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  1. Jahmi’us Ramsey led Duncanville to the 6A state title a couple of years ago and was just drafted by Sacramento. Duncanville was the third school he attended...HIS SENIOR YEAR. The point is that the UiL, which is as broken and dysfunctional as the NCAA, ALLOWS these DECs to make those decisions. As evidenced by the Ardoin kid, the appellate process is pretty much a perfunctory joke as well. So you have one end of the spectrum where you have DFW where the “let them play” mantra rules supreme. And then the other where you have ADs or Sups or coaches voting kids down who should qualify j
  2. Desoto is 6A. My guess is they are missing few, if any, due to football.
  3. I’m not sure attending school where you are zoned is “cheating.” But let’s just say the metroplex “welcomes” competition.
  4. Faith Family up 69-36 against Desoto after 3 quarters. Against Desoto. And people down here get butt hurt because a kid wants to move from a private school where his dad coaches to the school where he’s zoned. I have said the kids in Dallas play tougher, a more inner city-type brand of basketball. But that’s not the only reason DFW dominates the state tournament. Look no further than FFA.
  5. Classic 😂🤣. Happy thanksgiving my friend.
  6. Boudreaux is the best basketball player. Not the leading scorer anymore, because he plays a different role. But the best player. He sets his teammates up, handles the ball, plays defense. If you stuck him in the corner and he got up the shots other kids in this area do, he would average 25-30 a game. But he makes his team better playing the role he plays.
  7. They have some kids that can play. The Boudreaux kid went from being a knockdown shooter (even as a freshman contributed heavily) to a PG who can do it all. In fact, he went off for 30+ in a win over a playoff Nederland team a couple of years ago. Now, because he’s transitioned into a prototypical PG who doesn’t put up 25 shots a game, he won’t get as much credit with the typical fan who doesn’t make it past points on the stat sheet. But he’s a “make his teammates better and play to win” kid.
  8. Man some sure have a hard time concealing their hate for a certain coach on this board. Even leaks over into other threads. At least he’s not paying rent for that space he occupies in your dome, I guess. Back to the actual thread, great win for BC. They are a solid club and I predict a playoff team. Have virtually everyone back, and have the best overall player in the OC (although I haven’t seen the new kid from WOS yet).
  9. Some on here will never acknowledge or give proper credit to him. It’s okay. With basketball guys, they only have to see his teams play a time or two to “get it.” If you don’t get it, it’s kind of like the guy at the poker table who can’t figure out who the sucker is. If you can’t find the sucker, it’s probably because it’s you...
  10. Ok. His winningest team* *but nowhere “near his best team”*. Lol
  11. One could argue (correctly) that he got bounced from the playoffs (with his best team to date) by an inferior team with a coach some on here truly love to hate. He does a nice job. I would tap the brakes on superlatives above that.
  12. Silsbee had a transcendent player at the 4A level. Like an all decade or better type player. Put some athletes around that and you should make the regional tournament
  13. Silsbee could pull random kids out of the hall more athletic than Huffman.
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