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  1. I think it’s strange when someone makes a facetious post like yours, and some respond as if you were serious. It’s a freaking head scratcher for sure 😂😂😂
  2. My Popup Blocker is turned on, and this is the only site I regularly go to that it’s happening on. And they show up every time I change threads, topics, or pages. Bummer.
  3. Certainly not an expert, but from a fans perspective, the Slot T is not an offense you perfect quickly. The timing, blocking assignments, and all the movement, take time to get into sync. Hopefully, the Raiders will be vastly improved by District.
  4. Yes, I noticed that. That’s why I quoted him. Dad gum computer systems. It’s easy to trick old folks like me. 😂😂
  5. Until watching some of the Dem debates, I had no idea how prophetic the Title to this Thread was.
  6. Up today. https://www.bing.com/search?q=nyse+now&qs=HS&pq=nyse+&sc=8-5&cvid=61F8809AD7074CEDB2B4A05882BDBE0C&FORM=QBLH&sp=1
  7. Curious why some post don’t allow you to open link. New system, new problems.
  8. Don’t remember the MSM saying anything about that. Just think if they’d connected him to some white nationalist (whatever the hail that is) group, it’d been immediately reported. This 💩 frustrates me to no end.
  9. Just hitting the backboard 3 times would be great 😂😂😂
  10. This is a young lady who plays college ball, so I’m 0-2 on right thread, but more folks here so...... Regardless, still pretty phenomenal. She shot 38% from the 3’s as a Sophomore.
  11. Got to draw my line in the sand. Seems the New World Order is thinking of putting a Sin Tax on red meat. I’m reminded of the Colonist throwing tea over the sides of ships in Boston Harbor in protest. My strategy, we’ll throw liberals over the side, 60 miles offshore. Don’t Tread on Our Red Meat. Dam the Liberals, Fire Up the Pit. I Regret That I Can Only Afford to Buy One Ribeye at a Time. Give Me Beef or Give Me Death. https://www.accountingtoday.com/articles/is-red-meat-more-expensive-could-be-next-sin-tax-after-sugar
  12. I’ve seen quite a few folks, on other venues, complaining about Trump talking to Putin and Jong-un often. I’m no genius of foreign affairs, or the Art of the Deal, but since Russia and North Korea are problems, it seems to me it’s prudent to stay in contact. And in the case of Jong-un, to play to his vanity, and talk about how good he is (that would probably work on Trump too, lol). Trump tried that with Putin, but he’s not buying it. Still, to keep an open dialogue is important. Jmo.
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