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  1. Beto is running

    Saw an old pic of Beto in a dress.  I'm sure the libs love this.
  2. 3/15 24-2A Games/Post updates here!

    BS wins 5-4
  3. Why Are Republitards So Anti - Education? (Wow - Click For Juicy Details)

    Childish gibberish
  4. A Question For Steve Nash.. (Republicans Will HATE This!)

    Why does the New Black Panthers hate white people?  Demoncrats will HATE this one.
  5. another query for verystableenlightenedone

    As stated on another thread, the enlightened response is 'yawn'.
  6. Question forVeryStabilenlightened

    And this is exactly what is wrong with America, putting religion on the backburner.  Sodom and Gomorrah ring a bell with you.  Since you seem to scoff at religion and God, probably not.
  7. Ilhan Omar

    Guess if you're not black or Demoncrat, one is a racist.  Same song, different day!  Guess that song will be used forever.  Wasn't the KKK initiated by Demoncrats?
  8. 2020 - Who Ya Got?

  9. Looking at what the dims voted into office across the country, maturity definitely not an issue with them.
  10. Whatever you think of Trump

    Do you consider all those that have fought in war as heroes?
  11. Should convicted felons be allowed to vote

    Sounds like something hillary has done!
  12. Ilhan Omar

    These people are slowly taking over America, and our government has let it happen.  They have said they will take America without firing a shot, and it's happening.
  13. Ilhan Omar

    Do we need anymore proof of the damage caused by uninformed voters?  How does this get elected in the US?
  14. Going from bad to worse!  Can't these people see how bad the democratic obama crony is doing as mayor.