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  1. No argument from me. He was very impressive.
  2. Could be, but I’d think he’d be a little old by now. Of course I didn’t know him, so maybe. Give you an Attaboy on research though. 😄
  3. Where? If it’s the same guy, wherever he is should have a durn good defense.
  4. I do think this is a better Crosby team than their last 5 or 6 games last year, but I’ll still be surprised if they win this game by more than a TD, if they win at all. Hate to even think what the Stangs players will have to do this week. Coach T will have them eating raw meat by Friday.
  5. Thanks. If I remember right, Vidor’s defense lead the Dist in at least one of those years. As I remember, he retired, but durn, he was a High Caliber DC. Don’t see many like him. Vidor with a pass defense? Those were the days. If you could combine his genius with the points Vidor scores now, the Pirates would be a force.
  6. Me too. I thought I saw stats on the Montgomery game and Vidor was overwhelming, although stats don’t win games. Them the CCC blowout, but I watched the films and no offense to any CCC fans, but they’d be hard pressed to win a game in any 4A Dist. LCM might give a little better barometer, but Crosby will be a Big test. I think the Cougars have their claws back. I’m still cautiously optimistic. If they can win a few close games, I think they’ll be in the playoff hunt. The Dist is awful iffy this year.
  7. I guess I just get frustrated that the Left constantly proclaims how racist whites are, but crickets when something like this happens.
  8. Wow, you guys don’t paint a good picture for the Pirates. Sounds like, barring some significant changes, this may be a long season for Vidor fans. Hope they come up with something before the Crosby game.
  9. IDK, When MBG and Soulja get together, there’s usually collusion. 😂. But they might be baiting me, in which case you’re right, Fake News. 😜😂
  10. Hagar


    That is some great news. Don’t remember the MSM mentioning this.
  11. So if this bunch of lowlifes were white, they’d be called White Nationalist, or racist. So what do we call these guys? https://nypost.com/2019/09/13/shocking-video-shows-mob-pummel-man-outside-minnesotas-target-field/
  12. Then it ought to be a good game. Historically, Vidor doesn’t do well against the pass. Been about 25 years since they’ve had some defensive genius, and I don’t know the big bald headed guys name who was DC, but the had to be one of the best around. But then, Vidor couldn’t score 48 points in a season, much less a game..
  13. Sounds like a little Russian Collusion on the Forum. 😂😂😂
  14. If LCM has a passing attack, it will definitely be close. If they can’t throw, I’d be surprised if Vidor has a problem. LCM will have to improved their run defense. I think Vidor put up 44 on the Bears last year.
  15. Dayton might make this interesting. They’ve had some stiff competition. No doubt BH won’t take them lightly.
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