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  1. Week 8 Polls

    Bama is obviously in a class by themselves.  I would put tOSU and Notre Dame in the next category and obviously are shoe ins if they win out.  They would improve the playoffs because they have both looked elite to me at times this season.  Clemson is not very good imo and the ACC is dreadful this season.  If they win out, obviously they are in and probably should be due to some “credit” they’ve built in recent years.  Of the one loss teams, LSU and Georgia have looked the best to me from what I’ve seen on a weekly basis.   The rest of them, Michigan, OU, Texas, Florida, Oregon, WVU etc have been wildly inconsistent are interchangeable if you matched them up.   There are a lot of 2 loss teams that you could easily put in that group in terms of quality of team, including *gasp* aggy.  
  2. Week 8 Polls

    I’m looking forward to the Bama-LSU matchup.  Hopefully the awful CBS Vern and Gary won’t have this as an afternoon game.  BR at night is a different animal and would likely be Bama’s biggest year of the season.   Not sure what happened in Gainesville because I saw none of that game but still think LSU is the probably the second best team I’ve seen this year.  Ohio St has looked the part at times and may be more talented but I still think LSU in Tiger stadium is the best chance we have at seeing this Bama team go down.  Which means the Tide may only win in the 14-21 pt range...
  3. Week 8 Polls

    You need to add a loss in the moral victory column for Team Jumbo due to us holding on to win against Waco aggy Saturday.   
  4. Week 8 Polls

    LSU and GA would have to beat Bama to win out.  Michigan would have to beat tOSU to win out, and, assuming a close game and both of those two win every other game, I wouldn’t have a problem really with both getting in.   The biggest hurdle would be us winning out which seems like a huge long shot.  Plus we have the worst loss imaginable.  If OU beat us in a rematch, they have a better case because their loss to us is so much better than our loss to the turtles.  
  5. Week 8 Polls

    Very true.   We have a chance.   Unlike the zero chance aggy that year they got excited in September/October.   Plus committee will try to find a way to sneak TEXAS in, not keep us out like they would with little sister.  
  6. UT vs. bye

    Fell perfectly for so many reasons.  Sam only has a grade 1 sprain (least severe sprain you can have) and it falls on a bye week.  Barring complications.  He should be practicing next week and available for Okie lite.   
  7. Week 7 Games

    If Sam is out, I don’t see much possibility in us maintaining this win streak.  Of course with aggy, November happened which unfortunately for them comes once a year...
  8. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Cameron Rising and Casey Thompson are both true freshmen who were early OU commits that Herman decided to take from them. Buechele not getting in game snaps is due to the fact that we have played down to our opponents the entire season.  The only game you could really make a case for would be some 4th quarter action against Southern Cal.   It would have been nice for him to be less rusty but I prefer picking a horse and going with it vs QB by committee which tends to be a mess.  
  9. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    That Sam injury brought back nightmares of Colt’s.  We were fortunate to hang on today.  The offense is geared for a mobile QB.  Could be rough sledding if it’s as serious as it looked.  
  10. Week 7 Games

    And #1 in your noggin obv....
  11. Week 7 Games

    And all of the conferences are pretty weak this year.  I would say Big 10 is next best conference followed by the Big 12 
  12. Week 7 Games

    Relax Cletus.  I include LSU in the two teams that are very good.  Along with the team you guys are currently stomping.  Big 12 does not have any teams I would include in the very good category this year. 
  13. Week 7 Games

    Auburn isn’t very good.  SEC has one great team.  2 very good teams, and then meh. 
  14. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Yeah this could be trouble.  Shane looks understandably rusty.  
  15. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    See we do agree from time to time.  Ever since they instituted this in the NBA, I thought it devalued home field advantage significantly.  But I guess that may have been the point.  Either way, I prefer the 2-2-1-1-1 format.