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  1. i think that vidor over lumberton would be the biggest surprise. It will be interesting to see how this game turns out. Another win over a district opponent (even a weak one) will begin to give lumberton some more credibility. Vidor should be pumped up for this game, because if you look at the past, in the minds of most teams, lumberton is still very beatable.
  2. it also helps to have good programs for the younger kids coming up.
  3. i've been saying durant should've been the first pick since the draft. he's nba ready. oden was just big. now, he's a big bust. i'm sure he'll be a solid player someday, but durant has star power now.
  4. haha... can someone get the MVP if they were Most Valuable for the opponents?
  5. In an ironic twist, for lumberton to have a decent chance at playoffs, they need dayton to be weaker this year (thus making lumberton's win less impressive). They need dayton to lose to central and nederland, at least, or it will probably be crowded at the top with dayton, central and nederland all something like 6-1 or 5-2. Of course, lumberton could just beat everyone else and win district (i don't believe this will happen, but i'm not trying to be sarcastic).
  6. so HJ lost key players, Silsbee lost key players. HJ's returning players are better than they were last year, and so are Silsbee's. How does this translate into Silsbee pounding HJ?
  7. bartman's probably an arizona fan now.
  8. There are two games left that lumberton should win, and two more that lumberton could win. The other two games, lumberton shouldn't win, but they've shown they are capable of an upset. I'm leaning towards 2 more wins, for a 3-4 record. It's really tough to tell this early, after only one district game, and things could certainly change, but this is my guess that I'll stick by.
  9. Everybody's got a different opinion about Lumberton. Here's a chance for everybody to make a prediction that we can hold them to. If lumberton keeps tearing it up, we can go back to this post and show up the lumberton-haters. if lumberton falls off, we can go back to this post and show up the lumberton-lovers. Everybody's been making noise in all the threads, so i want something solid i can go back to and look at when district is over. You all have your opinions, so answer this: how many more games will lumberton win in district?
  10. rooting for the phils, but it should be an amazing series as hot as both teams are.
  11. I actually like every team in the NL playoffs. I promised my buddy i'd root for his cubbies though.
  12. the only way i'm happy is if they both lose... can you make it happen COOP?
  13. lumberton should win, but i really don't want to predict this game... one team is on a high from a big one, the other team is in a rut. they both have something to prove. i'll say lumberton wins 23-16
  14. Kentucky @ South Carolina Oklahoma vs. Texas Oklahoma St. @ Texas A&M Nebraska @ Missouri Kansas @ Kansas State Georgia @ Tennessee Virginia Tech @ Clemson Florida @ LSU Ohio State @ Purdue Cincinnati @ Rutgers
  15. so basically you're saying that the defense that is on the field this year would only have allowed 7 points to dayton's team last year (who i did see in person) If they're that good, they'll probably allow what, a touchdown apiece to nederland and central, and maybe a field goal to ozen and lcm, and of course they'll shut out everybody else. I've said over and over that lumberton has improved, and that they should be proud of this win. Too many lumberton fans get mad when someone points out that the dayton team they beat this year is not the same team as last year, and also that they're suffering from big injuries. You're tired of "outsiders" discounting this win. I promise you that the outsiders are tired of the "insiders" making this sound like the win of the century. I'm also tired of the 6000 threads about this game, which is why I've gone from giving lumberton credit to pointing out reasons this win isn't as impressive as 90% of lumberton is making it out to be.
  16. I've been insisting that dayton's gotten worse AND lumberton's gotten better.
  17. If you fail the six-weeks, then you have to sit, but if you have a passing grade on your next 3 week report, you can play again.
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