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  1. I hope enough of the people who hate trump are disgusted enough with the current administration to go back to him, and choose results over likability.
  2. I agree with most of this, however I don’t think 81 million thin-skinned Americans voted against trump. I’m willing to bet 65 million would’ve voted for Biden like they voted for Hillary. The question is how many extra democrats got out and voted that wouldn’t have if not for their dislike of trump? Biden was one of the least inspiring democrat nominees in history, and got 16M more votes than Hillary did. How many non-partisan voters went blue this election to vote against trump? I’d imagine it was a fairly high percent. The thing is, in some of the most important swing states, trump didn’t have to lose millions of votes with his behavior to lose. In some cases it was only a few thousand.
  3. I wholeheartedly disagree with your interpretation of my feelings towards trump. I think he’s a blowhard, but I thought he was a good president. I voted for him twice. I just happen to blame him for losing the election. I don’t have some blinding hatred towards him at all, or even any hate at all. He didn’t have to drive half the country against him. This country is close enough to a 50/50 political split that all he needed to do was motivate a small percentage of apathetic democrats who wouldn’t have gotten out and voted for Biden, but went to the polls to vote against him, and alienate a small percentage of swing voters who do not base their vote on political parties. There’s no doubt he did that.
  4. the undying loyalty, and refusal to acknowledge that Trump played any role at all in not getting reelected is exactly what caused the hubris and arrogance that led to his downfall to begin with. I thought he did fine as president, but he did a horrible job getting reelected. Y'all can make all the snide "at least there are no more mean tweets" comments you want, but if the mean tweets had stopped 6 months before the election Trump would still be in office. Cardinalbacker is completely right when he talks about about Trump supporters blaming everyone but Trump for his not being reelected. yes, Biden sucks, but Trump's behavior put him in office. It doesn't matter if Trump did a good job as president, he still pissed off or embarrassed half the country, directly leading to his losing the election. When Trump acted in such away that he pushed voters to the polls to vote against him, and then lost to a mediocre candidate who's own party wasn't even excited about him, he deserves the lion's share of the blame. It doesn't matter how bad Biden sucks now, or if voters would gladly take mean tweets over inflation at this point. Trump was so arrogant that he thought he could act however he wanted, say whatever he wanted, disrespect whoever he wanted, and still be reelected. That wasn't the case, and people still refuse to hold him accountable for it.
  5. kind of a loaded question. there are a lot of moderate democrats still out there, and the ultra left faction in the democratic party is causing a rift that is going to lead to the right taking back control this midterm. the problem we're running into is that the youngest generations of liberals are generally going the farthest left, meaning they've still got 50+ years to vote (and 20+ years to birth new ultra-liberals).
  6. This is absurd. Both parties are worthlessly partisan to the point that neither will work with the other to pass necessary legislation. this should've been a slam dunk for both sides to work together, and the left refused to do it. there's no way that 50 democratic senators believe that prisoners should be getting government handouts, they simply voted against the republicans. Of course, all that having been said, if the democrats had come up with the idea some republicans would vote against it as well.
  7. For whatever reason it seems like more female teachers get busted doing that sort of thing than male teachers... maybe it's just a numbers game, i don't know.
  8. I'm all for people doing what they want, as long as it doesn't infringe on other people's rights. I don't understand cheating the 99% of biological female competitors to make sure the 1% of trans athletes feel included. And the argument that trans women don't have a major advantage over biological women is proven false again and again as they dominate women's sports and shatter decades old records.
  9. We literally posted at the same time, and our thoughts are about the same.
  10. A few folks oughta be coming back to reality a little bit at this point. If not, tomorrow night oughta help.
  11. Good effort for BU. Needed Arceneaux in crunch time when you had to start forcing it a little.
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