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  1. The 2nd season. When those seniors from 3 years of old coaching have graduated.
  2. Italian sausage from Nick's in port Arthur was the best. Been trying to find something close to that since they shut down a few years ago. Green's looks legit after I checked their site. I look forward to trying it out. Thanks
  3. Since we are completely off topic... Newton has been holding our spot in line and there is no other team in setx that we would rather stand in for us. The newton rivalry is filled with respect on both sides. Much like our historic rivalry with jasper. The cancellation of jasper vs WOS earlier this month was likely the most impactful game that never happened. It would have showed both teams what they needed to improve for a playoff run. Now I'm not saying we are returning to the dynasty status that we experienced a few years ago. I dont really believe the #3 ranking by DCTF. Maxpreps has it like this, which could be closer to the truth. South should come down to jasper/WOS vs geronimo Navarro. The winner to meet up with PG/gilmer in Arlington in december. # School Ovr. Str. 1 Pleasant Grove (Texarkana) 7-1 32.6 2 Gilmer 5-3 34.0 3 Sunnyvale 7-0 10.1 4 Connally (Waco) 8-0 20.0 5 Navarro (Geronimo) 7-0 3.1 6 Estacado (Lubbock) 8-0 12.9 7 Greenwood (Midland) 8-0 0.5 8 Wimberley 6-1 10.6 9 Jasper 5-1 8.3 10 West Orange-Stark (Orange) 4-1 19.2 Also, I hope this isn't against the rules to post from other sources.
  4. I believe so too. I know they have done well at some if the battles, just not sure why they dont compete for uil
  5. He is correct that they haven't been there in a while. The numbers were down to maybe 10 or 15 just 5 years ago. They have made great improvements recently. Not sure how many now, but the quality is much better. I'm not sure why they choose not to participate.
  6. He fought off a lot of good pitches until he found the one he needed. Springer almost had it too
  7. I'd like to see statcast numbers on that throw. My guess is 95+ easy
  8. Lip readers beware. Kahnle gotta dirty mouth. Someone get him some Orbits gum. Lol. Orbits, excuse the pun.
  9. Bregs with runners on the corners. No outs. Let's get some insurance.
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