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  1. Here’s an article from yesterday about the homeless not getting it bad. Can’t read much because it requires a subscription, but the first few lines sums it up. Weird, this. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Surprise-Homeless-people-not-getting-coronavirus-15400794.php
  2. Semper Fi JagMarine. Prayers for him & the family. ✝️✝️✝️
  3. You’re right about that. I think, with 14 returning starters, the Cougars May be a handful. At least they were smart enough to not schedule Vidor. 😂😂😂 Just joking Cougar fans. Chill. 😂
  4. So, doing anything wrong is a sin. I come to a crossroads where I’m suppose to turn left, but I turned right. I did a wrong, but I doubt it’s a sin, lol. You’re taking everything out of context. He’s a child. He’d beg forgiveness for upsetting his parents, not for what he did. Talk about “twist & manipulating words”. I will give you a bit of advice. If you like your denomination, and want more members, try talking to others with compassion, not from a position of “We’re right & everyone else is wrong”. When you denigrate other denominations, you merely alienate most looking for a place of worship. Anyone that has to put down others to make themselves feel self righteous, is very insecure.
  5. I finally got a chance to watch your video. The Pope didn’t say Jesus sinned, the commmentator, aka Spin Doctor, did. The Pope said his parents where upset with him from hiding in the Temple and not joining them on the caravan. Does it mean a child has sinned just because the parents got upset with them? My two kids were big sinners then, lol. And since you won’t answer the question I ask, but simply want to disparage other denominations, I’ll take that as a Yes, only Seventh Day Adventist will go to heaven. I would ask you to read The Bible for your own understanding, lest ye be lead down the wrong path by others, as we all should.
  6. Where did I post anything derogatory about Don Lemon, except jokingly that he had the same name as a Cleveland Indian pitcher? One thing I make every effort not to do is put down other Christian denominations, which you do often. Btw, I’ll ask again, is denomination going to get you into heaven? Are Seventh Day Adventist the only ones who will be saved? Answer that and I’ll consider this discussion over, for my part.
  7. Sorry, one last question, why hasn’t this Virus swept through the homeless? That’s a durn good question.
  8. He certainly speaks the truth. What’s scary, most of us think this is a short term thing. It’s not. Even counting asymptomatic folks, maybe 5 Million at the most have been affected. That leaves 295 Million more. We could be in this same situation two or three years from now, unless someone comes up with a safe vaccine, and a way to inoculate 7.8 Billion people (world population). And, as he alluded too, the MSM is behind the steering wheel, not the CDC, or WHO, freaking Media Loons.
  9. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/08/florida-democrats-return-ppp-money-354252
  10. So since you’re opposed to the Catholic Church, then you’re the opposition they run into. Since they’re followers of Christ, and you’re the opposition, does that make your denomination the Anti-Christ? And Catholics killed Christ? Holy Moly, you really are out there. I don’t know why you have to denigrate other Christian denominations. Does it make you feel better than them? Put you first? I don’t think denomination is going to be what gets someone to heaven, do you? Are you of the belief that only Seventh Day Adventist will go to heaven?
  11. Based on my limited mathematical skills, only a little over 1% have been identified with, or have had, the Virus - 3,300,000. Then there are some estimates that asymptomatic cases are another 40%, so round it up to 5 Million, and there’s 300 Million of us. Essentially, barring a vaccine, or for whatever unknown reason, many of us have a natural immunity, this thing will have us in it’s grips for at least another two years, minimum, until.......... I’m not saying yea or nay, but we need to understand, this is not like hurricane season. There’s no telling when we’ll be back to “normal”. It’s depressing, I’ll tell you that. Btw, anyone see’s where I’m wrong, please let me know.
  12. So I guess you’ll have to take this as the truth. It’s on the Internet also. http://www.jesusisprecious.org/false_religion/sda/wrong_repentance.htm
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