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  1. yaaawwwnnn,,,,,i'm awake now!! sooo... mine would be 1. WOS 2. Nederland/PNG 3. Ball High or any good galveston co team( dickinson or friendswood)
  2. I see png getting monkey stomped next week. To bad you wasn’t man enough to run your coward mouth during the season. 
  3. I see closet titan fans and a bunch of cowards... anything any cheating fan base say to me is null and void as I predicted a one and done. District was cake. Lost one due to record breaking penalties. Why is the wizard of PA calling running plays with 2 min left in the game and Richmond has no timeouts???? YOU GO TO VICTORY FORMATION!!! If u punt, u pin them back with 20sec left
  4. Again u beat a bad team. Period. And they used iPads again smh
  5. Glass licker, I been right here. And thumping your chest cause u beat a HISD??? Sit down. The district is and was cupcake. This was a playoff game, not district. Titans lost this because of penalties and questionable play calling. Period. Congrats to foster 
  6. When we tell u that bs umbrella song is bad luck.... BELIEVE THAT!!!!
  7. Played that stupid song and lost the game lol... smh... 
  8. They deserve to lose this game. I say that cause you stop them with 4th and forever and you gotta run your mouth???? Just get up and ACT like u been there
  9. New Caney game all over again smh
  10. Possible Upsets Round 1

    i agree 100%!!! if we can't throw down field over 10 yards, we done. Hopkins at rb is a beast!! i think he reels off for about two long td's. 28-14 with foster pulling away late due to the defense on the field all night.
  11. Should Temple try to lose?

    IF YOU ARE "AFRAID" YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! i get the "easy" road is easier, but whats gonna happen rd 2, 3, 4,  play to win the game!!!
  12. This left footed kicker sounds nice!!