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  1. Had to bring it back. Where can I get cannoli in SETX? Please dont say olive garden.
  2. I was able to read it all. Very informative. Try it again, old man.
  3. Don Trump-leone. Dont forget the cannoli?
  4. What if it was the week leading up to state championship? Anyone want to hang a banner due to forfeit?
  5. Sorry, didnt see that part. "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." Bruce Lee ^ not directed to either of you. Just saying...
  6. PAC too. It's better than nothing. I'll be there if fans are allowed. But it's all about the kids. Don't let @SmashMouth get you gassed up. We all got our own opinions. It's something that they can't take from us. Like you said, to each his own. Stay positive my friend.
  7. If they limit tickets, it should be a % of the stadium seating. Larger stadiums could be utilized by smaller schools. WOS has a video system that could be streamed like in the playoffs. I think we could possible have 3 games per week at the same location. For example, OF has a small stadium capacity. They could play at WOS and have more fans attend, and/or possibly have a live stream available.
  8. Well after a search this morning. He has his own channel now. Turns out the video was originally released by the iconic podcast channel. Which really they me for a loop when I saw that "GOAT"
  9. You do realize that the Roman catholic church has hidden things from public knowledge for centuries. Their vast underground archives have long been the topic of debate and wonder.
  10. I dont know about this? Just another expert with a YouTube? I'm only asking because we need to know where the info is coming from. https://iconicpodcast.com/
  11. Yea your right. It's still a touchy subject. Just imagine how bad this one's gonna be for all those Purple fans. Ours was just a nickname. This is their everything. It's probably instilled in them from birth. Or at least 9 months?
  12. Who you with? I see you raised the stakes, but I still got some chips. I'll raise you 4 State Championship. Bet? You might have to fold...
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