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  1. Yep some people thinks it okay to make a bi district and be a 5-5 program on consistent basis. He has one 7-3 season team that’s been about it
  2. Well he hasn’t wore a headset all year to know what play is gonna be called. I think he’s a good guy but lacks leadership. I won’t blast him on here over his leadership issues that im aware of.Trust me WOS was happy to see him leave, I’m happy to see someone Is for the guy because I know there are a lot of unhappy folks in Little Cypress.
  3. Crouch hasn’t been calling the plays on offense. He actually has been adjusting our defense the last 2 weeks. Our wing T specialist OC has been calling plays. If things don’t change I’ll have a adopted town too.
  4. Me too. LCM would be in a better place maybe not has dominant as Carthage but not mediocre.
  5. Yep that’s his name I couldn’t remember it.
  6. They had guy in the early 2000s go to Louisiana Tech. I believe he was a tight end.
  7. It’s no disrespect to Huffman. Carthage HC Surratt Is the best in the business the last time LCM went 10-0 he was coaching at LCM. It’s crazy we let him slip away. Good luck to y’all. I truly don’t know what type ofBears show up Friday night.
  8. When did you graduate from Lumberton? A Lumberton coach got my uncle a full ride to college in the early 1983 or 1984. He was already committed to another college but the Lumberton coach got him a bigger school. Good luck in the playoffs
  9. Jasper dline isn’t to big in the trenches and got pushed around by Dibol. If belville control the line of scrimmage on defense they got a shot. Jasper runs runs runs and throws it down field to #5. Jasper secondary was the best I’ve seen in the area.
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