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  1. Week 5 Polls

    Maybe things are turning around
  2. Week 5 Polls

    Maybe the Horns will have more than one week in the polls!
  3. Looks like the the second worst team in the league is on their way to beating the worst.  Texans putting a drive together as I type, maybe they win.
  4. Hall of Fame Boycot

    The players know what they're in for when they choose football for a living.  Cry me a river.  Take care of business while you're making millions, and you should be able to handle retirement.  But, the majority can't take of business.
  5. Trump restricts welfare for green card holders

    Like it!!
  6. Aggie at Bama

    Congrats!! Shocked by covering the spread of almost 30?
  7. Maybe big girl can enlighten us on this selective outrage.  I'm anxious to see how she can spin it.
  8. With that defense, Baltimore didn't need much help at qb.  
  9. There Must Be A Course They Take In "Fake News"!

    I see by the reply, you are getting the typical run-around.
  10. Hall of Fame Boycot

    The more current retirees should have saved for this.  Then again, most aren't smart enough to plan for the future.  The ones that are of age, it's called Medicare & Medicare.
  11. Bill O'Brien

    I hope O'Brien calls Brady everday and thanks him for getting him a HC job in the NFL.  
  12. H-Town

    Texans and their HC are terrible
  13. Brett Kavanaugh

    Statesman my arse, more like agitator!
  14. Texans @ Patriots

    Yea, saw that highlight a little bit ago.  They're just not very good
  15. Aggie at Bama

    They need Johnny football to win this one