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  1. Very tough to limit it to 5.  They usually have a second team though which makes 10 who get honored.  At the same time, I also love that the Enterprise does it like the all NBA team and ONLY puts 5 on the first team.  A lot of all district teams for instance get watered down (as we’ve all talked about).   Really like the Bridges kid’s game as well. The best player not on the team, however, in my opinion is McCain.  Incredible talented kid who affects the game in a multitude of ways.   But I can’t argue against any of the 5 on the list.  And they absolutely got the MVP right with Adams. Good job by Meshach and the guys at the BE.  
  2. https://m.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/article/Super-Gold-2019-Boys-Basketball-First-Team-13757094.php#photo-17037743
  3. March Madness

    Should have hedged but not take $50k.  Guarantee you he could have sold that ticket in Vegas for at least 100k.  Some sharp would have paid that for 40k in equity.  
  4. March Madness

    I caught that.  Was pretty sure it was a flour...
  5. March Madness

    There was the first tortilla appearance in the first half. 
  6. March Madness

    Heard today that Guy was +475 to win tournament’s most outstanding player.  That may have been the bet of the day. 
  7. March Madness

    Tech has had someone step up every time Culver struggles.  Tonight it’s been Francis.   Been pretty much as expected.  Both of these teams are as good as it gets defensively.  
  8. Aaron turned down a 2 way contract this year to play in Turkey.   Had been bouncing between the league and the G league for the last few seasons. Andrew had a couple of solid seasons with Memphis (really good last year) before bouncing around from Memphis to Cleveland to New Orleans this year before ending up in Russia.  Wesley is playing for Orlando and Johnathan is on a two-way with the Clippers.  First two way contract in league history to be a part of a trade.  
  9. March Madness

    https://www.sbnation.com/2019/4/8/18300159/ncaa-championship-game-odds-2019-texas-tech-bettor-dez-bryant-futures-bet what would you guys sell the ticket for?  Tech is +108 on the money line so the fmv of the ticket should be around $140k.  You could also theoretically take UVA at -128 for $150k which would pay around $115k, guaranteeing yourself either $115k or $151,500.  Either way, Dez was trying to rob this guy.  
  10. March Madness

    Regrettably no...
  11. Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Johnathan Motley & Wesley Iwundu.  Shaq Cleare and Derrick Griffin are also playing professionally.  
  12. March Madness

    Tech matches up very favorably against UVA, although a lot will depend on Owens’ ankle.  His rim protection is vital to their defense.  I will say it will likely be the ugliest NCAA final ever played.  Top two defenses in the country.  And Culver’s struggles will likely continue as I’m sure Bennett will have Hunter assigned to him, who is probably the best on ball defender in the country.  Assuming Owens is a go, i think they will get enough support to finish the Cinderella season.   On a side note, Beard may be revolutionizing how defense is going to be played at the college level and lower.   It really is remarkable to watch.  He only has one 4 star on the active roster (6th man grad transfer Brandone Francis).   He does have a lottery pick in Culver, an undersized 2 playing the 1, and an elite rim protector in Owens (who is also a grad transfer).   Mooney was exceptional in the semis obviously (played out of his mind - better than I’ve ever seen him) but he and Odiase (both starters) would struggle to find minutes at most Power 5 schools.  What Beard has done with this roster is truly remarkable.  
  13. March Madness

  14. More kids should get this.   Case in point is a group that went through the summer team I work with.  At least 6 players off that team are playing professionally, 4 of which play or have played in the NBA.  But the most successful of that group financially is a kid who was a role player/shooter on the team.  Parlayed that into a full ride to Stanford and took a Wall Street job upon graduation.   Has as good an argument as any about getting the maximum out of basketball.