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  1. It can’t be a good feeling seeing the hawks coming up your side of the bracket after they beat the #15 team in the state by 63.
  2. HJ just beat a better team than Silsbee has played so far in the playoffs by 62. Silsbee has beaten a 6-10 team by 1 and a 17-12 team by 6 in the playoffs, and don’t seem to be playing their best basketball right now. HJ posted a 71-point first round win against bridge city, who silsbee beat by 21 and 29 this season. I always get excited to see an HJ/Silsbee matchup in any sport, but it’s hard not to expect a 40-50 point win for the hawks coming. I would actually love for it to be a tougher game for HJ, who haven’t been “tested” since they beat state ranked lumberton by 48 late December, a
  3. Anyone capable of giving them a game before state? Burnet is 21-2, but have a ton of close games against mediocre teams on their schedule. Lumberton is state ranked and 21-3 but HJ beat them by 48 already. La Grange looks okay. Silsbee is 16-4, and has a win vs lumberton, but beat 6-10 Livingston by 1 the other night. on paper El Campo was one of the 3-4 best teams in the region, and HJ called off the dogs or could’ve beaten them by 80.
  4. Starters sat the whole fourth and were in and out quite a bit in the 3rd
  5. Some folks don’t like the truth. But if the shoe fits (usually several large shoes, from all across the city), though...
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