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  1. Great news. I'm starting to hear about many recoveries. But if you were never infected, dont think you are immune. Be safe my friend.
  2. https://1428elm.com/2020/04/01/history-channel-ufo-skinwalker-ranch/
  3. Also, having this forum to discuss sports issues like "who's the greatest?" is a welcomed distraction from the negativity of the workplace and the media. To the owner and everyone that puts time into SETXsports. Thanks
  4. Yes sir it is. I've been having anxiety attacks. And when I can't take my medicine (at work), I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and pray. "Father thank you for blessing me with the strength to remain calm. Protect us all from the unseen evil that threatens to destroy this great temple that you have provided. Indeed we will overcome all obstacles." It helps.
  5. Deaths 46,413 +4,081 Today Updated: 4/1/2020, 17:19 EDT Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE
  6. Try to stay positive. Are you still feeling good? No symptoms?
  7. https://www.12up.com/posts/pete-rose-wins-bet-with-rob-manfred-and-gets-elected-to-baseball-hall-of-fame-01e4v2gk20sc
  8. @baddogI hope more people will reconsider the impacts that their actions. If you want to be lackadaisical, you have that right. Just be considerate of others that may be highly stressed. For example, my boss walked up face to face to me this morning. I said "whoa man 6 feet." He didnt seem to care. Then got pissed when I turned and walked away. Wonder how he's gonna feel after he has a discussion with HR.
  9. In my opinion, SB is a team achievement, HOF is 1 person. If kevin Smith was drafted by the bills, he would have zero. And if earl was drafted by the browns... who knows? I will say this, kevin wasn't even the best athlete on his HS team. Just the one that the drive to make his dream a reality. Again just my opinion.
  10. Has nothing to do with which team he played. Earl will be in HOF. Nuff said
  11. Reminded me about the bumps on that old I10. And that it seemed like a hour to drive to Beaumont. I guess it used to be 55 mph
  12. Man, I remember those 1st 2 games against the aldine teams. I was only 6, but those guys were huge. I thought we were playing the Oilers. Good times, great memories.
  13. I'm still waiting for your theory. Dont be shy. I believe in martians too.
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