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2023 UIL Region 10 Marching Band Contest Thread!

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Here we go again! It's Bandtober and the return of the annual UIL Region 10 Marching Band Contest!

The contest will be held Saturday October 14, 2023 at Port Neches-Groves HS Stadium. The schedule shows 29 bands competing to earn that coveted Division 1 rating and the chance to move on to state competition.

Admission is $5 to get in.

I still plan to attend and record all the bands. If y'all want, come say hi to me as I battle the weather elements and try to get the best video/audio recordings of our local high school bands.

Once I get back home, I will start to edit the video and audio, then post onto my YouTube. The day looks to be pleasant with a cool front passing the day before so hopefully I will not be a sweaty mess at the end of the contest. 

I believe this is the first official year since 1990 (not counting the post-COVID time), that ALL classifications will advance past region to area/state competition.
Keep in mind that we have separate open class (contemporary-style) and military class tracks for state marching band contest.

Some of my thoughts:
- One school missing from last year (2022) includes Newton.
- Lamar University will be performing twice for exhibition.
- Beaumont United and West Brook High Schools are competing back as Varsity Bands, so they will be able to advance to the Area round. 
- Currently we have 3-2A, 9-3A, 12-4A, 3-5A, 2-6A bands participating.

Best wishes to all participating bands as they finish learning their music/drill and polishing up their shows in the next week.

2023 UIL Region 10 Marching Schedule.png

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