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  1. Orangefield 10 Corrigan-Camden 2/F

    OF wins game 2 10-0 advancing to the Area round. 
  2. 2019 Orangefield Bobcats

    OF is losing some key guys but has a good core coming back. They were playing really good last year till the QB went down. Might be some growing pains early but they will be in the playoff hunt.  Welcome to Bobcat Country!
  3. Congrats Lady Hawks! Good luck tomorrow!
  4. Orangefield vs Van Vleck Friday 8pm at Barbers Hill
  5. Way to battle back guys! Good job!
  6. Orangefield knows all about being the small school in district.  Previous two years we were competing against schools with 400 to 500 more students.
  7. PNG playoff game

    Good Luck!
  8. Good luck in the playoffs Jasper!
  9. Congrats HJ, best of luck in the playoffs.
  10. Not only have they not lost a game in Jr. High, they’ve never trailed in a game in two years.