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  1. Democratic Nominee 2020

    Unless you throw crooked Hillary in the mix
  2. What is wrong with that?
  3. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    How about investigating the "female dog" that perpetrated this crap, and the dims that pushed it?
  4. Woden/Joaquin

    Sounds an awful lot like a team Big Sandy faced in the playoffs a few years ago.  It was neither of these two.
  5. Arkansas Proves Welfare Work Requirements Work!

    Need to drug test them as well
  6. Media Bias

    A Republican President.  And that man being Trump.
  7. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Not even close!
  8. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Well, their top two teams went out and got punched right in the mouth.  Even though they hadn't played a game in a few weeks, the homers will use the usual excuse:  they beat up each other in conference play.
  9. Sanctuary Camp Set Up In Nancy Pelosi's Yard!

    Where is the compassion?  She's a two-faced female dog!
  10. Commie-Libs Found Another obama Judge!

    They don't give two rat's arses about the laws of this country.  They commit crimes here and try to flee back across the border as fast as they can.  
  11. With that qb, not going to get any better.  Especially when you throw the head coach into the mix!
  12. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    Says a lot about the voters that put her there.
  13. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    Why not use funds to give actual citizens that need it a better life, instead of spending billions on ILLEGALS?  It seems that is where the money would be better served.  It may not be about the vote for you, but it dang sure is for the Schumer's and Pelosi's in DC.
  14. THSB Baseball Top 10

    Like that #1 in 2A.  Surprised Refugio not in top 10.  
  15. No way she's there in 2024!