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  1. Calprep's projected scores

    It has PA beating everyone but New Caney.........
  2. Titan Tempo??

    Excellent interview on both sides.  Like how Morgan gave Xbox credit for building the program up.  Someone please tell the interviewer PAM was down to their 3rd string center.  And their analysis of Reg 3 D1 was spot on.  I've been saying the same since Realignment  Of course, I've been saying the district is cake compared to the playoffs....
  3. I will try to attend 
  4. Mater Dei v IMG

    IMG is the closest to AAU foosball so no.  Also, Mater Dei recuits so nah......
  5. Titan Tempo??

    Slow or fast, if the starter and or 2nd string center isn't there, the play falls apart.  It's all about timing and dribbling the ball to the QB is no bueno
  6. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Strength of PAM is obviously the Defense.  That front 4----Front 7 is off the chain And when it's on, Special Teams......
  7. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Oline(Center)depth.  Insisting running the offense from the shotgun is problematic with a 3rd string center because not only the snapping the ball but making line calls etc.  I saw an equally sloppy played game against DP and they scored over 40 so the center-QB exchange is critical......
  8. 3rd string center.  Not only bad snaps, but I'm sure, because I wasn't there, missed line calls and missed blocks. Can't run the play properly if you can't get the ball to the QB..... With that said Why doesn't Morgan and nem have a snap from under center package? Inquiring minds would like to know...... Anyway, 3-0 with a week off and the hapless Yellow Jackets up next in 2 weeks
  9.   acutally, we went to the semi's twice but again, JC in LA is a midget among dwarfs and hobbits.  
  10. Winning state across the Sabine is like being the tallest midget.  We don't mix private with public here and JC doesn't fair well on this side of the border so anyway.....
  11. The announcer said that at the half.  Yet all the posers on this thread ignored vital information
  12. So if Vaughn is from Ozen, did the QB from Central graduate?  I'm thinking the merging of 2 teams, should be 30 or so returning starters minus seniors of course....