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  1. Chick-Fil-A has the best product and the best service in comparison with its competitors (imo of course).   In the end, that’s why they are and will continue to be successful.  I never cease to be amazed at how well and gracefully they handle huge crowds, especially in the drive through.   The fact that they are Christian-owned is a nice aside for me.  But if their food and service was like many FF joints I could name, I wouldn’t patronize them either.   You can agree or disagree with Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks’ politics.   But neither of them are going anywhere, absent some very agregious mismanagement.  
  2. English, imo, is a top 5 or 10 coach in our area.   I am also a believer in his abilities.  There are a lot of haters of Nederland and I think that’s where a lot of the downplay in his coaching prowess comes from.   There are good and bad coaches, just like there are good and bad teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc.   On any given Tuesday or Friday, I can direct anyone to the appropriate gym in this area to see good or bad coaching, whichever they prefer.  
  3. This just ain’t right

    Very beneficial to have him playing on 8 foot goals  
  4. NCAA Super Regionals

    He has been unreal. It’s a pretty elite bunch (including his dad) who have their numbers retired but if this season ends in a win and he continues his tear in Omaha, there will be discussions about it.  
  5. NCAA Super Regionals

    Stop using logic and reason. 
  6. Onto 2018 season

    You mean the network that broadcast the World Series?  Don’t let your hatred make you as “special” as the rest of the inbreds in your conference...
  7. I know.  And the offers keep coming    Don’t worry, you can see him play on TV in a power 5 in a couple of years...
  8. You’re right.  They probably do have the top two.  
  9. Yes.   That good.  Deepest team in the area with the best player in the area in Tunisha Strong.  
  10. Their JV team would have won a lot of districts around here last year.   HJ is crazy stacked on the girls’ side. 
  11. NBA Finals

    Although the Jordan vs LeBron debate will continue on regardless of this series, I think we should all realize that LeBron bears a lot of the blame for the state of the Cavs.  There is no question he has been the de facto GM of the Cavs since his return from Miami.  He has insisted on the franchise making certain signings and pretty much held them hostage to do so.  And so when we talk about what kind of team he has around them, we also must remember that this is the team that he basically put together.  To sum it up, while is without question one of the greatest players to ever lace em up, he is also a pretty terrible GM...
  12. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Meh, I hope OU loses today.  Just like you guys did before you entered the “let’s beat our chest when others accomplish things we did not” conference.  Or to be more accurate, the “keep it in the family conference.” Why if the gomers had discovered jock riding prior to the last five or six years, think of all the bragging they could have done! Most NCAA appearances (58) Most CWS appearances (35) Most NCAA tournament wins (235) Most CWS wins (85) But those aren’t conference totals.  Those are TEXAS totals.  Which illustrates why aggy could never brag about conference mates’ successes before, and why the Longhorns don’t have to    
  13. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Raise your hand if your team advanced to the Supers.    Bright side: SEC participation ribbons should arrive by Thursday...
  14. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Headline in Collie Station Barker (or whatever the name of the paper in those parts is): Texas Aggies 7-Hoosiers 0*         *through 8.5 innings, not counting top of 1st. 
  15. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    https://twitter.com/pooraggies/status/1003375677633122304?s=21 the 12th man is impressive.   Speaking of, when do the Seahawks open camp?