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  1. With what’s going on at that school I’m not surprised. It’s toxic at the moment
  2. You have any kind wins and loses between these two teams? Kind of hard when they don’t have a website like they do for football
  3. When was last time LCM beat Silsbee in basketball? Also I don’t count this as a win for LCM you played fresh and jv. at least Silsbee went out there and played the game and didn’t forfeit.
  4. I’m pretty sure who’s getting the LCM job. Just like to know who else is out there. I think everyone should give Reyes a shot. I’m hoping for the best. There is a Qb coming and the boy can sling it.
  5. Honestly the only reason I asked it will probably be the same guys applying for the LCM job.
  6. Duncanville is playing South lake Carrol. I know your busy with putting game threads on here. I appreciate everything you do!
  7. Congrats Crosby yall just played a hell of a good football team. Y’all deserved the win. Now beat Aledo!
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