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  1. So not the kirbyville offense days. I was at the Ennis state champion he threw the ball some
  2. Well if Alvarez comes I guess y’all will be going back to a Wing T/ Slot formation
  3. I don’t know maybe the coach will get on here and tell us if they were missing anyone.
  4. Liberty isd just hired there head coach and they pretty much had everyone interviewing them. “Lackey was selected from a pool of 50 applicants, 10 of whom were interviewed by a group of 14 community stakeholders made up of Liberty ISD parents, High School Principal Karen Slack, Superintendent Dr. Cody Abshier, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Dusty McGee and three LISD board members.”
  5. Nice win! I guess Silsbee didn’t want to slow the game down like LCM did 😂
  6. Gt ran the flexbone head coach Paul Johnson retired in 2018. Probably one of the best flexbone coaches out there and has a winning record doing it. Most games I’ve seen this year has been the option out of the shotgun. I believe the army and navy still run the flexbone. I don’t know any colleges that run the Slot T.
  7. It is a open school district but you have to pay.
  8. Just went by HJ and the field is still grass. Did they get a bond for turf?
  9. Ok sorry. Throwing the ball. I hope you had a good Christmas.
  10. So pretty much homer picks lol it’s fine man. I’ll be interested to see how Vidor reloads. Hopefully they starting the ball
  11. I agree. Vidor first year they were in 4th place and this past year if Lumberton beats them they are in 4th place. LCM had a extra 4 weeks of practice with the jv and varsity players.
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