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  1. LCM throws a INT in the endzone. Splendora ball at there 20 yard line 34-14 still. 7:35 in the 4th
  2. LCM has been having been trouble with there snaps LCM 34 -14. Fumble recovery for a return
  3. I’m listening to the game. Sounds like the defense playing well. Offense is having some false starts and oline isn’t blocking we’ll. We get the ball the second half.
  4. Season Winner Score 2019 !Yet To Play - DIS 2018 !Splendora 38-34 DIS 2015 !LC Mauriceville 7-56 DIS 2014 !LC Mauriceville 37-0 DIS
  5. I believe I’m gonna Go watch this game this week, I hope to see a good game
  6. I know LCM and OF just scrimmaged but I could see a better team this year. Backs are running hard. The HC is doing a good job.
  7. If the bet is made let me know I’m taking WOS by a lot.
  8. No. But he was a possession reciver with sure hands. We still have 3 more. Spears, Williams and Pollock were all district. Spears was all district in special teams.
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