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  1. always enjoyed this week as a coach, good luck to both teams but sorta kinda pulling for one of them
  2. Coach Foster is the best in the business, I was lucky enough to work with him side by side for 4 years, he never missed one of my playoff games unless he was at a softball playoff game. He takes care of his players, coaches, teachers, admin and the community. The gym is named after his Uncle but I hope one day it is Kevin Foster court. I will always pull for his teams, and Kevin is one of the best to work with.
  3. I got the pleasure to Work with Kevin for 4 years and there is no one better as a coach and a person, I stole many of things from him on how to handle things and how to do things. Them being in round 4 does not surprise me, Coach Foster is a Hall of Fame coach
  4. I am just going to throw this out there, congrats to Coach Crouch on a long career where he built relationships with kids and helped them to become men, after as many years as he coached and was in the school system I hope he enjoys his retirement. Congrats to Coach on retiring
  5. yes I saw that, just posting what I saw at the game lastnight wasnt calling 89falcon out
  6. I went to this game last night and Refugio has crazy speed and Post couldn't move the ball, it was impressive seeing Refugio roll player after player in and they didn't lose a beat. Watch for them to match this title with a baseball state title they have everyone back including a first round draft pick on the mound that isn't even playing football
  7. I hate when people say bad move and lateral move, maybe that is where he wants to coach, maybe LCM has been his dream job, Maybe that is where he wants his kids to go to school, Maybe that is where he wants to live. You never know what a coach is thinking but I can guarantee he will do what is best for his personal family
  8. Big sandy 2019-Baseball-State Champs 2018-Baseball-State Champs 2017- Baseball- State Finalist 2016-Basketball-State Tournament 2015-Basketball State finalist pretty impressive a school with 140 kids can make 5 straight state tournaments in boys sports a lot of that has to do with Kevin Foster as the AD and how he runs the Athletic Program
  9. This is a big deal in football and I noticed in all sports out in west Texas and the metroplex. I was at our regional qtfinal volleyball game last week at aledo and it was unreal the amount the gold footballs they had and then right after the volleyball game our girls got a gold volleyball (Grant it was blank so they could add whatever on it). me personally in baseball I never played for one at the end of the year we ordered a gold glove and put the kids name on it and how far we went in the playoffs but this is a very common practice and has been for years
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