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  1. The Walking Dead

    Great season finale.   Just when I’m about done, “they pull me back in.”
  2. Super Gold Selections

    Jordyn was EASILY one of the best 5 players in SETX this year.  But sometimes you have to spread the wealth.   Hard to put 60% of the first team from one school, when you have so many involved).  I’m sure he’s not losing any sleep over it so why should we.   By the way, one thing I have noticed about is there is no stat padding involved.  Whoever stats their games does an excellent job.   That is not the case with everyone, including at least one that made one of the teams (I will NOT mention any names lol).  
  3. Trey Gowdy

    Don’t always agree with this guy but I can respect him.  Far more than I can say for most of the participants in the clown show know as Washington DC https://youtu.be/PQt0gZt3zDg  
  4. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Honestly, a Devon McCain injury from going for a 4peat.   You’ll never convince me Silsbee loses that game if he hadn’t gotten hurt.   I think we’ve seen how he responds do big games.  And he was starting to cook in that one. 
  5. Beaumont United Applicant List

    My guess too.  Absolutely no reason for him to move anywhere at this stage regardless.  I am sure he’s content to finish what he started and hang em up as a tiger when he’s done.  I’m not saying he’s old but he’s no spring chicken.   And his boys will be in prime position for a 3 peat next season.  That’s rareified air right there. 
  6. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Does he not know aggy has Jumbo??   I would only assume not since his runner ups included Georgia, USC, Oregon, Notre Dame, etc. but not the Fighting Texas Gomers....
  7. Happy Easter everyone: https://youtu.be/4hkBn8_QsFk
  8. Final Four

    And this guy.  Although my heart would have been Loyola over Nova in finals.  
  9. Final Four

    I could have saved you guys several hours today...
  10. College Baseball 2018

    Or when a kid who has two A&M grads for parents decides he’d rather be a Red Raider than an aggy.  
  11. Final Four

    Nova over Michigan in finals.
  12. Favorite Movie Scenes

    It wasn’t from a lack of trying  
  13. Favorite Movie Scenes

    I remember watching this movie on an old reel to reel with my pops.  He loves this movie.  I am dating myself but I take solace in the fact that Reb is old enough to be my father.  
  14. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    Leach is the best interview in sports, bar none.  And he can coach a little football too.  
  15. Elite 8

    Pulling for Tech, K St, Duke and Michigan.