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  1. To come to LCM? We had two from Lcm that won’t be back for sure.
  2. If you ever get chance you need catch a game Valdosta Vs Lowndes. When they hired this last coach it sounded fishy he always had problems where ever he has been
  3. Have you got a chance to watch a game in Valdosta it’s the best. Athletes across the field. My family is from there
  4. . The bears have not been playing consistent this year. Good luck to both teams in the playoffs
  5. Yep no more being Lazy what it sounds like to me.
  6. I don’t think he will start at Qb. Probably be a running back if everything falls through.
  7. Backup might be at LCM in fall😜
  8. At livingston he ran a wing t and spread depending on the athletes he had. Good coach If BC was able to get Rowe
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