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  1. Quit drinking that hand sanitizer. It’s messing with your brain. 😂🤣😂
  2. Should be one heck of a game. Gilmer is good but Carthage gonna Carthage.
  3. I think Brazosport had a couple like that, but they couldn’t handle the Pirates D. But they were pretty fat. Over 6ft & 300 of mostly muscle, is another thing, lol. I won’t be surprised with who wins. If the winner wins over 7 points, that’ll be a surprise. I’ve said Jasper is Vidor’s toughest opponent, but Vidor will certainly be better than Jasper has seen so far. Gonna be a good one.
  4. Hey DAWG, does Jasper rely on the run more or pass? I just know they’re good, but little else.
  5. Is that why Vidor won since you picked Brazosport & Bay City? PNG fans were probably hoping you’d pick PAM. 😂😂🤣😂😂
  6. Hagar


    Lmbo, great minds think alike.
  7. Hagar


    “Entangling Church & State”, a Liberal euphemism for “Let’s make Christianity go away “. And the majority of the accusations are figments (lies) of the MSM, only believed by the gullible, or extremely low IQ individuals. You seem intelligent enough, so if it makes you feel better, you are merely gullible.
  8. Pretty safe bet they’ll play again.
  9. Heck, never looked at dates. Assumed they were playing next Friday. 😜 I was suspicious about La Vega. They were winning, but not impressively. Still, Argyle must be a power. 35-7 is impressive when 1 is playing 2.
  10. Just not that often most teams play a highly ranked team. Yes, Huffman’s record of 3-0 is impressive, but Stafford 0-4, Needville 1-3, and Navasota 2-2, are hardly comparable to #5 in the State, Jasper. So based on the info you provided, it’ll be round 3 or 4 before Vidor faces anyone of Jasper’s caliber, but that’s just my opinion. And I’m not sure Vidor will beat Huffman, much less Jasper. On the plus side, I don’t think any of 4AD1 Reg 3 teams are in the top ten. Just a quick question. Argyle vs La Vega, who do you like?
  11. Easily the toughest opponent Vidor will face until several rounds in the playoffs. Win or lose, just hope the Pirates eliminate the mistakes. I think Jasper fans might be a little surprised seeing the Shot T, but of corse the Bulldogs will be ready. No idea about the Jasper passing game, but heard they have some great RB’s. Vidor needs time consuming drives with no TO’s, & stop the big plays on D. Everything tells me this has to be a great game.
  12. Curious, did Navasota put in their regular QB the second half? If so, he wasn’t much help.
  13. Appreciate that from PNG to Pirateland. No doubt the Indians will have another great year. Heck, it’s just great having the kids back playing. Know you must be ready for Friday night. That ought to be a great game. Of course MBG will be stirring the pot all week. 😂🤣😂
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