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  1. I don’t know how good he is in bBall but he is a good football player and was on varsity this year. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the young guy.
  2. Do you know any state champions that did not have any d1 players on their team?
  3. I agree Barbers Hill has improved but to make a deep run in 5a is hard thing to do without studs. Allen has 6000 to choose from and it was probably easier. A coach told me once larger the school you work at you can have average coaching Due to numbers are helping you. 4a down you need the best coaches you can get to get more out of the kids that are lacking talent.
  4. I honestly think he would do good there. But Is anyone sure he applied for the job. Lumberton probably has a good chance for the playoffs next couple of years. Carthage is out of our way.
  5. Is there spread offense working tho lol
  6. Sorry, I was assuming everyone knew that none of These teams won A state championship. That’s why said defense wins championship.
  7. They are loaded with talent, But I still think its not a popular decision. Dealing with parents can be a real headache if you know what I mean. Any ways I guess all the rumors about Crouch retiring is not true.
  8. That's true. But still that is hard thing to do. You want to play the best 11 to win the game. Your starting qb could go down in the first quarter so now your relying on a second string running back. Now that's not snubbing the 2nd string guy he ran for a 100 yards and would start at LCM or any local school around here lol
  9. I don’t measure a state champion ship as a mark of a good coach. Players win games period. Coaches are there to develop athletes and teach them proper technique. Off season training and a winning culture. Discipline is by far the most important thing that a coach can teach the kids. Does anyone on here think that Art Briles would have made Evans from North Shore sit out the state championship game over a cell phone?. I highly doubt briles would sit any star athlete out. Is Briles a good coach yes he is but I wouldn’t want my kids to play for him for the simple reason he doesn’t hold kids accountable. North Shore coach imo is a upstanding guy and should be commended on holding his players accountable and that’s what good coaches do.
  10. Looking back bisd coaching Dixon was the last one at 10 years 1992-2001
  11. To be honest I would like to see a candidate list before we just hired him. I don’t think it’s a dream job but if you can make more money Most folks would leave. Also imo LCM expectations in football are lower which is not good for fans like me. Crouch has been there for 13 years. When was the last bisd coach to over 10 years? LCM will keep a football coach as long they want to stay unless your Todd Moody.
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