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  1. Trump-Putin meeting

    Exactly, everyone that I know that voted for Trump, did do without the Russians influence.  So, I think to answer your question, Russia did nothing.  Hillary and the Dimtards grasping for any reason for her being defeated, other than her being a sorry nominee.
  2. Calling all obama lovers on this site, what say ye?  Oh nevermind, he's not a Republican, so it's all good.
  3. Trump

    Drops the mic
  4. Trump-Putin meeting

    We all are racist because we tell it like it is about obama's presidency.  Because he is half black, they label us as racist.  If Obama was 100% Caucasian, would they still feel the same about the idiot.  Short answer, NO!
  5. I hope so, as well.  It'll take him the rest of his six years to hopefully reverse the damage caused obama.
  6. Trump-Putin meeting

    Birds of a feather..........
  7. Trump-Putin meeting

    I guess obama had the guts to stand up to al-Assad.
  8. Trump

    Evidence?  You must be better than Mueller.
  9. Trump-Putin meeting

    Obama to much of a "female cat" to meet with those two.  
  10. Trump-Putin meeting

    Libtards don't understand that concept.
  11. This money will be used just as the dumbarses in NOLA used what they received after Hurricane Katrina.  It will be used for tattoos and drugs among other things, not where they should use it.  A colossal waste of money, imo.
  12. You Here Illegally?! No Citizenship!

    Heard on the radio today, that the Boston, Mass. city council is throwing around the idea of allowing non citizens to vote in city elections.  If you are here legally, but not a citizen you will be allowed to vote.  The residents should be marching against this, but this is in the northeast where there is a severe outbreak of the disease known as liberalism.
  13. The joys of capitalism

    Big girl has been silent lately.  Maybe she finally got the picture.
  14. Brett Kavanaugh

    Dimtards have short memories.  I think he also said something along the lines of winning an election if things weren't going the way you liked them.   MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The Great Meltdown Of 2018!

    Trump is winning!!   MAGA!!!!!!