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  1. LCM

    That's a very good hire if they can get him.  That district is going to be tough with the additions of HJ and Lumberton.
  2. Mid 5  20-0 OF Sorry I left before it went final. Johnny Armstrong HR for OF. 
  3. Orangefield 12 Silsbee 7/FINAL

    Good win Bobcats!  Another big week this week!
  4. Silsbee scores 4 in the top of the 7th wins 4-2. 
  5. OF won 15-0 Freshman Emma Humplik with a HR
  6. Worst facilities in the area?

    Heard WOS recently got a bid for turf on the football field, baseball field and softball field. 
  7. 62-48 OF Guess that means OF is the district champ. 
  8. District 12 3A D1

    Orangefield is graduating a couple of lineman who have started the past 3 years but have a good group coming back. We’ll be in the hunt.  I’m just glad we’re back where we belong even if it is just for 2 years.