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  1. I don’t think the WOS Qb kid quit. But that’s another story
  2. Oh I forgot about BC. But I’m sure that will be a easy win. I think it’s going to come down between WOS and OF for the DC. If you slip up on a game that Silsbee wins that could cause problems. You really want to be #1 or #3. I believe if you are 2 in district you will get Carthage in the 2nd round. Let it be noted in the past Carthage does not do well with slot t teams atleast the ones against Liberty Hill.
  3. Anyone know how good Liberty is? I believe y’all beat HJ and HF. I think WOS will be a game y’all need to win for the DC. Y’all will be fighting for that 1 and 2 spot. Silsbee not out of being at the top
  4. Yes we played 2016 and 2017 season. The 2016 I believe went to OT 43-42. It was a good ball game.
  5. Take this as no disrespect towards Orangefield but you got folks that get on here and start talking without looking stuff up. For some reason I can’t look at all the games from the past history. What I could look up OF is 0-13-1 against LCM. I researched a few years ago back Orange County opponents against LCM. LCM has winning record against Everyone except WOS. I love high school football and love it’s history. I’m going to make that Orangefield and WOS match up. Good win against Silsbee.
  6. You do realize Orangefield has never beat LCM. I think you need to do a little research. Also the top losing teams by winning percentage is Vidor and Lumberton in our area.
  7. LCM looked really good last night. If the oline blocks well they will beat Jasper. LCM rolled up almost 600 yards offense last night. I expect the D1 prospect to have a big game too.
  8. I doubt it. They first played like in 1937 it might take them another 84 years to get a win
  9. The Bears (3-1) racked up 592 yards of total offense, 372 on the ground and 220 in the air, while limiting the Falcons (4-1), who suffered their first loss of the season, to 221 total yards. Bear quarterback Ashton Landry had an amazing night with his legs and his arm. The senior quarterback completed 13-of-16 passes for 207 yards and rushed for 195 yards on 16 carries as he got great protection from the big guys up front. Bear running back Da’Marion Morris continued his nice campign with 138 yards on 19 carries.
  10. I know a OC that will be getting HC job soon . This guy can flat out call plays I see why West Brook put the up points
  11. Kinkaid is a good team. They have 2 d1 commits. LCM only got stopped twice and shut them out in the second half
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