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4 hours ago, 2wedge said:

Have they given up? No FOI requests on any of the open jobs......geez

Well, you got to be careful on believing that an FOI request has to be answered immediately,  When an FOI is submitted, the entity has 10 business days to comply or serve notice that they will seek an opinion from the Texas AG.  So depending, on when it was done (if it was done)  Kountze ISD may still not reached their deadline to comply.

As to any of the other open jobs listed above, I believe that all of them are outside of the Enterprise's coverage area.....yes even Anahuac.  When the Enteprise and the Chronicle, both owned by Hearst Publishing, split their coverage of Southeast Texas sports, Anahuac was put in the Chronicle's coverage area.

And I can tell you, that historically, the Chronicle has been nowhere as diligent as the Enterprise in attempting to get potential candidates for an open position.

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On 3/5/2019 at 7:24 PM, bobbymcgee said:

Can anybody make this type of request? If citizens are allowed to and you are curious then why not put one in and share with the class. 

Anyone can, it doesn't have to be a news organization.

However, at this late point in the game, it is likely that the coach would be named before the request would be due.

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