price!
  2. Completely agree. There are levels to this game. That’s the right level for him. As I’ve said on here many times, the college coaches generally get it right.
  3. Pretty impressive Cole is back in the semis after losing their all world 7 footer to La Lumiere in Indiana before the school year started. If Vince were still there, he would have been the best big in the state, regardless of classification.
  4. Looks about 5-9. Not sure what he’s listed at. As far as weight, no idea but he’s not scrawny.
  5. Gilder did last night with 2 freshmen and 2 sophomores.
  6. I thought New Waverly would be a solid favorite against EC. I guess they might have been.
  7. Last nights battle of the titans between defending 6A champ Duncanville and #1 ranked Waxahachie took place in Waxahachie’s own gym. D’ville coach David Peavy and Wax coach Greg Gober flipped a coin to decide who would host the regional final, with Waxahachie obviously winning that toss. Unfortunately for the Indians, it wasn’t enough as Duncanville advanced to the state semifinals for the 3rd straight year. It got me to thinking - although this is highly unusual it isn’t unprecedented. The Mojo of Odessa Permian used to love flipping for home or home in the football playoffs. It
  8. Exactly. Nijal played great but Toe was doing whatever he wanted before he blew that knee. Kimball had no answer for him. That was a huge blow to the team’s psyche when he went down.
  9. Idk - they had the toughest opponent in the regional final and led by almost 20 going into the 4th quarter. And they puked it up. You could have put them 1 or 2 but they were definitely one of the top teams in the state. Unfortunately for them, they picked a bad time to lay an egg.
  10. No one can convince me the Jags wouldn’t have won if Toe doesn’t go down...
  11. I know. That’s why I’m saying the semifinal will be the de facto championship game. Best two teams left playing squaring off.
  12. I agree. That’s just what happens sometimes when you have 4 starters who are underclassmen. Again, this Huffman team reminds me a lot of that Big Sandy team from several years ago. That would have been a heckuva game. And I agree. They have a good shot at winning one more. The stars have aligned for Class 4A region 3 this year. Region 1 and 2 are in another class though. If Argyle wins, and Huffman wins, could be a good game. Huffman plays a lot like Argyle, Argyle just does it better IMO.
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