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  1. Well they played Carthage last year and loss 55-17
  2. I want to say 92 to 95 range he was brought in by Rhodney Russell not DW. He was also the head baseball coach and left the season before The state championship when Griff took it over. Also you had Jeff Matthews and WT Johnson throughout those years.
  3. I was just proud of those guys. Lcm and WOS was the top 2 in that district who was 3rd? Just think about if they would have combined.
  4. 🚬 to be honest Idk. You have to admit we had a good team then and the 1997 team was good. I honestly believe orange would have more state championships if we would combined years ago. The way Lcm and WOS is losing enrollment I don’t see why we have 2 schools but that a different topic. You have to remember buddy I’m not anti WOS my daddy graduated from there I will always support them!
  5. LCM is replacing a lot. It’s gonna be a interesting year.
  6. Wish he would come back. We went 10-0 and beat WOS lol
  7. That’s fine. I didn’t want a easy schedule
  8. I’m happy Crouch didn’t back down. We needed to play good team. I mean if we played Evadale like Lumberton did last year that is not what we are looking for lol
  9. What I understand it was arranged yesterday after harris county shut down the schools in the county
  10. @WOSgrad LCM plays Carthage Sept 11
  11. Huffman will be starting later.
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