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  1. From the Desk of the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mark Porterie: "The Port Arthur Independent School District is proud of the work of the employees, students and parents as they move forward in the school year.  We are extremely proud of the Athletic Department in their quest for excellence and it has proven to be an exciting year.   We have been made aware of conversations on social media concerning a perceived personnel issue with members of our Athletic Department. The District has no knowledge of nor have we been contacted directly concerning any such issues. We support Coach Coleman as well as our entire Athletic Department and we are excited about the future that lies ahead. There has been no conversation between Coach Coleman and the administration concerning his departure and we dispute those claims wholeheartedly. As leaders in education in Port Arthur, it is imperative that we dispute these types of claims before they continue to spread. Our basketball team performed extremely well this season and they rightfully earned their place as champions. Let us continue to rally around them, Coach Coleman and all of our student athletes so that we can continue to give them the positive experience they rightfully deserve.  We look forward to an exciting athletic season next year and we will continue to excite the fans of the PAISD."
  2. Someone told me Thomas Brooks didn't want the job as if I didn't know what the *bleep* I was talking about........
  3. Memorial's new QB

    Didn't a sophomore going about 240 ran some plays @ rb? 
  4. Memorial's new QB

    Who's left.  My understanding is only 3 return on offense.......
  5. I just seen this on my FB timeline and I think it's appropriate for this response to you Rez:   "I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr
  6. The players have bought in, and that's all that matters 
  7. Yeah Thompson is white and he failed the 2nd time around..... Anyway, nah sayers, why do y'all care And yes, Bubble Schools(plural).....
  8. Nothing's up 2wedge.  Just an opinion  If Brooks was in the running for the job, he was more qualified except he's older.  By the way, what's the loft on a 2wedge?
  9. I guess that last statement is suppose to check me in some way?  He could be motivated to simply use PA as a stepping stone. If and when a booster club is created, I will join and I will see for myself how high and similar his expectations are to mine.....
  10. Since some moderator or two like to project, here's my thoughts..... 1a  Win games, DC's and minimum 3 round appearances 1b  Continue the tread of many kids getting many scholarships(KRH set the bar high here) 1c  Keep the stars from gravitating to play for the Bubble school, which, only want them for athletics anyway......   In game strategy aside, no coach has taken a team to the Semi's since Marler and KRH did in the largest classification Morgan has big shoes to fill
  11. It would've been better if it were old boy from Desoto #Isawhimwinaring
  12. I prefer Thomas Brooks.......
  13. It is what it is.  And since neither of us Bmt or PA fans own the message board, well you know the rest...... Any criticism of BISD or PAISD from outsiders, race is implied.  Plain and simple
  14. I say it with the risk of getting banned again.   Nevermynd.  In the age of trump, they're white and they say so regarding BISD..... To me, unless you pay taxes inside the district, shut up.  Doesn't affect you not one iota.......
  15. 22-5A Boys standings after 13 games

    Just saw on FB, Memorial qualified for the playoffs.  Congrats to the Titans!!!!!!!!