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  1. Me too! Old Smith did a great job adapting that to marching band music.
  2. Just dawned on me, if Ltown wins this game they’ll be almost a cinch for a first or second place finish in District. That’s a long way from most expectations at the start of the season. The Bears better want this game bad.
  3. About time you got on this juggernaut. 😂😂🤣😂😂
  4. Awesome. Left jocks on the field.
  5. In Dist 9 only sure things are Kilgore & Lindale, and drop Athens. Other two are any ones guess. And in 10, you can drop Splendora, and drop HH from the top two, and anything else is possible. But your correct, so District 9. Kilgore 3-0, Lindale 4-0, Palestine 2-2, Mabank 1-2, Henderson 1-2, Chapel Hill 1-3, Athens 0-3. District 10 Vidor 2-0, Ltown 2-0, Liv 1-1, LCM 1-1, HH 0-2, Splendora 0-2.
  6. And related, the recent posting of MaxPreps rankings. They have Kilgore at #7, Lindale #8, Vidor at #9 and LCM at #10.
  7. My guess, their big win over HH who was #7 on DC rankings at the time.
  8. Here’s the players. Most of you familiar with District 10. Vidor 6-0, Ltown 5-2, LCM 6-2, HH 5-2, LIV 5-2, and Splendora 4-3 District 9 has two bullies. Kilgore 6-1, Lindale 5-3, Palestine 4-4, Mabank 5-2, Henderson 4-3, Chapel Hill 5-3, Athens 4-3. You want to avoid playing Kilgore & Lindale. Lindale has 3 losses but all three to high powered teams - Kaufman 7-0, Van 7-0, and Gilmer 6-1. Also, K & L play last game of regular season for DC. anyone want to guess on matchups?
  9. I hope, and think you’re right. These young men have surprised most folks, including me, with that mental toughness (moxie) you referred too. And they’ve improved so much since the first of the year, on both sides of the ball. They’ve already ensured a place in VHS Football history. If they can go 9-0, they should win the first two playoff games & could possibly go even further. It’s a great time to be a Pirate fan!
  10. Holy Moly, I wish there was a video of that play. Seen it mentioned so many times. That Sepulvado is listed in MaxPreps at 5’6” & 130 lbs. I figure 25 pounds of it is heart. He’s so slippery the D has a hard time getting a clean shot on him.
  11. Especially in the past, I could see this happening. I hope this bunch of Pirates will make it past all the mental barriers and get the win. These guys have been special all year, don’t go all mental on us this week. Buckle up and make it 7-0. If they can win a DC, they’ll go at least three deep. Let me repeat that, if they can win the DC, they’ll go at least 3 deep.
  12. Pretty impressive with most schools (Vidor excluded) running high powered, high scoring offenses.
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