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  1. And the Winner is - Trump! Hands down. Even Bloomberg alluded to it.
  2. Warren has attacked everyone on stage and backstage. She brought her Tomahawk. This has been great - Bloomberg vs Sanders. Klobuchar vs Buttigieg. Warren vs everyone. Lmbo, this has been a classic.
  3. Sanders - I want workers on the Board of Big Corporations. Me - Just like - I want to see the the Hospital janitor in the Operating Room. 😂 What an idiot!
  4. Time out - Global Warming. Joe playing the minority victim card. Let’s all sit around singing Kumbaya. 🤬🤬🤬
  5. Here’s the B-Slap of the night. Warren’s initial response to Bloomberg. https://mobile.twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1230313401685041152
  6. Yup! And Bernie is going to need a defibrillator. 😂 This is better than SNL. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  7. Gloves are off. Bloomberg is looking for a foxhole. 😂
  8. I almost fell out of my recliner when Warren horse stomped Bloomberg. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  9. Holy Moly, this is a blood bath. They’ve taken the gloves off.
  10. Longhorns managed to squeak out a 6-1 win over the Cards. Well, maybe a little more than squeak, lol.
  11. Lmbo, if your post made any sense, I might be offended. I’ve read your innuendos about Vidor for years. You’re one of them folks that feels the need to look down on someone, something, or someplace. The need to feel superior is probably the result of a deep seated inferiority complex. I would hope you seek a mental health professional, but I doubt you do.
  12. Lamar taking on the Longhorns this afternoon at 4. I’d love to see a Cardinal Win, but Texas is one of the Big Dogs. Cards will need all the voodoo they can muster.
  13. I posted when HF got him that they’d see a big improvement. My G’son played for him in Ltown last year and thought the world of him. So happy for him and the whole community. Btw, has anyone noticed an increase in HF crowd support from previous years?
  14. Yup! Looks like The Horns vindicated us. My G’son won’t be surprised. 🙂
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