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  1. I feel the same way. And it’s one of the main reasons I am so high on Crenshaw.
  2. I feel like that’s probably a big game for Beaumont folks, but for me BU is just too new for that to be a big rivalry game. I think it will take a while for it to reach the level of Central-Ozen, which was a must see game almost any time they took the court. I have learned that it’s fun, when speaking with former Central and Ozen players, to work in the conversation that BU is their alma mater. They get pretty triggered 😂
  3. I hope so. Best basketball rivalry game we have in SETX.
  4. They are the favorite every year. Next year will be no different. Edit: especially with the realignment.
  5. And those of you who question Tigee’s reputation for coaching going into the HF job (and teaching for that matter), I guess it just must have not been well known in your circles. Because in Beaumont, heck even in Houston, his coaching abilities have been widely respected and admired. Like him or not, the dude can flat out coach. He also has certainly ignited this message board which has been fun. He is happy at HF and the kids and parents there love him. I can just say if you don’t, you’re just going to have to deal with it. HF hasn’t done anything that other schools in this area, and even that district, haven’t done for years. It’s always funny when they get upset - hey who told you that you can do what we do?!?!? So I think he will continue to be extremely successful at HF. The only way I see him leaving would be to coach at the next level, and it wouldn’t shock me at all if that eventually happens.
  6. You’re right about that. If Tigee coached at Yates there would be more hardware in the Third Ward. Leaving recruiting out of it (which Yates does with the best of them), Wise isn’t exactly known for his Xs and Os. And in game adjustments...fuhgeddaboutit.
  7. The McClure kid will be the best player in the district by a ton though. That combined with Coach Mitchell gets them in (I would think anyway). And you’re right about Silsbee AND about this being the weakest I can remember this district being. The fun part will be it should have a lot of parity like this year. The other district will be fun to watch and much stronger.
  8. They didn’t have much choice after those tests were canceled for the spring.
  9. I like BC’s pg a lot. Lumberton returns the “other” offensive mvp, the one who just committed to Lamar. It will be Silsbee, Lumberton, and then the other 5 fighting for the other two spots. Good news is the other two teams who would have been locks (HJ and HF) are in another district.
  10. You’re talking about California. They own the market on crazy.
  11. I would vote for him against anyone. I think he could play really well among the fringe voters and his record is incredible. Just an amazing individual. I’m not sure he could make the jump now but I would love it if he could. Really hoped he would run Cornyn because I think he would have been a star in the senate. I will say that if any of you have access to HBO, VP Pence and Sen. Rubio (who I’ve always been a fan of as well) had back to back interviews in the most recent Axios episode and it’s worth watching. I thought both were very impressive.
  12. No doubt. And I think McNeese’s style fits him really well. I expect an immediate impact.
  13. This has long been the biggest honor you could receive locally because they always seem to get it right. Good job Jorge and Matt - this year was no exception.
  14. Let’s not forget to congratulate our coach of the year either https://m.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/hs/article/2020-Beaumont-Enterprise-Super-Gold-Boys-15275642.php Well deserved!
  15. We do have to draw the line somewhere but we have what are called “affirmative defenses” in all kinds of crimes. If you inserted one that involved being enrolled on the same campus, the arbitrariness of 36 months and 35 months/29 days would be resolved in many instances. Not saying it would solve every miscarriage of justice but it’s a start.
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