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  1. I agree.  They ahave a really good team but they would have been 3rd in your district imo.  
  2. Brazosport plays Furr, tomorrow at 7 pm at Brazoswood.  
  3. I agree with you.   So if you meant silsbee will advance and win state, we are on the same page.  If you meant if Yates were to upset silsbee they would win state, i don’t think so.  I can think of 5 or 6 teams out of the metroplex that would be solid favorites over this Yates team, and possibly the region 1 winner as well.   Hopefully none of them are better than silsbee if and when they play.  
  4. Yates isn’t beating whoever comes out of DFW.   They could be the third best team at State if they were to beat Silsbee.  Luckily, absent the Tigers laying an egg, we will never know though.  
  5. Atlanta lost its first 2 games of the season and has only lost since to Mineola (who beat perrenial power Edgewood this season) and Coldspring last night.  At 28-4 and likely to get to 30 wins, I’m not sure why they would sneak up on anyone.   They might have been the third best team in that gym last night.  
  6. Agreed.  One of the things that most impressed me about them too.  And that’s no accident.  Living legend in the first seat on that bench for many, many reasons. 
  7. Amazon scraps NY plans

    Orange County has a similar (albeit on a much smaller scale) with the proposed new Chevron Phillips construction project.  A proposed $5 billion project which would bring thousands of jobs to the area.  Of course they want tax abatements, and they will get them somewhere.  The fiscal benefits the citizens would receive without the taxes makes it a no brainer.  If you want growth, you have to be competitive. 
  8. Amazon scraps NY plans

    Let’s be honest:  it’s not easy even  WITH incentives.  
  9. You worry about games like this when you run through a district like the Lady Bobcats did.  I think the second Buna game was the only one where they were even challenged.  Sounded like they were shellshoclrd early and weren’t able to close the gap in the second half.  Still a great season by the Lady Bobcats. Will miss watching these seniors, and particularly Emmi Lummus play.   She has been a defensive menace for Orangefield for the last 4 years (I’m sure it seems longer for their opponents).  
  10. Agreed and kudos to both coaches for making this game happen.   Should be a great tune up with a playoff-type atmosphere.   Here’s to a competitive, injury-free game. 
  11. You might be right about that part.   It’s somewhere in that range, maybe a few less actually.  
  12. You mean like “two years ago Lipan beat Argyle who gave Silsbee its toughest game”?  Is it only possible to use “so and so beat so and so, who almost beat so and so” if we’re debating this year’s teams by using teams that graduated 2 years ago? Again I don’t know how opining Lipan isn’t as good as 3 teams that are state-ranked in 4A was so outrageous (but apparently it is).  The Napoleon complex is alive and well.  Thankfully for Coach K, Lipan is in District 19-1A and not the ACC...
  13. You read correctly if you meant one of three toughest opponents, at least this year.  Not sure about the Lipan team from 2 years ago.  This year’s Lipan team lost to Port Aransas, who HJ managed to beat by 40+.  I’m sure they’re an excellent 1A team that may well win 3 in a row.  But I don’t think saying they aren’t as good as ranked 4A teams is a huge diss.  
  14. And Huffman.  Those 2, along with the Spring Hill loss, are easily the three toughest opponents on the schedule (no offense to 1A Lipan), until now.  This could be a really good game if Shelbyville controls the tempo.  Only way it gets out of hand is if they fall into playing EC’s game.