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  1. Boooooo aggy BoR. You only voted to approve daddy joining the SEC to put a stop to our hilarious memes and gifs. Killjoys…
  2. I agree with that. However, I think Texas joining helps Arkansas’s recruiting. There’s a reason Arky is on board with UT joining the party. They are hoping for one of CFB’s great rivalries to ramp up again, not the fake one that has been manufactured. Us old guys remember when UT-Arkansas was one of the best rivalries in the country. To resume that adds extra dollars to the Hogs (on top of the added conference revenue) and should give them a better recruiting angle for Texas recruits.
  3. We can have a standing bet every year. You take aggy, I get UT. The only caveat is that it’s the same amount every year (unless we both agree to bump or lower it) and the bet happens EVERY year. In other words, neither party can back out absent agreement of both parties. I like money. You can even name the amount.
  4. I agree with your assessment. Not crazy about this move at all. But college athletics, like much in life, is about the money.
  5. I said last season that it may have been Boutte’s best coaching job (same with Foster at BS). Both did way more than they should have with the talent they had. Boutte is most definitely still on top of his game.
  6. That is all understood. But if you think Texas and OU came to the SEC with hat in hand, on their proverbial knees (as your first post alluded), and that A&M had been a part of the discussions in the Southernly, democratic SEC…. But whatever narrative makes everyone feel better about themselves, cool. This is nothing more than the SEC being proactive and blowing the Big 10 out of the money waters. Some people just have to eat Lima beans to make that happen. This is about capitalism, not democracy.
  7. I like and respect you too. But if you think Vanderbilt wields as much power as Bama, I have some things to sell you. Yes they both a vote that counts the same. But that’s where it ends. All of the above sounds great and, frankly, a bit utopian. But that’s not how college athletics (or life) works. Probably would be better if it did. But it always boils down to who needs who more and who brings the most to the table. And the power brokers (from the sec side) are exactly who you might expect them to be.
  8. A&M fans are DEFINITELY against Texas joining, at least as far as the overwhelming amount of social media indicates (friends, etc). The reason why, I am assuming, is the biggest recruiting pitch disappears.
  9. Alabama apparently wants this move. End of story.
  10. Big bruising RB out of Cleveland. Had no idea he was coaching there.
  11. He’s good but he can’t go left…
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