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  1. 7 out of 12 by my count 6A1 GP North Shore 5A2 Aledo 4A1 La Vega 4A2 Cuero 2A1 Mason 2A2 Mart 1A2 Strawn
  2. There’s no official award. It’s not an official UIL thing, just something a bunch of historians and statisticians follow very closely and a lot of others do too. WO-S has actually had the highest on and off since surpassing Odessa Permian back in 2004. They just hit the arbitrary 500 games played mark this season which is the general standard for when it actually counts. It’s not their fault they didn’t start playing in 1923 like Highland Park but the 500 minimum and percentage is a way to compromise and compare different aged programs fairly. If you really want an equivalent between the two then compare how long it took each program to get to 406 wins as the vast majority of new programs generally do extremely poorly in their early years with a few exceptions. It took from 1923-1978 for HP to hit win #406 (55+ seasons), 1977-2018 for WO-S (42 seasons.) I’ll stop beleaguering the point but I am a historian and that’s what I do lol. I realize most people don’t care.
  3. *eyeroll* Ok since 1985 WOS 354 wins, HP 352 wins... you can pick and choose any window you want to make your point but the winning percentage overall isn't gonna change. WO-S would have to go 0-26 over the next 3 seasons for HP to catch up with them in percentage and that's not gonna happen.
  4. That's an easy statement to make but prove it or you're gonna get constant naysayers. H-J hasn't won a single game ever against several of the usual suspects.
  5. Which schedule? The game schedule is same as this year just opposite home/away except we play Crosby at Crosby again I think. To everyone moaning and in despair that it's the end of WO-S after this season just remember we still won 9 games and played 14 (which only a handful of teams around here can say), knocked off a 12-0 #1 ranked Jasper, held a State Champion Newton team to 21 points, made it to the State Quarterfinals for the 8th year in a row (the record is a tie with La Marque who did it 9 times 1992-2000 and Converse Judson who did it from 1988-1996) and are set up to be just as good if not better next year. The end of the world is not here just because we didn't make it to a state championship. Cuero beat PG by 12 points and only beat Silsbee by 5. We beat Silsbee by 3 in non-monsoon conditions. It very easily could have been WO-S or Silsbee, or even Jasper there today instead of Cuero. There was no truly dominant team in 4A Division 2 this year. Parity actually makes for more exciting seasons and football in general rather than just having one obvious favorite that runs ragged over everyone.
  6. I'm updating my histories through 2018 and just did West Brook so here's the new upload. Their previous record for points scored in a season was 499 in 2016 and they've blown that out of the water this year with 671 so far. Beaumont West Brook - State Champs 1982
  7. Converse Judson and San Antonio Roosevelt were in the same district when they both won it in 1995
  8. Well you do have a winning record against WO-S in the playoffs (1-0) with that 1998 win. You also have only beaten WO-S once in the past 20 years (13-7 in 2009). Good luck next week.
  9. Nope... LaMarque made 9 in a row 1992-2000... WO-S beat them in the 2000 Quarters to essentially end that dynasty, and off the top of my head I'm pretty sure Converse Judson did more than that but they were playing in a weak Region 4 with South Texas during that time.
  10. Jasper scored 34 against WO-S the first game they played... Silsbee scored 21. The WO-S defense has stepped up. Silsbee hasn't reached a Semifinal since 1977, WO-S is aiming for their 5th consecutive Semi. Statewide attention will be a factor here and WO-S has been there done that a dozen times plus. Silsbee hasn't. This will be the biggest game in Silsbee football history in the past 40+ years while it will be business as usual for WO-S. The only thing I worry about is WO-S having a let down after such a huge win over Jasper. No prediction on this end.
  11. WO-S won 21-14. Now to not have a huge letdown and let Silsbee beat us next week. WO-S is 24-0 in the first 3 rounds of the playoffs since 2011
  12. Looks like the old furniture in the corner of the Golden Triangle is still wanted
  13. Here we go with the usual 4th quarter between these two. Ugh
  14. Has Jasper been behind at Halftime this season ever? I'm not remembering it if they have.
  15. We won't play in December this week... December 1st is Saturday. Since the 4A State Championships are early on Friday there's no way we'd play a Saturday game. That's all I meant.
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