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  1. @Devon Mires could be wrong but I think he is the TS guy lol
  2. Yep. Lol I stuck out that bad. But of course I don’t how many LCM fans were there
  3. Yeah we never got out of the controlled scrimmage. By the time I hit parking lot it was pretty much over.
  4. My take on the LCM vs OF. LCM offense can throw the ball at will imo. QB and WR looked sharp. Run game not so much. LCM defense needs some work. OF wing T the backs run hard. OF defense needs some work. Good luck OF this season.
  5. I agree the T takes time to get in sync . Who do yall scrimmage next?
  6. If we didn't play WOS all we would hear is that LCM is scared to play WOS all year lol but I have never thought it was rivalry. BC and LCM started there rivalry started a long time ago.
  7. NP. I’m just ready for the season to start.
  8. I was just joking around. Them silsbee fans get upset and that’s usually when they don’t have enough bite
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