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  1. Joking aside, I’ve a feeling there’ll be a big improvement at BC. Of course my hunches have a low success rate. 😜🤣😜
  2. And neither should a member of of a radical group responsible for riots, attacks on bystanders & police, and many deaths. No way that guy needs to be a police officer. BTW BG, the officer died of natural causes. Only person killed was an unarmed female veteran, shot dead by an Unidentified alleged officer. Probably another BLM Activist that saw a chance to kill a white person.
  3. The black Capital Police Officer who “claimed” he was repeatedly called the N word by Trump supporters (that I don’t believe) is a big BLM activist. Surprise, surprise. His testimony, with most others, is 🐂💩, imo. https://www.wnd.com/2021/07/surprise-capitol-officer-complaining-jan-6-riot-revealed-blm-activist/
  4. The Director said about Covid deaths & Children, ‘It’s more than twice the rate we see for influenza in a given year’. A reporter decided to check. From 2020 to 21, 213 Children died of Covid, influenza killed more than 400. So the medical bureaucrat has lied to us, and using that lie to force kids to wear mask all day in school breathing fibers. I’m all for things/rules if they help, if we need them, but frankly I’m tired of the lies and the hypocrisy. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-this-isnt-about-the-science-heres-proof
  5. Durn grad, hate to hear that. Prayers for recovery. ✝️✝️✝️
  6. Jen Psaki- “We’re flagging problematic post for Facebook that spread misinformation”. Same type thing said by - Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler Above not just a joke. Not overboard. The folks in power now are really scary. Jmo
  8. Rarely is on topic, or makes sense. Still waiting for him to post about what a good job Biden and Harris are doing (but not holding my breathe, lol).
  9. Having been in quite a few verbal discussions (fisticuffs😄) with Liberals, it’s surprising how often they end up name calling or excessive use of cuss words. Always a sure sign that I’ve won the point. 😄😜😄
  10. The same guy who constantly tells eveyone they’re going to Hell? Wow, guess the Seventh Day Adventist have a liberal vocabulary.
  11. Adam (no neck) Schiff literally makes me sick in my stomach. What a two faced lying POS.
  12. Interesting story. I had no idea. I was a big fan of Rocky Calivito. That was a long time ago 😂
  13. Anyone that doesn’t believe in Media bias, please explain how the MSM ran with the Russian Collusion story for three years, and it was ultimately proven false. Fake news, for three years, and they want to chastise FOX? Please, give me a break.
  14. Love memes. Some are funny, and some, like this one, make great points. Please don’t feed the bears. It creates a dependent population unable to take care of themselves. You mean like Welfare Programs?
  15. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cdc-mask-guidance-vaccinated-people
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