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  1. Its sour grapes for sure. They are doing everything in their power to get him out of there and as quickly as possible. Who knows how this ends, but it definitely sucks.
  2. Whoever loses this game should be allowed to start basketball season early.
  3. No way Nations survives another 0fer campaign.
  4. Burkeville must be really bad these days. No knock on HD, but they shouldn’t hang 70 on anyone.
  5. Liberty looked like they’ll struggle to find 3 wins this year, while Huffman showed flashes. I’m interested to see Huffman play against a more competitive squad to really see what they have.
  6. Don't they only have one assistant coach
  7. Didn’t make it out there but I drove by. There was a decent size crowd for a team scrimmage. I was surprised based on the comments here.
  8. I just moved to Huffman and plan to spend quite a bit of time following the Falcons this year. Can someone give me some information on the program. Who are they returning, what's the outlook for next year, information on the coach and coaching staff. Thanks a lot!
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