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  1. The two hand, overhead pass that got the ball in the right spot was really impressive too. 
  2. Judging from Twitter, seems like there is a little “salt” floating around out there with offer “levels” among some of the kids too...
  3. Grew up down the road from there.   That sounds accurate for a MM team.  Typically well coached and disciplined.  Usually lacking in athleticism.  
  4. I think Mack was working the camera on the one you posted. Good shot of him dropping off the rim.  
  5. Another: https://twitter.com/nederlandhoops/status/1074056523226210304?s=21 I think that’s Landyn who got out of that poster as fast as he could...
  6. Mark Richt is a loser

    Here is why Mark Richt is anything but a loser.  I would be proud to call him coach at any school I was affiliated with.  He makes a difference in kids’ lives, which is way more important than winning football games.   I would invite all to watch this short video: https://youtu.be/uVAO6D_WbtM
  7. 10 rebounds is nothing to sneeze at either.  Especially when playing the point.  
  8. What more do you need to know?  
  9. Bowl Games

    Starts too early.  Missed my bowl pick em pool.  Probably just saved money anyway.   
  10. In my humble opinion, the two best teams played in the second semifinal (EC/Grapeland).  Hopefully EC can get enough of a breather to play one more.  Tough to play a game on short rest after a double OT game like that.  
  11. That’s what double OT wins often come down to!
  12. Very impressive win.  Grapeland is no joke. 
  13. Fresh legs for the basketball guys who have been there.  Football guys just have to provide breathers for now.