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  1. Caney creek

    They will continue to struggle.  There's a new school on the Grand Parkway(north section) that will pull from CC and Oakridge.  The struggle continues  
  2. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Alvin didn't win much when it was just Alvin.  Now with Shadow Creek and Manvel.......... Good luck with that.....
  3. Welp, Barbara's Hill covered..... 
  4. Saturday State Championship Games

    Another school shrinking on the big stage.  I wonder if they(SC) would be more effective moving the qb to rb and going with a taller qb cuz the backup rb is tip-toeing
  5. Coaching Carousel

    This would be Central
  6. Friday State Championship Games

    They will have a similar path plus the qb and the rb are juniors 
  7. Friday State Championship Games

    Welp, the big stage got to TM.  Maybe next year
  8. Friday State Championship Games

    LH runs plays like Trinity.  They need to go 2 wide and stop the wing back trap.  LV is sitting on that
  9. Coaching Carousel

    2008 Football season.  Lost to Friendswood 20-19 in the 5A D1 reg finals and left 8 points on the field......
  10. State Semifinal Schedule/Scoreboard

    And that was '86.  Kenneth Ford and nem...... 
  11. North Shore 51 Lake Travis 10/FINAL

    51-3 NS 6:58 left.  Heading home.....
  12. North Shore 51 Lake Travis 10/FINAL

    48-10 NS Early 4th Duncanville up 14-7 1st
  13. North Shore 51 Lake Travis 10/FINAL

    End of 3rd.  41-10 NS
  14. North Shore 51 Lake Travis 10/FINAL

    41-10 NS 5:09 3rd
  15. North Shore 51 Lake Travis 10/FINAL

    41-3 NS 8:53 3rd