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  1. Good Country Song that Never Made it

    Don't forget "A White Sport Coat"
  2. Can I LOL this?

    Exactly, black republican and you want no part of him.  I'm sure in your circles you refer to him as an Uncle Tom.
  3. Trump and job creation

    Is there a crime listed here?  Answer baddog's question.
  4. More From The Hateful Left!

    I didn't read on here where you condemned Madonna for what she said. That's right, what she said pertained to Trump so you're good with it.  Two-faced!
  5. More From The Hateful Left!

    Where you at with this one tobie.  Probably no big deal to you, he's a hater like you.  Now Ted Nugent, on the other hand, you have a problem with.  Double standards!
  6. You are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, when it comes to hate
  7. A black conservative, wouldn't figure you liked him.
  8. Hurricane Season 2017

    That was the first clue this storm was going to be a dud.  
  9. Can I LOL this?

    I think you are up to L
  10. Show um not much better.  You probably have no idea what that is in reference to, because the media, like you, thinks Obama does/ did no wrong.
  11. Mueller's Empire & Legions of Lawyers

    The left is scared that nothing will be found, and they will have to find another excuse for Hillary's defeat.  Maybe, it was because she was more crooked, as you and other leftist believe he is, than Trump.  Why not the same "outrage" from your own party with what was done to Bernie by Hillary and the DNC?