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  1. Apple Springs@Dallardsville Big Sandy

    BS wins 16-0
  2. So insightful

    Big girl and grab 'em fall in line with this way of thinking
  3. Sure would love to hear her thoughts on how well Trump is turning around what the obama administration did or didn't do.  On second thought, not really!
  4. Not like I thought it would be at all.  Pleasantly surprised!
  5. Gonna be without a key starter tonight.  Will make it tough.
  6. I guess being in Cali for so long has warped his mind.  He was a Republican when he was governor, I do believe.  Another in a long line of Hollyweird idiots
  7. 2018 March Madness

    I hope it is a 16.  My bracket is shot, so I am pulling  for the double digits seeds.  I lost two final four teams today, including national championship team.  As I am typing bad weather causes signal loss on tv. Go UMBC!!
  8. 2018 March Madness

    Just told a buddy of mine the same thing.
  9. 2018 March Madness

    Is this the craziest tourney anyone can remember?
  10. 2018 March Madness

    That it was