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  1. CBB Longhorns

    Marshall isn’t going anywhere.   That’s pretty much established.   It would take a Duke, UNC, UK, KU type job to get him.  Kansas would have best shot but Self is not likely going anywhere either.  
  2. Yep.  Coaching Allen Austin (Tech basketball), Shane Jasper (UCLA football), and Edward Jasper (A&M football and several nfl teams).  They were pretty big, physical and athletic.  
  3. I lost to Troup in 89, before they lost to Edgewood, who ended up winning state, who has the only win against EC this year.  7 degrees of the Troup Tigers...
  4. I agree with your assessment completely. EC should win this game if both teams play well.  This is the one team though in our 3A coverage area that I think matches up the best with Bucs (hence my apprehension).  
  5. Orangefield led 5 quarters this year, was tied in one, and only trailed in the two fourth quarters against WOS this year.  The Mustangs are athletic but they are not especially gifted at guard and have very little depth.  
  6. Without ageeing on a label, I think most who have seen him realize he can handle the press fine though.  I will say that silsbee has at least two guards I think are as good or better than Sahvir Wheeler (who is very good in his own right obviously).   And I saw him make mince meat of that press by himself this year.    
  7. Very true.  Brad Stevens is considered by many to be the second best coach in the nba behind Pop.  He may not even make a finals as long as LeBron is in the East.  
  8. Silsbee’s guards are better.  Yates far better inside.  Whether they effectively exploit that is a whole other question.  
  9. This game worries me a bit for the Bucs.  I’m sure Coach Sutherland will have them well prepared.  If they play well and execute the plan, they will win.   But this is definitely a scarier matchup than what they are used to. 
  10. There aren’t many in the state that can throw them down like my guy Mitch.  Problem will be the same one Yates runs into deep.  Superior guard play is a big issue on a press that’s soft as Charmin on the back end.  Mitch would score 100 on a dunk highlight reel with 3 elite guards against the Lions press.  And don’t get me started on that mess of an offense.  Yates is definitely capable of beating Silsbee, no doubt.  But they would be the underdog imo in that matchup (around 10).  But both are capable of beating themselves as well so they need to take it 1 game at a time.  
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    As well as always being the little sister in the proper English speaking world....