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  1. Yeah he misspelled women’s soccer…
  2. Yes by far. Nice to have a 6-8 contributing piece for sure. But Lewis, if that game happens, will easily be the best player in the gym. And he is more of a wing than a post. Will be the best shooter in the gym as well.
  3. And those two kids in particular have experience playing against better dudes than Silsbee has to run out there. But not sure how solid their guards are. Tough to judge since Yates is apparently weaker than they have been in years. Hope you’re right though. Would be nice to see the Tigers back home in SA.
  4. You might be right but they are going to have to play better than they have since Dallas. Booker T is bigger than WOS and they have at least 2 high D1s (who are 6-7 or better).
  5. Forgot Booker T had the 6-8 McDermott kid who is a sophomore. After the way Silsbee has played the last few weeks or so, tough not to make Washington the favorite for that region.
  6. Exactly. 20 pieced LCM without their best player. LCM had their best players on the floor.
  7. Could be 4 or 44, I will take the midpoint of 24. Silsbee 91, WOS 67.
  8. WOS took 2 of 3 from Silsbee that year. Laquarious Paige was on another level.
  9. This will likely be Silsbee’s closest district game (even though WOS will finish somewhere between 5th and 3rd in district), like it is many years (close being a relative term). This is because WOS always has the next most talent in the district, even though they are chronic underperformers against its other district foes.
  10. But tap the breaks on winning district. It’s nice to see WOS finally play a really good district game. But like I said about a certain team in this district last year, there is a way better chance of the stangs not making the playoffs than that happening.
  11. A lot is always said about kids getting second chances, usually from a team that got beat. Sports is all about life lessons and sometimes the best life lesson is showing a kid you love them and that they are valued. Until you’ve walked in their shoes and the coaches, I always find it’s best not to speculate or judge (as with almost everything in life). But I can’t begin to articulate or explain it like the GOAT so I will leave this right here.
  12. They played Sam to the wire on the road in their only conference game down 3 to 4 starters, with only 7 eligible players, including walk ons. In the game before that, they were the “healthiest” they have been all year (before the covid outbreak) and lost by 3 at home to a team that had just beaten SFA in Nacogdoches by 13. They are way better than just looking at a 2-12 record would suggest.
  13. https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-basketball/odds/conference-winners/ 66 to 1. UTGRV and Chi St are lower (150 to 1 on Chi St). I would put 100 on Lamar winning the conference tournament at 60 to 1.
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