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  1. LCM will probably be 2nd or 3rd
  2. Both are special programs. I just hope the corona virus don’t mess with football season.
  3. Louisiana schools Just cancelled for a month.
  4. Yes no huddle. We throw the ball 20 to 30 times a game this past season with a lot of zone read.The two upcoming QB coming up can throw the ball well. We will be young this upcoming season due to graduation only bringing back our 3 year starter wide receiver. Who is your Alma mater?
  5. I hope so. We are the only spread team in that list. BC ran mostly out of the spread. I’m not against a wing t team but I do feel like you have throw the ball some to make the defense honest. A lot of times you have to run what fits your talent and not what is popular. When I was in high school we ran the wishbone and it was pretty much just the option. The baseball kids didn’t want to play football because they felt the offense was boring. I’d disagree with them because I like smash mouth football.
  7. I just read where Jack Alvarez is going to Cuero. I wonder if they will be in the wing t
  8. Sad to see LCM lose. They had one player quit before the season that would have made a huge difference on the year. But on to the better sport baseball!
  9. Ok tell him. I don’t watch basketball ball and I have not been to a game in several years. I heard some of WOS players quit maybe they will transfer in but who knows .
  10. He will be on here shortly to give stats. Maybe you can help him with his game plan.
  11. Lcm loss 55-42. I’m happy I don’t care about b-ball because losing to BC would hurt
  12. It might be weaker but they will get the same results. They loss to livingston this past season and Livingston has still not won a district game.
  13. Yes this will be there last year to have 9-12 grades there.
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