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  1. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    With every post, you are fast approaching taking the idiot title from big girl.
  2. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    obama is more closely tied to muslims, than Trump is to the kkk.
  3. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    obama was a member of church whose "pastor" spewed racism from the pulpit.  So, drawing from your deductive reasoning, obama is just as racist as Trump.  By the way, who in Trump's cabinet is a Klan member, or is that some more of your spewing.
  4. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    I wonder if that goes for the black pubs as well.  I'm sure her and her affiliates just call them Uncle Tom's.
  5. Obama Knew....

    She says she took a psychology class, maybe she does feel competent in her mind.
  6. California is No. 1 haven for hate groups, report says

    Imagine that, a state run by Dimtards. Gasp!!
  7. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    The difference in wanting to do for your own, rather than waiting on a handout.  Sometimes one has to be willing to do something, instead of expecting someone to do for them.  Like you said, I could have easily been a sorry pos, but I wanted more than that.  Not to many want to get up and earn it everyday, but you do to provide for those that depend on you.
  8. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    If Nagin had not ended up in jail, a chocolate NO would have put his dumbarse back in office.  Even after the fiasco of Katrina.  
  9. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Still in jail?
  10. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    You and tobie must be one and the same.  Y'all spew the same idiotic, baseless crap.
  11. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Lol, did you Google Robert Byrd?  Once again your "brilliance" is on full display.
  12. Do statues answers prayers?

    She burned Google up trying to figure out who Robert Byrd was.
  13. Obama Knew....

    There you go spewing your crap that you have no clue about.  You and the 5-6 that think like you on here automatically want to scream racism because one did not agree with obama's policies.  It doesn't matter the color, this country does not need to be led by any liberal/Socialist loons.
  14. Will they ever repeal Obamacare

    More proof you're an idiot