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  1. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Heck yea!! Way to come back after those 3 in NY
  2. The President of the virgin island

    If a frog had wings,..........
  3. Honor Killing!

    Especially the peace loving Islamic Muslims.  
  4. Wise Words by the President

    The one that I think is the most off the wall is what happened in NOLA.  The incompetent mayor, Ray "chocolate city" Nagin, blaming his inadequacies on Bush.  We see where this fool ended up.
  5. About as well thought as grab um.  Birds of a feather flock together.
  6. Black on Black Racism

    The white man keeps us oppressed.  It's all the white man's fault.
  7. Black on Black Racism

    Sounds to me like if someone promotes racist policies you are all about it.  Makes you nothing more than a racist yourself.
  8. The President of the virgin island

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Insurance premiums will go down an average of $2500.  Shovel ready jobs.  Change you can believe in.
  9. Caught Me by Surprise

  10. Caught Me by Surprise

    Stupidity, but what else did we expect
  11. Caught Me by Surprise

    And the liberal dumbarses throw a fit about a bathroom bill.  Now big girl, see why we need laws against these sick individuals.
  12. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    We arm chair coaches just have to complain.  There have been some decisions that have left me scratching my head.  As Phatmack said, the lineup changes are frustrating.  If Reddick is in the two hole Friday, you really have to wonder about AJ.  I will be watching, and hopefully will not need a new tv Saturday morning!
  13. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Re-sign Verlander(Kate, as well) and revamp bullpen.  See you in spring training.