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  1. The Ambassador had a 20+ page opening statement, condemning Trump. But Rep Jordan ask him the hard questions. His answers were the most important part of his testimony.
  2. To be fair, that was just one pass. He probably isn’t that great, but he can throw it LONG. Still think Falcons win. 🙏
  3. No little of Huntsville, but Crosby has turned it on. Not knowledgeable enough to make a prediction, just know I’m a Crosby fan when they hit the field. Go Cougars.
  4. You beat the Pirates. This should be a cakewalk. 😂😂😂 Btw, your score sounds just about right. Go Eagles.
  5. I’m going with the Falcons by 10. Watch Hudl video of Palestine vs Van. Their offense looks like a cross between a Slot T and an I. The Pal QB has an arm on him. He threw a pass standing at his own one yard line, and receiver caught it, in stride, at the Van 40. That’s 59 yards in the air, right on target. HH DB’s need to stay in the play.
  6. Ok texbuzz, that’s a classic. 😂😂😂😂 I think, at the worst, Ltown stays within 50, but I hope it’s closer. Coach Surratt and his staff at Carthage, are not only extremely good, he appears pretty classy. He really tries to keep the score down, from what I’ve seen.. Puts in them subs. Maybe that’s why their team has so many suiting up, most get some time on the field. As many pointed out, it’s a treat for the Raiders to play them. You don’t see teams like this that often. Go Raiders.
  7. Ok, everyone seems to be dodging this. We all know this is a virtual impossible task for the Raiders. Still, they made it to this game. Most of us will be pulling for them. Let's talk about it.
  8. Coach Surratt at Carthage avoids running up scores when possible. Doubt it’s a factor in this game, but he’s also a master at halftime adjustments. Love to see Ltown do well, but dang, Carthage plays a type game most aren’t familiar with.
  9. Great LCM! Guess this District is not as weak as everyone thought.
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