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  1. I have been saying for the past two weeks that we have not gotten any better. i'm man enough to admit when i was wrong about people, to an extent and about to admit it right now. this team was more disciplined under KR than this. the play calling is still at the same level, but KR DEMANDED respect, have fun, but shut your mouth and play. some fans say the same things was happening when he was there and i disagree!!! when KR was coach, i seen ONE player ejected and it was in bmt cause he threw a punch. helmet slamming and acting a donkey didn't happen. the defense is still top notch, but that hole in their faces make them not so good and takes away from them. No disrespect to NC, but when you look at the scoring in the first half, they did nothing spectacular as in we gonna where you down and score every time. one bomb and fake punt in one half. oh and a fg. the second half due to all the penalties, saw the defense on the field way more and eventually they got tired. lets speak on the REAL problem. the OFFENSE IS NON EXISTENT! cheney and wr's can't do it alone. to be honest, this game the ol did a pretty good job. it has to be a QB change and now. before everyone get all crazy, hear me out. the film don't lie. Ladia is not accurate beyond 10 yards. yes he hits some long plays, but that's because of poor defense. washington might not be that accurate then again, he might. what he does bring to the game is he can atleast make plays with his legs. IMO Kadon was a better passer and i get it. 3 year starter, coach is dad, had a qb coach. my knock on kadon was the run was open for him and he didn't take it as much therefore him forcing throws and getting picked or taking a 20 yard sack. if this kid don't have the tools to get you the win, then he needs to sit and let someone else try. he is gonna look good for the rest of the year. i take that back. porter and kwp he's gonna look bad. unless they limit him screens. the last two games he's gonna look like mahomes smh. i'm 1000% on stop making excuses and everyone/ref is out to get Port Arthur. fans don't realize thatPAM since that first game has been identified as "troublemakers". you don't think coaches are telling refs prior to game "watch #9 and #5 for unsportsman". we have built that reputation and as someone said, now they gotta eat that turd burger. i see PAM going  8-2 and 2rds at the most.
  2. Oh and the coaching staff KILLED two drives by not feeding Cheney on a 3rd and 4 which NC wasn’t stopping him and attempting a 46 yard field goal!!! Washington should have started the second half and the next two or three games 
  3. Hats off to New Caney... they scored more points. Let me shut the people up saying NC is somevworld beater. They had one legit bomb play in the first half. A very good fake punt( I’m sure that was a desperation call). The long pass in the first half was the only thing they did. PAM penalties kept 3rd and forevers alive and eventually the defense got tired. This district is cupcake... Memorial was it’s own worse enemy tonight. I give them 2 reds and done
  4. After 3 3rd and forevers, penalties kept drives alive and got them tired
  5. PAM is always good for one lost on the year and tonight we gonna get it
  6. They are avg!!! Besides the fake punt and one deep pass, they haven’t shown ANYTHING. We are our worse enemy!!
  7. QB CHANGE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
  8. Fell for the banana in the tail pipe 
  9. Upper deck on the right side of the 50
  10. Thatsvon u Morgan!! Keep feeding Brandon 
  11. We deserve to lose this one smh...
  12. High pass bright down by Mack. TD run by Brandon. 14-3 titans