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  1. They should be charging double to make up for only half of the tickets being available. Supply and demand. Maybe they don't teach that in schools anymore?
  2. Nice of them to charge extra when it's the only option they make available. Reminds me of a "non refundable deposit", an old classic.
  3. Please, don't blow out a hip trying to hip old timer. Lol
  4. I have heard that OF's program is trending upward. Toward what, I'm not quite sure of. But if they would've stayed in 3Ad1, maybe so.
  5. I counted 23 at the game. Maybe I missed 1. What I am sure of was they were down after halftime. Looked like they were already thinking about the drive home and this weeks game. Kountze better not underestimate this team. The last 2 games against bigger ranked teams has Newton primed for and explosion of offense.
  6. All time WOS leads the series 13-0. Avg score 47-6
  7. I do remember them losing in Dallas that year. My question is when were they not in the top 10? I would think they were highly ranked at the beginning of 2015 before the losses, but probably fell out just like they have now. It definitely doesn't mean they cant make it to state again this year.
  8. Carthage > Kilgore Gilmer > Gladewater > Kilgore So this doesn't add up to nothing. What makes you think Carthage is having a down year?
  9. Sounds right, they also lost to BC and OF that year
  10. By friday afternoon this thing will be in Tennessee
  11. My friend, reality is that there isn't going to be a flood. Stay positive. WOS 2020
  12. WOSdrummer99


    Forcing Americas Change To Socialism Freely Altering Conservative Thinking Subordinates False Accusations Can Truly Spread
  13. President's only in power for 4 or 8 years. But the lasting legacy that lives on, in many cases even after their death, is what they do in appointments of SC justices.
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