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  1. Yeah silsbee won but I feel like West Orange beat themselves. I have a hard time saying silsbee was the better team
  2. Dont quote me. But i was told he was trying to retire last year and crouch talked him into staying.
  3. I think with brister now in charge we'll be in a lot better shape. Shes super competitive and wants to win... mediocre wont cut it long.... Im hoping once bickham leaves they give hunter Gonzales the reigns calling the offense.
  4. To furthur add to that. Had they did 4 teams back then moody wouldve made it in 06. If that doesnt say how bad that can be... lol We lost to Nederland by 2 for 3rd place.
  5. That's only because they're putting 4 teams in instead of 3 like it used to be.
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