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  1. Faith Fregia 26 points  Kylie Elkins 24 points 6 3’s
  2. Orangefield vs Silsbee for the championship at 3:30.
  3. Today’s bracket play Gold Bracket  Orangefield vs West Brook 9:30 WOS vs Silsbee 11:00   Silver Bracket  Nederland vs FTCA 9:30 Liberty vs Vidor 11:00   
  4. After day 1 Orangefield 2-0 West Brook 2-0 Silsbee 1-0 WOS 1-1 Vidor 0-1 Nederland 0-1 Liberty 0-1 FTCA 0-2
  5. Thanks for the updates OneChance. Good luck the rest of the season!
  6. I wish I could give you some answers but I wasn’t at the game. Got a text after the game with the score. I know that this was only the 2nd game that Orangefield has had its full team after volleyball and other circumstances.  Orangefield cut the lead to 1 in the 4th then Silsbee pulled away.