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  1. That will help some. But I don’t believe the demand for cheap adoptions will come close to keeping up with the amount of unwanted babies, so they’re going to have to figure out some other ways to take care of them.
  2. I’m saying that there will be drastically more unwanted babies than there were before Roe vs. Wade, and your question of “how did we manage all of the unwanted babies before 1973” is irrelevant.
  3. Without a doubt. I still bet she got a very nice raise to do it.
  4. I’m really not going to get drawn into a debate about abortion, but I will answer your question with two critical facts you’re forgetting: 1. the population of the US has grown from 200M to 330M in the last 50 years. That’s a massive increase. 2. While there’s no way for me to measure it, I would say that people’s willingness and ability to be accountable for their actions has dropped by a massive amount, and nuclear families are at an all-time low. so you’re going to have exponentially more unwanted babies than you had 50 years ago, and you have a couple of generations currently at the baby making age consisting of many people who have no sense of accountability or responsibility for their actions, with more of these worthless generations coming up the pipeline. all that to say, the number of unwanted babies is likely to be triple or quadruple what they were 50 years ago, and those babies 50 years ago weren’t exactly well taken care of.
  5. Can’t blame her for doing what’s best for him, although I’m quite sure a job magically opened up for her with a nice pay raise to get him over there
  6. I’m sure his family moved there for work…
  7. https://kfdm.com/news/local/suspects-indicted-for-murder-in-shooting-death-of-woman-in-bed-at-home-in-jefferson-county
  8. That’s why I say make it a minute. Teams can still slow it waaaay down, but you won’t see teams holding for the last shot with 3 minutes left in the half, or stuff like the campfire formation that lumberton tried this past season. Also, if it’s an even minute refs can monitor it pretty easily. Maybe start motioning down from ten seconds like they do in the back court to warn the players. It wouldn’t be perfect, but if a team held the ball a full 60 seconds I wouldn’t really care if they got screwed on a bad shot clock call once in awhile.
  9. I’m just glad Texas doesn’t have to play Tennessee.
  10. I know you guys are against the shot clock, but I’m all for it. Even if it was something like a minute, just to force SOME action to prevent total stall ball. That would still be more than enough time for your fundamentally slow offenses to eat clock and get a shot off.
  11. I hope they do something with it. Having the ability to do it and actually following through are two different things.
  12. Teachers have options as well. A fingerprint safe can be opened in seconds, while students have zero access to the gun.
  13. https://kfdm.com/newsletter-daily/texas-republicans-want-to-arm-more-school-employees-but-few-districts-are-opting-in
  14. Teachers who carry go through fairly extensive training and a psych evaluation.
  15. I have no issue with that, but It’s a catch-22. The government needs a steady supply of 18-year-olds with limited prospects to keep the armed forces well-manned, but an 18-year-old is not far removed (and often case not removed at all) from being an immature kid. On the flip side, there are plenty of other things that 18-year-old soldiers have to wait to do until they’re 21.
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