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  1. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Beaumont-ISD-releases-candidate-list-for-United-15051917.php Thoughts?
  2. Not sure how that one is going to work out unless he is bringing a few Whittingtons with him when he comes.
  3. That's exactly what I am saying. A deliberate distraction to make the Petrino news more acceptable to the country and fan base.
  4. Or maybe they floated Briles to take the sting out of hiring Petrino.
  5. Heard a rumor you could only buy tickets online this year. Is that true?
  6. Only thing Lampases can do with Carthage is lose.
  7. It was the second round, and no, they haven't been past the first round since 1998. They had a jam up group of kids come through in the mid 2000s who lost some heartbreakers in the first round. The first year they dropped to old 1A, they should've made a run then but it didn't happen.
  8. That was the 2000 season and they lost in the first round to a very good Hemphill team.
  9. And by decent, you are saying they won their first round game, then lost a heartbreaker in round 2. Having said that, only two teams per district made the playoffs back then so sit was much harder to win playoff games.
  10. Is this post suggesting Hodges will not be back as the head FB coach next year? I thought he only stepped down to attend his sons senior year games in Clear Lake, and he would be back in the position? If he won't be back as HC, surely he will move on rather than try to have a stand alone AD at a 2A school.
  11. I live in Huffman and can confirm this team is very good, but Carthage is another animal. Huffman's historic run will end in blood that night.
  12. I know you are joking around, but you shouldn't bring her up in any context when discussing a decision her husband made. It's disrespectful and uncalled for.
  13. Its sour grapes for sure. They are doing everything in their power to get him out of there and as quickly as possible. Who knows how this ends, but it definitely sucks.
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