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  1. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣 There is not a team in the history of Houston basketball that could have stayed on the floor with that team. Sorry. You are reaching now. Obviously H-town has struggled to compete with DFW. Thus the recruitment and formation of this year’s Yates team (Which I get - if you can’t beat em, join em). The team that got run out of the gym by a MV team that was toying with them. And FYI, that was a “special local team.” Not saying a “special” Houston can’t compete with some of the National teams, but definitely not a team like this MV team (which if you read the article, is being debated as maybe the best HS team ever). Gone are the days when a Yates team or any Houston team can compete with the national juggernaut teams. You just don’t have the talent base or wherewithal to compete.
  2. He’s definitely an elite shooter. Big shooting guard (6-6 with a nice frame) who can also score on all 3 levels. Also is really good on the defensive end. Mr. BG is going to be a big fan.
  3. Definitely agree on all that. It’s just an interesting concept to me. Just to round out the seniors on that team (well, 5 of the 7, the other two I know nothing about): 5 are signed to high majors. Cunningham (Ok St), Barnes (FSU), Sharpe (UNC), Moses Moody (Arkansas), and Zeb Jackson (Michigan). We’ve discussed the first 3 in this thread (all 3 in top 11 or 12 ranked players in that class) but it’s notable that Moody might also be Arkansas’s best player as a freshman. And I’ve seen Jackson live several times over the past couple of years. I think he will be in college the longest out of the five seniors but he can REALLY go.
  4. So when Cade Cunningham and Scottie Barnes are the best players on their respective teams in high major conferences in 8 months (Big 12/ACC) - was it this 8 months that made the difference? Because their bodies won’t look much different. In fact, Cunningham has an NBA body at 18. As for coaching, I would imagine Boyle has been offered a TON of mid major jobs. He’s a legend in HS coaching (coached at St Pat’s in Jersey before Montverde). Some guys like the HS level, especially when they are compensated like a mid major college coach. If he ever makes the jump to the collegiate level, it will be to take a head job at a Power 5. Having said all that, I’m not convinced they would beat SFA either. But I can’t imagine they aren’t favorites against the other 13 SLC teams. And Findlay Prep no longer exists.
  5. There may be hope for us yet. Former Secretary of State Kerry and President Trump find common ground on agreeing Congressman Massie is an a-hole! https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/489840-john-kerry-gop-lawmaker-against-coronavirus-relief-package-tested
  6. When the heck did Kentucky get so much power in this country? They make a darn fine bourbon, have a heckuva horse race, and manage to keep their family trees nice and tight. But no reason for that hillbilly haven to have so much control over Washington. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/03/27/stimulus-bill-delayed-by-lone-kentucky-republican-massie/#707bcb6cc547
  7. Here is the best two HS teams facing off MV and IMG. Probably the best one to watch to see the level of play at those schools. And THE rivalry game for both:
  8. The first is the highlights from the blood bath against Yates. The second is one is a little longer.
  9. I’ve posted before, there several guys I see each summer that I think, he’s got a shot to be a pro. Then there may be one or two that you see and think, this kid is a pro right now. Summer before last, it was Anthony Edwards (who may go 1 overall in this draft). Last summer it was Cunningham (and Chet Holmgren who is only a junior now). Serious question - speaking of Holmgren (who I know you’ve seen many times), this year as a 17 year old kid, what could he have done in a league like the Southland?
  10. Before they saw Lebron as rookie in the league? Yes they would be making this same argument.
  11. Except not THESE HS players. That’s where you’re missing the point bruh. Talk to an NBA scout and ask him where Cade would be drafted, if eligible, in next month’s originally scheduled draft. Guarantee you it would be top 5. Barnes would be a first rounder. Both would be expected to play from the jump. Then ask them how many first rounders will come from the entirety of the SLC.
  12. No, I get that. I just don’t think you fully appreciate how good that MV lineup was, despite them literally messing around to a 50 piece win against Yates. Again, you’ve seen Ben Simmons and D’Angelo play one and done college careers and now in the league. They literally played 6 mos of college ball before becoming NBA all stars. That’s what you’re looking at with this MV team (except many think this year’s team was deeper). So yes, experience matters. But you’re dealing with a program that has the facilities and training of a college program (and better than many collegiate programs). And AT LEAST two kids that are going to be lottery picks within a year. Against a program that has NEVER had a kid of that caliber. Like I said originally, the SFA team is very good and well coached. That would be a good game. But they would beat most if not ALL of the teams in that league.
  13. Exactly. SFA’s big man is undersized and not elite. MV’s is 6-10 and will be playing for the Tar Heels this season. Therein lies the difference.
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