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  1. funny that you say this... last deer season I was at a gas station near my deer lease outside Jefferson. There were some old men sitting at tables talking about two things: the weather, and West Orange Stark's JV football program. It's not just coaches taking notice
  2. They also got hosed on a terrible no call on an OPI that would’ve probably won them the game
  3. What makes it even better is everyone else in the division lost.
  4. Great win! The cowboys found a way to win the type of game they’ve been finding ways to lose for the past 25 years
  5. Ugly game. Dak has been sloppy, coaching questionable, and the refs gave them a TD and took one away from Dallas. Should’ve been a 14-point win
  6. I’m all for people being who they want to be. As long as they’re old enough to make the decision, and as long as their decision doesn’t intrude on the rights of someone else. A man deciding to become a woman and then destroying biological women in sports competitions isn’t fair to women. I’m glad Texas is taking a stand against this.
  7. Pulling for the horns. I’ll take them in a close game 27-20
  8. Just going on results and records. I watched the Carthage game, that’s it. With no affiliation to either school I’m not going to take the time to go watch film before engaging in some casual back and forth.
  9. I picked Crosby, but thought it would be closer. TC with a couple of scores in garbage time to make this a little more respectable. I take back the things I said earlier in the thread. I was wrong.
  10. Addison Trinity Christian 33, Fort Worth Temple Christian 20, Final
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