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  1. Where do you play? Is it legal now, or are you doing home games with friends? I get the occasional invite to a private online game, but would love to get on a site.
  2. I think the one number I’ve seen that puts it all into perspective was when I was looking at the numbers in Dallas county (where my dad, stepmom, and sister live). From September to March they had 17 flu deaths throughout the county. This was with people not taking precautions, not social distancing, the usual poor hygiene, refusal of many to get a flu shot, etc. With all of the precautions taken for coronavirus, and many people not leaving the house to avoid getting it, there have been 17 Covid deaths in 15 days in Dallas county. We’re seeing in New York what can happen if the virus spreads unchecked for a time before precautions are put in place. Nearly 700 deaths there yesterday, over 10,000 new cases diagnosed, most in and around NYC. If we did nothing, and experienced similar outbreaks in all major cities, we’d be looking at a death toll nationwide in the tens of thousands until the virus ran its course, many of which would be a result of overwhelming the healthcare system. That’s a scary proposition.
  3. I know 4, one death. A couple others who probably have/had it but weren’t tested. I also have several family and friends who would be high risk if they get sick, including all four of my parents. We’re doing what we can and not taking any chances.
  4. I agree with you that the media has made this worse, and I agree with you about people who politicize the issue. But 1.4 is 14x greater than the .1 death rate of the flu, and if this thing spreads like the flu does we’re going to lose several hundred thousand, if not millions, of Americans. And there are still plenty of people not taking it seriously. My neighbors are 60 years old, and their granddaughter lives with them. She just spent 5 days in New Orleans, which is dang near as bad as Seattle at this point. Since she’s been back she’s been out running around town every night. Currently her ex-boyfriend is back from college and is over there hanging out, and he’s been god knows where. They aren’t concerned about any of this. My stepdad’s buddy just called to ask him ride to Lafayette to go pick up a mattress with him, and seemed irritated when my stepdad said he’s not getting out. We also had some extended family invite us to a fish fry today. All of those people are literally ignoring the risk, and those are three examples I’ve seen in the last 30 minutes.
  5. I bet if he went to 100 doctors and 99 said he needed the procedure he would get it. 99 out of 100 say the coronavirus is a major health crisis and a shocking amount of people latch onto the 1 doctor who says something different.
  6. Well, since basically every scientist and expert in the world is saying this is a major issue, it might be time for people to quit latching onto the rare dissenter that is saying what everybody wants to hear. People are using these articles as justification to act irresponsibly. Dr. Brent Bost is a well-known local doctor. The last several weeks he’s been making YouTube “update” videos on Covid-19, and has consistently downplayed the seriousness of the virus. People are sharing his videos thousands of times on Facebook, with captions like “quit overreacting” or “see, it’s not that big of a deal!” But the WHO, CDC, and thousands of epidemiologists disagree with him. People are ignoring them, and listening to Dr. Bost, because he’s saying what they want to believe. There’s only one problem: he’s a gynecologist. People are legitimately choosing to believe updates on the coronavirus from an OB over those from the CDC, WHO, and infectious disease doctors. I’m not sure what’s worse: the irresponsibility of his videos, or the stupidity of the people who are taking them as gospel.
  7. It’s amazing to me how people who want to pretend that this isn’t a big deal will ignore 99.9% of the experts and healthcare professionals, as well as the WHO and the CDC, and then post some article like this as “verification” that their denial of the problem is justified.
  8. East chambers, Anahuac, and Barbers Hill have all cancelled next week. Hamshire Fannett is out until Thursday to give administrators a chance to better evaluate the situation, and they say if (when) we have a local case they could close for 3-4 weeks. Other districts are on spring break and have a week to see how things play out
  9. Kinda funny how this works. 2 people 60 ft apart hitting a tennis ball back and forth is too dangerous, but piling 2000 kids into a school for 8 hours should be safe.
  10. https://www.reporternews.com/story/sports/local/big-country/2020/03/12/texas-uil-boys-basketball-state-tournament-suspended-coronavirus-spring-sports/5038633002/ UIL saying they hope to complete the state tourney at a later date.
  11. I mean, it was a 50% chance they’d draw each other. Considering there’s about a 90% chance both teams will have all new “completely legitimate move ins” over 6’6” next season, I’m glad they’re facing each other in the semis and a school that legitimately sources it’s players will get a (slim) chance at winning a state championship. And if by some small chance the UIL rigged the draw, which is highly unlikely, I’d be willing to bet Yates and FF’s means of procuring players is the reason, not the color of those players’ skin.
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