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  1. My apologies to all who feel I was out of line. I've been biting my tongue over here for too long. Sorry again.
  2. There is another topic that is now locked where he brought up race. And it has been an ongoing issue with him. I didn't start it. Believe me, I would finish it.
  3. You can have your opinion. Say whatever you want. But dont talk down on the kids because of race. I've been trying for months to it peaceful, out of respect for the site. No respect for a racist from the whitest city in Texas. Oh no wait, you dont rep BC either. Just another old angry white guy mad cuz you got trucked by WOS when u played?
  4. For a racist, you sure like to beat around the Bush. Grow a pair and don't hide your true colors... WHITE not cardinal red
  5. I use Samsung internet and haven't had any problems
  6. I'm sure he had plenty of enemies looking to keep him quiet
  7. We need more like him. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
  8. Coach T will have to sift through the suspects to find some prospects. https://kogt.com/wos-reloads-for-2019/
  9. That's true. When everyone else had cowboys jerseys, I had a Marino.
  10. Good memory you have. I can confirm you're story. Except I believe he went to live with his mom. Only because I worked with his dad. @Alpha Wolf may have a point, because he didn't stay at Missouri too long. I don't think it was his choice to leave all his friends and teammates from WOS. Especially after we had just went to state. But sometimes things happen and you have to move. I'm sure they met with most of the coaches of the major Houston schools. And decided where to move to based on what schools could offer.
  11. Any surveillance footage they find will be from days before the incident in question. But how weird is this. I tried to post the pic. But it won't work. Amazing artwork of slick Billy. I wonder if that's Hillary's dress or maybe Monica's? https://www.thecut.com/2019/08/jeffrey-epstein-bill-clinton-blue-dress-petrina-ryan-kleid.html
  12. When parents need to move for the good of their family, I understand. But shopping kids around like a commodity is horrible. WOS had a highly recruited transfer leave and that led to 4 straight state appearances without him. I say if they want to go let em. Better to have a team full of players that want to be there. Than have a team full of parents who are mad about them being stuck there
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