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  1. Tough pill to swallow for aggy to realize that even their beloved SEC considers them a joke. Especially harsh to get slapped across the face while you are attempting to get another whiff of a jock you’ve been openly sniffing for a decade. 😂
  2. Completely agree but that tweet was savage. And much in line with what I heard all weekend from the LSU faithful 😂
  3. Wow. Well done, LSU. Well done. 👏
  4. Better question - is the tambourine kid still in the Hardin band?
  5. Exactly what they were told - no school is going to boot season ticket holders out of their seats to create some for opposing fans. Again, if you want a good seat, pay for it.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/09/13/texas-lsu-air-conditioning-tiff-now-involves-hvac-investigations-spreadsheets/ In other news, my understanding is Skip Holtz has all but called Orgeron a liar. The whole thing seemed awful fishy to begin with because if it had happened with La Tech it would have been unintentional, and would have been rectified. Skip is part of the family. I don’t know why Coach Mushmouth felt compelled to make this an issue, but for the convenient “cramps” (aka flopping) which was “suffered” in abundance on one side of the ball. What he neglected to anticipate is the abundance of technology available in this day and age. Bringing La Tech into the discussion was not wise either, but he likely could have been completely unaware of Skip’s connection with the school.
  7. Two best programs in SETX by a mile. Glad they are playing this game again. Most weeks, this would be the best match up in the state.
  8. Honestly, he might have been the most impressive player on that side of the ball (other than Sam). The way he ran the ball against that defensive front was impressive for any back. For a quarterback who is a true freshman playing out of position, simply remarkable. He looked bigger than I thought he was, and had an uncanny “wiggle” given the aforementioned. Candidly, if he stayed at RB, he looked the part of one who will play beyond college. But I agree with WGL that he will be taking snaps before it’s all said and done. But more than any player un burnt orange, he was the one the opposing fans kept asking, “who is THAT??” Kid’s future is extremely bright.
  9. I don’t know why Coach O would lie about the locker room issue. I haven’t read or heard Holtz comment about it but if he did indeed say it was the case that weekend, I don’t think anyone would doubt it because Skip, through Trey, is part of the family. I also can’t imagine that would be intentional with LA Tech given the Holtz family’s support of the University. I do think Coach O (who I’ve always thought to be a good guy) was less than genuine about the “cramps” issue. As WGL pointed out, didn’t happen with a single Tiger offensive player. Short of LSU having separate conditioning programs for the different units, that alone is hard to believe. But I’m not even that bent out of shape about the “flopping” either. Although I’m not a fan of the tactic in any sport, if the Tigers were doing it intentionally to counteract the speed of the UT’s no huddle offense, they wouldn’t be the first team to employ that tactic in the sport. And it’s not technically against the rules. But if more teams start doing this, I can’t imagine there won’t be some punitive repercussion inserted in the rules soon. And again, as with WGL’s experience, I didn’t have a single encounter with an LSU fan that wasn’t entirely positive. To the contrary, they were fantastic. Much respect to them. As for the band, fan’s seats, etc, I couldn’t care less. There were plenty who shelled out enough to get a good seat, there were several in our section. Give UT the same allotment next year, in the worst section you can provide. There will plenty of us sitting in LSU donor seats anyway, just like the Tiger fans who opened their wallets this year. Despite what any school wants to claim about their fan base, there will always be those who are willing to sell their tickets to one game and use the money to pay for the rest of the games for that season (and who can blame anyone who wants to do that). It’s been that way forever.
  10. Idk. I just remember more people watching that game than any game aggy has ever played. Ever. Like at any point in the history of the game. So even at 5-7, still more “relevant” than deranged little brother. I know, it stings. But you’ve moved on to other, similarly mediocre things 😂
  11. Well, it certainly was the most watched game this season by a considerable margin. But it still only had about 70 percent of the viewers of Texas-Notre Dame a whole 3 years ago. So while it wasn’t even the biggest home game for Texas in 3 seasons, it did get more of the country watching the SEC. So you’re welcome, I guess.
  12. Overall, LSU fans were great and were exceptionally complimentary. I wish I had a $1 for every one that commented they wished this was a yearly game. A surprising number also commented they’ve “been there, done that” with regard to their yearly game with the other state school (I.e., had no interest in doing it a second time after going once). To a person, they loved Austin and the atmosphere. Their fans were tremendous as advertised. We have more invites to tailgates next year than we can possibly hit. Great game Tigers and good luck the rest of the way. And your QB (and receivers) is the truth.
  13. About 15k seats short this year due to construction. Some LSU fans (not their big donor ones who were understanding) have trouble with the concept that Texas isn’t going to boot out season ticket holders to give the other school’s band better seats. But whatever, I will be sitting in an LSU season ticket holder’s seats next year anyway. In regard to the “paybacks,” I hope they’re right. Specifically, I hope they get to know Randy Christal and his crew.
  14. Not used to the physicality of ACC football...
  15. We can tell. Aggy plays the number one team in the country this afternoon and you have 5 times as many posts in this thread. Can’t make this stuff up 😂😂
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