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  1. @JasperDAWG should be all over this. Where's he been lately?
  2. I agree. They have had success in a place without much consistency. I've heard him say being a military town, you never know who you got or for how long.
  3. The decision will not be yours to make. It will be made by the school board. I know change is needed on many levels of society. But not this, not now, and not like that. You could have easily said black coaches currently in the system deserve a fair opportunity. Which we can all agree with. But what you said sounds more like a demand. How about coach Garrett or Botley? What about someone from Toby's staff like Roy Locks? Who's your pick?
  4. A welcomed "change" the last couple season's was kicker Angel Ibarra. He was a great addition to the Mustangs. He set new records and elevated the level of expectations to the 3rd phase of the game. I've been told he is looking to get a scholarship to play college ball. If this happens, I could see more kids wanting to follow in his footsteps.
  5. It's being moved to a new permanent home. High up on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
  6. This is always a concern. I know there are some assistants that could prove themselves as a head coach. But have they? Toby has. Shoemaker was ranked #24 before a 1 point OT loss to Harker Heights. Plus the former players he currently has on staff would be welcomed by mustang nation. For now it's not really an issue. WOS 2021
  7. Too soon to check on our predictions? Some people still alive. @WOSgrad had a good one with China Spring.
  8. Everyone quotes "Pain". I like the lead up to it with, "I pity the fool"
  9. I'm sure those backups have been getting alot of playing time against top opponents all season. A big reason for the continuation of dominance. Playing 16 games a season is an extra half a season of practice per year. I remember a few years back we had a guy that broke the "most games played record" at WOS. I think it was over 60 games in a 4 year career, when most student athletes are lucky to get 20 or 30.
  10. Of course I do reserve the right to change my mind. That's a very big "I" and "my". Not sure if it will become mandatory by govt or employer.
  11. The story is that willie got him high as a giraffe and took his money in a poker game.
  12. Imo, Willie is the best collaborator ever. https://www.wideopencountry.com/10-awesome-willie-nelson-collaborations/#:~:text= 11 of the Best Willie Nelson Duets,closing number on Nelson's 2002 record... More Yall old timers need to check out #1 on this list.
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