James Harden needs to go.

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He is a Drama Queen and pouting like a baby. Throwing the ball at his teammates.

I would like to trade him to Toronto for Paskal and their small forward and a few 1st rounders 


Rockets would be a much better team without him. 

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Indeed, trade him! He does not want to be in H-Town ship him out!  He needs a professional manager and not his mama. I sure would not let him dictate where he wants to go especially not Philly!  I would trade him to Orlando for Aaron Gordan 25 years old, and Evan Fournier 27 both small forwards. I would hate to lose Eric Gordan, but he may have to be part of the deal. Bring back Gerald Green.

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Harden would be dumb to want to leave. This is the best team he will have around.


John wall for comeback player of the year 


and Christian Wood is our Anthony Davis.

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Welp he is gone. I really did not want his tenure to end so bad with the Rockets, having said that; The Rockets got a good player in Oladipo. He is from Nigeria and is close with Olajuwon. The picks the Rockets got that were unprotected, that could help them get some players in a trade, or help re-build the team. I believe the Rockets will make some other trades before the deadline.

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If Oladipo stays healthy then Houston won that trade. 

They got alot of draft picks. 

Brooklyn got fleeced again lmao 😂  they didn't learn from when my Celtics made em look stupid years ago. No way I'd let LeVert and a young big man in Allen go. 

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