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  1. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    You know that if a black man/woman gets criticized, that will be the first thing out of their mouths.  
  2. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Hate to say it, gonna have to start stooping to their sorry arse level!
  3. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Says a lot about the people that continue to support Dims.
  4. Big Sandy 57 Onalaska 62/FINAL

    Onalaska wins 62-57
  5. Big Sandy 57 Onalaska 62/FINAL

    BA up 45-40 after 3
  6. Big Sandy 57 Onalaska 62/FINAL

    Onalaska up 29-28 at the half
  7. Big Sandy 57 Onalaska 62/FINAL

    BS up 16-15 after 1
  8. We'll Be Needing It Back!

    These idiots that voted Dim will soon see less on their paychecks.  Enjoy!!
  9. Invasion of America

    I bet there's enough Dim dumbarses to put her back there.
  10. Invasion of America

    The wildfire evacuees are setting up camp at a local Wal-Mart.  We can't find anywhere for them to go, but we are being invaded by illegals.  Where are they going? Hey Pelosi, this is in your state, why aren't you doing more for these people that have lost everything?  You wouldn't allow these illegals to live in a tent.  You would make damn sure they had better living conditions than that.
  11. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Only one reason this woman has not been fired yet.  She has screwed up on numerous occasions to cause her to lose her job, but there she is still showing how inadequate she is.
  12. The Left

    Where have all the liberal posters went?  Have they figured out their party is an embarrassment and decided to quit defending their behavior?  We would like to hear from them on some of the goings on lately, such as the attack on Tucker Carlson and the Florida election shenanigans, to name a couple.  Please leftards, give us all a good laugh.
  13. Ole Miss at Texas A&M

    To long, it looks like
  14. Florida Vote Fraud!?

    To try and ensure a dim victory?
  15. The left has been shot down so much they have went into hiding.  Guess they're embarrassed at how Trump has turned things around, economically, compared to the golden boys days in office.  Speaking of obama, of course.  Why would anybody, in their right minds, ever put a dim office.  I guess the key word is right minds.  The county judge election in Harris County is a prime example.   Here is a question for the dims, if any care to respond.  Why elect a potus and congress that will raise your taxes, lessen the money in your paycheck, raise taxes on businesses causing loss of jobs?   As for Tucker, if these ish-heads come back, aim between the eyes.