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  1. Both have their hands full this week. I’ve posted about Lindale vs Kilgore. Could go either way. Miller has LBJ Austin, who beat Calallen by 14, and Calallen beat Miller. Miller vs Lindale would be an offensive dream game, but as of now, just a dream.
  2. I firmly believe that Biden was elected via voter fraud. I’d love to be proven wrong, because I hate to think it’s gotten this bad. To prove it, it would take a complete audit of all states with statistical anomalies, but no one seems up for that. Democrats durn sure don’t advocate it. Anyone else find that strange? After all, after winning the presidential election, Obama resigned from his Senate seat on Nov. 16, 2008. Kamala Harris still hasn’t resigned her Senate seat. Does she know something?
  3. Just thought of something else that bothers me. Harvard Med estimates up to 29% of Covid test are false/positive. Has it occurred to anyone else how strange it is we can’t make an accurate Covid test, yet they claim to have a safe, effective vaccine? And why aren’t they testing people now to see who may have, unknowingly, already had it, and don’t need a vaccine? These type questions don’t encourage someone to run out and take the vaccine.
  4. Yep, remember you were watching Miller & Calallen. Ironic, Calallen beat Miller but they’re out & Miller still in. The Lake is right, if Miller and Lindale play, over/under should be triple digits. 😂
  5. This is one tough pickum. Here’s the R. Digest history. Last met for D Championship 11/6 with Lindale winning 47-40. I think Lindale wins it, but this is the classic “rematch”, were often the loser of the first wins the second. Here’s playoff history: Lindale beat, Vidor 29-13 Needville 70-56 Chapel Hill 36-7 (Subs in most of second half) Kilgore beat. Splendora 42-0 El Campo 27-14 Huffman 20-17 Based on last game, the over/under should be about 80 😄. This should be one of the better playoff games this week. I’ve been following Lindale
  6. They need to take this show off TV. I’m not the least bit hungry. Turn on this show, and 15 min later I’m like a Great White Shark in a feeding frenzy. Just saw a lady make a cheeseburger. Covered it all in batter & deep fried it. My tongue was slapping my forehead and drool was running down on my chin. Alas, I’m a fried food slut. 😢😜😢
  7. Thanks for the responses and posting your candid decisions. No doubt we’ll revisit this before the 💩 hits the fan.
  8. You’ve ask some interesting questions, and it’s possible some may have to confront some of those choices. Ordinarily it wouldn’t happen, but these are extraordinary times. The Feds & State Govt have already done things unthinkable prior to Covid. Since seniors are in the high risk group, Medicare may require it - Take it or lose your Medicare. Who knows what the future will bring. Scary possibilities.
  9. Thanks for that info. I’ve been searching all over Evadale for it. 😂🤣😂
  10. And just like that......... it’s gone. Now that is strange. Who has the equipment, and manpower to remove something like that without anyone knowing about it? Uh, the US Military. If so, why? That creates a big conspiracy theory. I like what someone said, “It’s an on/off button for the planet. 😂😂🤣😂😂 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/28/us/monolith-utah-disappeared.html
  11. FYI, that game was in 2016. This years Carthage is one of them unstoppable forces. Surratt will pull the starters, probably in the 3rd Qtr. I think they’re that good - on both sides of the ball. Their O & D lineman would make many colleges green with envy. Wonder what the weight average is? I know they’re BIG. I watched them one game on livestream. Very impressive.
  12. Beat Carthage? You better get them to play North Shore. Then, maybe.
  13. Score depends on when Memorial puts in the JV. Great warn up game for PAM.
  14. Some very good ones. Seven Spanish Angels definitely one of my favorites.
  15. Here’s the deal. There will be priorities. Medical folks first, then..... Heard a News report that @ 50% of Mecical people in Texas say they won’t take the shots. That could change as more information is released of the vaccine testing. Probably high up on the list will be the elderly (since medium age of Covid deaths is in the 70’s). That’s me, and probably some of you. Question for all of you is, as of now, have you decided to take it or not? Honestly, I’m still iffy. If all the initial folks taking it don’t start keeling over, I might. Just wonder what most of you think
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