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  1. Shouldn't this be a head to head comparison with Newton?  Other than that, there's not a school in a 100 mile radius since '77 that can compare.  Possibly Jack Yates but that's about it....
  2. PA Memorial QB

    Can't expect them to be down forever when they use to be a fixture in the largest classification since they've been open.
  3. Lumberton Population

    Keep in mind, when the UIL does re-alignment, it's top down.  The top 225 or so schools with the highest enrollment go in 6A.  New schools with 2100 plus enrollment will continue to move that 6A/5A cut off number up to the point the 'growth' of Lumberton may not match the growth of other areas like the northern suburbs of DFW and or San Antonio for example.  I wouldn't be surprised if L-Town stays in 4A DI as the cut-off numbers grown faster than the student population.......
  4. Lumberton Population

    I've been hearing about L-Town's growth like I've heard about the US being great at soccer......... I'll believe both when I see it......
  5. Why does West Brook dominate BISD football?

    Same occurred in Baytown.  Lee dominated Sterling until Memorial opened.  Westfield dominated old Spring.  Humble was all over Kingwood before HISD had their expansion.  It happens but is more prevalent with the virus I call no child left behind which the struggling school via test scores lose kids that are passing vs the failing kids transferring........
  6. PA Memorial QB

    Friendswood, Hightower Georgetown and Hutto........
  7. PA Memorial QB

    Welcome back but please survey the region.  I counted 6 teams that would give PAM issues and those 6 teams are still there......
  8. Caney creek

    They will continue to struggle.  There's a new school on the Grand Parkway(north section) that will pull from CC and Oakridge.  The struggle continues  
  9. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Alvin didn't win much when it was just Alvin.  Now with Shadow Creek and Manvel.......... Good luck with that.....
  10. Welp, Barbara's Hill covered..... 
  11. Saturday State Championship Games

    Another school shrinking on the big stage.  I wonder if they(SC) would be more effective moving the qb to rb and going with a taller qb cuz the backup rb is tip-toeing
  12. Coaching Carousel

    This would be Central
  13. Friday State Championship Games

    They will have a similar path plus the qb and the rb are juniors 
  14. Friday State Championship Games

    Welp, the big stage got to TM.  Maybe next year
  15. Friday State Championship Games

    LH runs plays like Trinity.  They need to go 2 wide and stop the wing back trap.  LV is sitting on that