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  1. South Plains was ranked #1 in the country for most of the year. They had 4 kids - 6-10 or better. Only the starter and Catt played regularly, and the coach often played no bigs (had about 5 or 6 wings 6-6 or 6-7). As a result, his minutes were limited. There was a clip toward the end of the season where he was averaging a block every couple minutes of playing time. He had a couple of American Athletic Conference offers, kid is supremely talented and athletic, especially for 6-10. Having said that, he is definitely still raw offensively. Defensively, he is elite at any level c
  2. Hit me up any time you are going.
  3. I don’t think schedule is out yet
  4. I didn’t miss too many games last year. This year i think I might have even more of a reason to be there 😉
  5. And one of the things I’ve contemplated is the decline of our society as exemplified though a couple of QBs, a few decades apart. Roger was celebrated, by and large, for being outspoken about his faith. Contrast the treatment of Tim Tebow (for the same attribute) in recent years. Sad state of affairs.
  6. One athlete who was truly worthy of the term “role model.” He was a hero of mine growing up, and happen-stance allowed me to meet him as a young man (I worked at a summer camp where a couple of his daughters worked, and his son and youngest daughter attended). Was one of those rare cases where the man met or even exceeded the image. What an incredible athlete and, even more important, human being.
  7. Crazy he dropped to round 7. Hopefully that’s a steal of a pick for the Broncos.
  8. Lol - do they actually pay Mack to be the Longhorn-obsessed, Bama-jock sniffing, stereotypical Gomer? Or does he just play that part on this website. This thread is pure gold 🤣😂
  9. I am surprised no one mentioned David Peavy. Back to back state titles in the highest classification and no one is talking about him for COTY? Oh wait, Duncanville’s not in the Enterprises coverage area either, I guess.
  10. I agree. Other than Green, as good or better an argument can be made for Mitchell as any. Correct, and arguably one of those is well above the other. Regardless, I used those 3 because they are all D1 players, the others are not (although a couple on that second team could be I guess).
  11. Look, even Silsbee misses on a recruit every now and then... Back to topic - Brooks doing work on the recruiting trail. Gordon definitely a solid pick up. More coming.
  12. Never sure of the technical terms with coaches jobs but his services weren’t retained. Rough couple of years for Nimitz. Nathan is a great guy though - wish him well.
  13. Arceneaux, Yates, McClure The other players in SETX
  14. Congrats to Charli! Lady Longhorn goes as the #1 overall pick in the WNBA draft to the Dallas Wings.
  15. Helluva backcourt Brooks has there with him and Adams. Going to a stronger conference and should have 2 of the best guards in the league.
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