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  1. There it is. I always knew Warrens issues in Football were tied to the age and energy of their head coaches. That's why I was against the hire of the low energy, old man Kevin Barbay several years ago. I am glad to see they are trying a new model in their hiring processes.
  2. Seems like Mr. Dodge may have used BH in the same way Saban uses Texas every couple of years. Probably secured a bit of a raise out of the whole ordeal.
  3. I got a name for you who loves Tarkington and wants to be there for the long run.....Stan Howard.
  4. Whoa. Good luck to him, but this seems like an uphill battle.
  5. Either way, it's pretty wild that you are here commenting on the job you were a finalist for, acting like you were not one of the finalists and purporting to have sources on the inside who were informing you of the process. "Sources say the finalists were on campus today for interviews...."....... It's a bad look brother.
  6. This is the absolute definition of hating. It's interesting to me, there once was a poster who frequented the basketball board by the name of DickieV. DickieV was a well known basketball coach from the SETX area who was quite vocal about his opinions on many things, but announced his identity and intention to leave the board after being hired as an assistant at a West Texas college. DickieV hasn't really been heard from since, except for the one time he popped in to criticize Dave Bliss receiving another job in college basketball after the Baylor debacle. DickieV argued that others deserved th
  7. Looks like the community didn't resonate with the plan to jump out of UIL athletics and their inability to finish the season last year. It will be hard to get anyone decent in there, but maybe a young up and comer who isn't afraid of a challenge can get that ball rolling again.
  8. You know what, you are right. Seriously. Everyone deserves second and sometimes third chances to make things right. I know for dang sure I have gotten them in the past. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Oh yeah. Yates has had great success in the past and has always kept himself out of trouble. HF should be proud to have his name on the list.
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