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  1. Boston Celtics

    Kyrie drops 47 tonight on 16-22 shooting (5-7 from deep, 10-11 from the line) and adds 6 assists.  The Celts have now won 16 straight.  Scary to think how good they would be with Hayward (who fits perfectly in what they do).  One thing is for certain, Brown and Tatum are ahead of schedule.  Bron or no Bron, the Celtics look to be a team that is looking to rule the East for the foreseeable future.  
  2. HALFTIME: @NederlandHoops 24, @lcmbasketball 20.  Bulldogs ended the half on a 10-0 run #BEScores per Matt Faye
  3. Concordia beat CFLC by 11 a week or so ago.   CFLC didn’t have Antoine Davis that game but they might be the most talented team in the city.  
  4. This game was canceled by Legacy due to being involved in the playoffs in football. 
  5. When you make posts like the OP, or the opposite (make claims it’s all GOP), you leave yourself open.  Bottom line is there are a ton of sickos in this world and they permeate all parts of society apparently.  Here is another, from the not-great state of Oklahoma: http://www.newsweek.com/republican-sex-trafficking-child-trump-coordinator-716348
  6. No, Jeff McInnis can coach because he’s flat out a GREAT, not good, GREAT coach.  Anyone associated with the game, that KNOWS the game and has seen one of his teams will tell you that.  Mike Rice can flat out coach and has coached high D1.  Probably throwing basketballs at his players wasn’t the best choice.  Ironically, his players love him.   And George Zedan can coach because he was one of the winningest HS coaches in the state of California during his stint there.  Tim Legler, oh nvm    The funnier topic is someone on a local message board reserving judgment for a particular player when successful high D1 college coaches have already given their opinions via offers (i.e., Kelvin Sampson, Lon Krueger, Billy Kennedy, etc.).  But I suppose we assume they know what they are doing because they’ve coached at OU, A&M, U of H, UNLV, etc.  But we all await the most important evaluation of all...
  7. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    That’s disappointing.  I don’t know what the downside of displaying our superiority is???
  8. Not to be the bearer of bad news but outside of SETX, that district has a big one this year, Memorial.  And you can’t be a big 3 if you can’t beat a team a whole classification under you.  We’ll see how the other two of your three do against the little Tigers to your north.  
  9. Their second best player was the 6-8 kid Quick.   He doesn’t play football.  But they might have others who do. 
  10. Rossow was the heart and soul of that team.  
  11. 74-27.  Kid who led Episcopal in scoring wouldn’t start for SIlsbee. 
  12. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Ole Miss is really, really bad.  Like Tennessee bad. 
  13. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Has nothing to do with her knowledge.  Just sounds unnatural.  I didn’t like listening to Robin Roberts either in football.  
  14. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    He’s awful.  Absolutely stealing from ESPN.