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  1. If he was the kid in the video I saw throwing during the summer, and the same kid playing on JV vs vidor. Then I believe he can throw as well.
  2. Next man up. Let's see what sophomore Keyshawn Robinson can do with a week of practice with the starters. Who knows, maybe he continues as QB even when zig returns?
  3. Week 5 1. Atascocita 2. North Shore 3. College Station 4. Goose Creek Memorial 5. PA Memorial 6. Nederland 7. Crosby 8. WO-S 9. Liberty 10. Silsbee 11. East Chambers 12. Anahuac 13. Woodville 14. Corrigan-Camden 15. Newton 16. Anderson-Shiro 17. Cushing 18. Tenaha 19. Lumberton 20. LC-M 21. Huffman 22. Jasper 23. Carthage 24. Grapeland 25. Alto
  4. I thought the same thing early on. What if she left him? Now, what if she jumped off a cliff to screw him up.
  5. There's a European supercar, i dont remember which, it doesn't have a traditional hood latch or even bolts. Its all controlled by the computer to release the actuators, unlocking the hood. Car breaks down, call a tow, then call the factory. They send a technician on an overnight flight to anywhere in the world to personally make a diagnosis.
  6. I heard Leno say it costs $30,000 for oil change
  7. The name does sound familiar. RB?
  8. Nothing like a rematch of the SC game, #1 vs #2. Carthage is always the favorite against anyone on the schedule. Gilmer is running like a well oiled machine right now. How many times have they played in recent years? Sooner or later they're gonna get the W. Maybe not during pre district but when it counts later on.
  9. The few that I've spoke with say he'll be given every opportunity to succeed. And that kids are encouraged to play all sports. Sounds like he's in it for the long stretch too. But its not gonna happen overnight at BC. As long as the younger kids have something to work towards, they'll stay the path and BC should be competitive. Maybe not DC conversation, but at least get some playoff wins.
  10. @Bansheefan So what u think? Easy game for Carthage?
  11. Good game Newton. Gaston just couldn't get going against our defense. Always a pleasure to play a perennial power to get ready for district and the playoffs. Good luck on a deep run Eagles.
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