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  1. I like it a lot more when CeeDee plays for my team than against them.
  2. Good job children. Daddy is proud. You keep this up, we might let you at the big boy table at the SEC meetings. In the meantime, just continue to vote the way we tell you… 🤣😂
  3. Probably not, but it’s way too early for that. Hired him, got to give him time to do his thing or not. I remember the days when Mack ran off 12 in a row against Okie aggy. Hell used to spot them 28 just to make it interesting….
  4. Best program in the country at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We puke it up like Sark back in his drinking days.
  5. At least you got Jordan Walsh’s commitment this week. Air up the basketballs already.
  6. On the bright side, our defensive line is equally inept. I mean, I would hate for those offensive guys to feel bad about themselves.
  7. The most impressive thing about Bijan is his productivity with that OL. I mean our line may be really soft but at least they’re undisciplined. Wait…
  8. Who ordered the rerun of last week’s game?
  9. This was going into last week’s game. So at least Jumbo has almost reached Sumblin status… #GiveThatManAnotherRaiseAndExtensIon
  10. UIL = NCAA. Waste of space. So dumb. Maybe if she moves back in with her ex, and he kills her, UIL will stop taking the lazy, we will just rubber stamp whatever these coaches don’t want to have to play against a particular kid do.
  11. FG on 4th and 11 seems like an even better idea to me now 🙄
  12. Not sure why we didn’t call a TO with 30 seconds left. But 38-20 at the half.
  13. BJ has been great all season but he has to make that tackle and we are set up for 35-7. 28-14 instead.
  14. I will say that Sark seems to be a helluva play caller too.
  15. If you had told me we could lead 28-7 after the first quarter, I think I would have said “okay we will take [email protected]
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