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  1. Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    https://twitter.com/bdavisaas/status/1028357313290293249?s=21 https://twitter.com/bdavisaas/status/1028357619050790912?s=21 So wait, Herman, through his wife, helped her friend get out of an abusive situation?  What a scumbag! #aggylogicisanoxymoron 
  2. 2019 Recruiting

    It has been said that truth is divine....
  3. 2019 Recruiting

    Let me break this down for you guys, unless you move aggyland out of that dump where it sits, get a non-gomerish student body, and change the whole culture of that Jim Jones/David Koreshian-like so-called institution of higher learning, you will never compete on a regular basis with Daddy.   You could bring Bear F’n Bryant back from the dead and he would leave in a few again, realizing he was coaching at the sister school in this state.   I will admit that relaxing your admittance requirements to that of almost an open enrollment school might improve one of those prongs (and allow you to have the false bravado of look at us, we are the big school now).   And most of your “former students” are probably too dumb to be pissed off that their degrees are being devalued by their Alma mater.   But in the end, you are what you’ve always been.  And those with half a brain know it, even some of the brighter aggys.  But congratulations on those coveted July/August commitments.  We’ll let you know in March which ones you can keep... Attached exhibit:  the history of college football
  4. Meanwhile, Jerrah continues to demonstrate why he’s the biggest d-bag hypocrite in sports: https://youtu.be/hRdpiZUPZtE By the way, I am proof positive it is possible to despise Jones while still loving the Cowboys...
  5. Last Chance U S3

    Just finished the season.  Definitely prefer him to Buddy Stephens...
  6. What the hell does an aggy know about championship football? Take solace in the fact that if they listed the best NC teams of the last 80 years, you guys would undoubtedly make the top 78 or so....
  7. Last Chance U S3

    By the next episode, he’s just as bad if not worse.  
  8. Back on topic: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24198508/college-football-national-champions-20-years-ranked
  9. Last Chance U S3

    Through 3 episodes.  So far, I think I like him more than Buddy.   “Like” being a relative term, mind you.  
  10. Last Chance U S3

    Welp, I know what I will be binging next week.  
  11. Holy crap one of my all time favorite posters is back.  Usually have to read his musings over a cup of coffee (and sometimes a refill) but MOST of the time it’s worth a read.  
  12. And to weigh in, that Concordia game was one of the more impressive games I saw silsbee play last year...even though it was a loss.   They fought and scrapped from tip to buzzer. 
  13. You are correct about Hellums.   We have enjoyed having him this summer.  Saw a stat this week combining all the kids from the major sneaker circuits.  He’s leading the country in 3 pt % and is the third most efficient scorer in the country.   But what I love most about him is he’s tough as nails.  For a scrappy “little” (comparatively against his competition) 6-2 guard, he comes up with more loose balls and rebounds than he should.  Some mid major is going to get a steal with this kid.  And by the way, he had a 30 pt outing in Dallas being guarded the majority of the game by the most legit 5 Star I’ve seen all year - Anthony Edwards out of Georgia (2020 kid).   Edwards, barring injury, will play one year of college ball and be a top 10 (at least) pick in the draft.  
  14. Concordia is going to be one of the best teams in the state regardless of classification again.