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  1. Like i explained earlier Crouch dont get alot of participation. Most the kids go to band. Coach Griff did not like his baseball kids to play football. So since hes gone maybe there will be more kids come out. We need a younger coach maybe someone that can bring positive energy and new ideas. I hope someone not from this area.
  2. Well that explains this fan here then @RaiderGirl2010
  3. Buddy I just thought you might have been at the game. I wasn’t trying to prove anything I was just wondering who won the ball game. There was no hidden agenda smh
  4. You better leave the fan base alone I just joined lol
  5. Good coaches get the most out of there kids. Im not saying Lcm is loaded with talent now but I’ve seen LCM teams with less talent then this team and they played a lot harder and won some games. Crouch cares about arguing with the referees more than he coaches. We need a younger coach to come in with some positive Entergy.
  6. I figured they were behind HJ and Silsbee. They were 2-7 in baseball when the season ended.
  7. Ah I forgot. I don’t see lumberton making the playoffs in that district
  8. What was there record last year. There not going to beat Silsbee and Hj
  9. I’m not being sour. Just making a joke. You take this stuff serious lol. It’s gonna be alright Mr. E
  10. Baseball? I guess I should have asked which team she is going to watch that will be atleast 2nd best in the district.
  11. Well there’s nothing to see in Lumberton. Girls soccer I guess
  12. I agree. I’m about to transfer over like @RaiderGirl2010and be a Tigers fan!🐯
  13. Yea I just looked it up. That’s embarrassing. I had no idea. What was the Cypress and PA score?
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