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  1. Tragic Loss for the Big Sandy family

    A sad day for our community.  Keep Hunter's family, as well as our community in your prayers. RIP #7, a truly great kid!!  
  2. Stock Market hits 27,000

    We will know a Dim is in office!
  3. Stock Market hits 27,000

    Winning!!  Another reason to keep the dumbarse Dims out of office.
  4. Europe's Future!

    America will be next
  5. What a Vulgar Display

    And the Dims want to preach about global warming.  Can you imagine the carbon footprint left behind from this place?  Guess when it is one of their own, no big deal.  See Al Gore's house as well
  6. CIA/FBI Abuses About to Come to Light ?

    It is a shame that our liberal posters have tucked tail and ran.  It would be amusing to have their insight on this.
  7. Hurricane Season- 2019

    If it is as bad as our previous POTUS named Barry, we are screwed.
  8. What a Vulgar Display

    Waste of space, ridiculous!
  9. Maybe it was because he still had a job in the NFL during the Golden Boy era.
  10. Trump Isn’t Unique

    Kennedy was a Democrat, so that made it ok.
  11. Economics? Politics?

    Steadily giving with no idea how to pay for it.  Just saying anything to reel in the gullible, low info voters.
  12. Kaepertwit needs to takes his tent and pitch it in the desert with the rest of the infidel Muslims.
  13. I Thought Liberalism

    Is Nike the only ones that gives a rat's are what that pos Kaepertwit thinks?  If he were still playing and making millions, we wouldn't hear his two cents worth of babbling.  
  14. Happy 4th Of July!

    Great speech by PRESIDENT Trump.  Wonder how the Dims will spin this into something negative.  Four more years of this POTUS is going to be great!! MAGA 2020!!!!!!!
  15. I Thought Liberalism

    Nike SUCKS!! Along with that half-wit Kaepertwit!