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  1. https://kfdm.com/news/local/felon-pleads-guilty-to-federal-firearms-violation-after-shooting-a-dog
  2. I don’t disagree with the fact that this year was the year that they had a shot at state. Silsbee and Yates were both way down, and it was probably the most talented team he’s had at HJ. Had they made it through that first game and got some guys healthy, and through the suspension of their best player, they had a chance to make a deep run. But as for the three rounds deep comment, until this year there was exactly one local team with the talent to make it past the third round since 2015, and it wasn’t HJ. I don’t care how good of a coach someone is, they’re not taking a couple of D3 guys a
  3. The problem with max preps is not every game gets posted. Actual records of HJ under Davis: 14-15: 28-8 15-16: 26-9 16-17: 24-14 17-18: 31-10 18-19: 28-10 19-20: 27-12 20-21: 20-6 (no tournaments) district record during that span: 65-11 (includes 4 district champ/co-champ and 3 district runner ups)
  4. Or finishing district runner up to the state championship Silsbee teams with three D1 players.
  5. The program didn’t get yates in the 2nd or 3rd round most years before he coached there. You’re a broken record. Just say you don’t like him, because you’re ignoring the obvious while repeating the same arguments over and over. HJ has had less talent and faced MUCH tougher playoff competition since he took over. He’s still kept them in the hunt for district championships and won playoff games every year but one. If you think Sutherland would’ve done any better against Silsbee and Yates over the last 6 or 7 years you’re delusional.
  6. How? Because he was in a district with Silsbee who had the talent for several years to possibly make it to state a division higher? Because he keeps running into Houston AAU teams in the playoffs? The talent level isn’t what it was at HJ 10 years ago. They’ve had some good players, but not like before he took over. All he does is win 20+ games a year and competes most years for a district title with decent athletes. It sounds like you have some sort of axe to grind more than anything else.
  7. Admittedly a biased post here, as Clay coached me when I was a kid, and I’ve always liked him. I did a little research, and talked to some HJ folks as well. As best I can tell, Tatum won about 7 games in two years before Davis got there, then won 19 his first year, 26 his second. Two district titles in his two years there, and a regional tourney appearance. Took over Jasper and won the district his first year, and took them to the regional quarters. Missed the playoffs the next year, which was the year he was dealing with some family stuff that led to him coming back to HJ as an assistant
  8. A lot of those “any level” players are kids that don’t even look like they could dominate a middle school game. It’s impressive what they’ve done with those guys.
  9. You’ve literally said the same thing three times. By college type players are you talking about D3? NAIA? You’re severely overstating the quality of players and talent going through HJ. What HJ does is build good players, but they’re not overrun with college ready athletes like you keep saying.
  10. Not sure. One thing I do know, is people i know are starting to get sick again, and they all have one thing in common.
  11. He’s also had to coach in the era where 4A has become a big city classification, with all of these houston and Dallas schools somehow fielding 4A squads. Not to mention the insane talent silsbee has put out. It’s kind of funny that you talk about the talent he inherited, but want to give Mitchell full credit for making the playoffs 3 years in a row with a D1 player (something I’m not positive Davis has ever had, except for a couple of seasons with Parquet).
  12. If they lied about half of them then only 100x as many unvaccinated people died as vaccinated.
  13. They said going in that some people would still get it after being vaccinated. It prevents it in the vast majority of people, and greatly reduces the symptoms for most of those who do get it despite being vaccinated. People can question “future side effects” if they want, but it’s unarguable that the shot is incredibly effective in fighting Covid.
  14. Of the nearly 9,000 Covid deaths since February in Texas, all but 43 occurred in the unvaccinated. For whatever that’s worth to y’all. I’m all for people choosing to get it or not, but these numbers are pretty telling. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.texastribune.org/2021/07/21/coronavirus-texas-vaccinated-deaths/amp/
  15. I wish I’d woken up in the middle of the night to watch them lose.
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