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  1. speaking of booches, this booch is back in first after tonight. i had a defender score and get shutout points, and my forward had an assist. you're all going down... until saturday.
  2. who gets the say in the nomination of the supergold SETXsports comment team. what stats will decide who gets chosen? will the number of posts be considered? what about karma points? will posting in a variety of sports help you get the nod, or will the team just be chosen by some nimwit picking from the names he likes the best (and of course he'd pick the people who don't use words that are too big for him to understand)
  3. it's a biotch, only with a pg rating instead of pg-13.
  4. mwuhahahaha... bwuhahaha. eh, cough. couldn't believe it myself when i looked this morning.
  5. i got a goal from dorman, my only player in the game. almost picked up twellman, but i just don't want someone on my team that makes the ladies swoon even though he looks like he's 12.
  6. i really wanted to add some inappropriate comment here.
  7. i want bon mot on my team. why can't i find him listed in the players?!?! doesn't he play for chivas?
  8. shark, i'm gonna have to switch my captain if he's gonna keep scoring goals so that i can keep up with you.
  9. it's kind of a loophole that works itself out in the long run. unless you're sneaky and keep switching up to get double stats. hey, i gotta go do that.
  10. after the dynamo game, thanks to a well-timed red card, i've dropped in the standings. yes! i'm not sure if i like the new setup for mls fantasy this year. i do like the lower scoring totals, but i enjoyed it in the past when players were rewarded for shots on goal. in the new system, players that have a good game but don't score or have an assist will only get points based on the minutes they played.
  11. i guess i better enjoy second place while it lasts.
  12. this is a tricky question. if you get on base on a fielder's choice, then you really haven't done anything but traded baserunners and made an out. however, if you've walked, reached on an error, or have had a hit, then you have gained a baserunner and maybe a run. your OBP is very important, but your batting average is going to reflect your hits, which will have always resulted in a positive for your team, where your OBP occasionally reflects something that may have actually been a negative for your team. short story long, i think that both of these stats are important, and it's tough to rank one over the other.
  13. good luck, but be aware that i will trade my starters for players with broken legs and torn acl's just to achieve my dream.
  14. i'm just going to let it be known that i fully intend to lose this thing.
  15. the thumbs down icon seems a little harsh.
  16. you're right, my bad... i take it back ;D. the topic says "who's going to be in the best shape next year?", but the first comment asks who's going to be in the worst shape.
  17. so apparently vidor lost 7-8 seniors this year. why is anyone even talking about them, then? this thread is about who is going to be in the best shape next year, not who will have the best sweeper. vidor didn't even make the playoffs this year, with probably the most talented team that they have ever fielded. if ya'll want, start a topic about vidor, or just send each other a text message.
  18. the attendance would double lamar's normal games easily, but what do you tell the lamar team after they lose to a bunch of highschoolers?
  19. if ozen doesn't have anyone who falls into the top two or three players in the district at any one position, then they shouldn't have anyone on the first team. i've never been a fan of putting players on an all-district team just so every school gets someone on it.
  20. sleeper or no sleeper, i don't see them finishing any higher than 5th.
  21. i'm hoping that as more 3a schools get teams, that eventually there will be enough schools to start 3a playoffs. I would've loved to have been able to make playoffs and not have to face nederland or png every year in the first round. this was five or six years ago, mind you, when they were beating EVERYONE.
  22. correct on all counts... those teams should all be on there. ozen may improve, but will still not compete with the perennial powerhouses. silsbee and vidor have lost many key seniors, and don't have the talent pool to easily replace them. i'm going to have to say nederland, because they fielded a very young team this year, and will have a lot of talent and experience coming back.
  23. i know i got left off of this three years in a row because i went to a smaller school when i played, and my stats were comparable to just about anybody who made it.
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