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  1. He’s got at least another year and realistically at least two short of a complete train wreck. He’s not being treated differently than Charlie because his season last year surpassed any that Strong had in his entire tenure. Is he the right guy? I really don’t know. But he will have another year or two to prove himself. Some of the things he’s done tend to irritate me but maybe I’m getting old. The players seem to love him. I remember a time where OU was handing us our behinds in an embarrassing fashion year after year under Mack. The pot bangers were loud. They quietened for a time after ‘05. Maybe Herman will find another Vince Young. Maybe he already has. Time will tell.
  2. Yes they were. Maybe that was a down year for Yates but that would be an up year for 99% of the schools in this state.
  3. You think it’s bad in Houston? The best player (Arguably) on last year’s 6A State Champion Duncanville was at his 3rd school when he enrolled at Dville....FOR THAT SCHOOL YEAR! Family faith basically transplanted a whole team and coaching staff to their school. The reason the metroplex dominates San Antonio isn’t just because their players are tougher. If Yates has all their players cleared, they could end up being the best team in the state, regardless of classification.
  4. Yates should be the #1 team in 4A by a good margin. They just beat an arguably top 5 6A team last weekend.
  5. Great flick. As a previous poster mentioned, HF is going to surprise some folks and will only get better if they keep their new coach around. I haven’t met a single person I respect in the basketball community who doesn’t think Coach Rideaux can flat out coach.
  6. That’s a good early season win, especially after only getting the football kids this week. BC was really young last year and still played well. Good young coach who the players seem to really respond to. That district is going to be crazy competitive for playoff spots.
  7. Not like he does now. His improvement from Freshman year to now has been substantial (due to his work on this area of the game). Shooting and defense were the two areas of his game that college coaches (who followed him over that span) most commonly remarked about his improvement. To be clear, he could always shoot. But the consistency he’s developed wasn’t always there when he was an underclassman.
  8. Wow! Poor scorer probably ran out of room on the stat sheet.
  9. Cards get a 76-61 win against a solid Mt St Mary’s team. The Mountaineers held double digit, second half leads over Georgetown and #20 Washington before dropping both. Lamar led by 30+ in the second half.
  10. Rarely do I actually lol. I was dying reading some of those.
  11. Probably the most improved area of his game over his high school career has been defense (and shooting). I think all who have coached him or recruited him would agree. Trust me, he’s not guarding air on the Under Armour circuit. And based on his position, he was always guarding the guards/wings (mostly 2s). One of the kids he defended particularly well signed with Kansas yesterday.
  12. They actually are a pretty strong mid major program. But still...
  13. This. And Arkansas should have known better than to hire a guy from Edgewood, TX. Everyone knows that’s a basketball school.
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