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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Wait, 3 billion dollar programs and none are from the SEC?  Two of the 3 from the Big 12???   What does the Wall Street Journal know about money away?! I did hear that aggy is protesting this list because it is not including borrowed money as income like the list those funny little gomers were crowing about last year.  
  2. 2 move ins in PA Memorial

    Shouldn't matter at all.  I know his street (and home) in PA, like many, received extreme flooding and they were fortunate to get out.  I'm sure given so many families being displaced, the DEC will try and be as accomodating as possible, or at least they should be.  That's certainly been the UIL's position regarding those affected by Harvey.   The recent storm aside, my guess is Jones transferred back because he wanted to graduate and spend his last year of HS with the kids he grew up with and went to school with most of his life.  Residency is certainly within PA and has been.  This is as easy a case as a DEC can get imo.  
  3. SECond to none

    Interesting discussion yesterday:    
  4. Week IV

    Was listening to Cowherd this afternoon.  He was saying Nebraska is the one traditional power he doesn't think will ever be back.  Argued huge mistake going to Big 10 because they lost Texas recruiting.  What do you think of that move in hindsight?
  5. Jones will be fine.  He has a huge arm as well and performed well when he got to play in the past, including throwing some absolute strikes in a rare opportunity in an OT win against WB a couple of years ago.  He will be on a learning curve getting to start at his position for the first time as a senior.  He would have been a starter at most schools at least from sophomore year on but stuck it out playing behind a coaches son.  But you can't ever get missed reps back so there was going to be an adjustment period to begin the year anyway.  Couple that with the devastation and further missed practices in PA, you would have been crazy not to have expected a sloppy game.  And from both teams for that matter.  On the defensive side, the Titans are going to be a problem for their opponents.  Should be as loaded a group as we've seen in a while. 
  6. Everyone needs to relax.  With all those kids have been through being displaced, not practicing, etc,, there is bound to be some rust.  Hate that I couldn't make this one tonight.  
  7. Week IV

  8. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    I love the raining mud portion.  That is definitely a west Texas phenomenon that only someone like Leach could actually enjoy.  
  9. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    They are endless.  Below is a clip from a news station in Lubbock when he was at Tech.  Funniest weather report in history.     
  10. SECond to none

    If 14-7 is a beat down, what does that make 37-7?   But congrats to LSU on vicarious wins through both Vandy and Mississippi aggy!
  11. Week 3

    Yes let's stop talking about last year.  The Ags have been nothing short of remarkable this year.   I think Sumlin deserves yet another extension so TAMU doesn't lose him to the NFL.  
  12. I would like to remind certain folks that I was ridiculed a few years ago for predicting Silsbee wouldn't lose more than 3 district games in the 5 year period.  With the forfeit last year, that makes 2 losses in 3 years with two years to go. But I am a man of conviction and am willing to still take any bets on my original prediction, even spotting the forfeit loss that wouldn't have otherwise resulted in an L.  So I have one district loss to give over this year and the next.  
  13. 22-5a

    Wholeheartedly agree with almost all of that. I would say either Central or Ozen could finish 2nd but I would guess Ozen as well at this point.  Tough to say without seeing Central without those two.  I would guess Nederland would be a step below in 4th although they might have the best player in the district now with Hayden Hefner.  Cupboard seems a bit bare though for the Bulldogs.  But every year I've thought that, they've been better than I expected largely due to outstanding coaching imo.   So saying 2nd is wide open among those three is certainly reasonable.   But like you, it's hard for me to imagine a scenario where Memorial doesn't win district.  I doubt they lose more than that he one district game.  
  14. I thought he was a heckuva basketball player but heard he was even better in football.   With his height and athleticism, doesn't surprise me.