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  1. Wos jumbotron

    I don't doubt the numbers from the orange leader report. But I had know idea it was that bad compared to the rest of the state. Obviously comparing schools in orange county doesn't exactly make it any better. Standardized testing has always been debatable when it depresses lower income/minorities. Orange has nothing to offer the youth or college graduates wishing to return here. Meanwhile all these surrounding areas are thriving. How many of yall WOS mustangs still live in the district? On a positive note, the elementary scores were up slightly. If there is going to be a change made, it has to start there. 
  2. Wos jumbotron

    We all know what you said. No need to waste space with more of your hate speech.  You have no idea the number of kids that WOS FOOTBALL has helped over the years. Kids that have decided to make the right choice. Kids that might not have a father to raise them to be a man. Kids that have successful careers away from sports. Only a few make it to the league. But they all make it in life.
  3. Wos jumbotron

      Sorry mr maj. From the time when I was there, and probably your kids too. It has gone downhill
  4. Wos jumbotron

    As a wos taxpayer, I had they same concern. But if education was priority for most of the athletes, lcm bc and of would make the playoffs every year. Well not bc cuz none of them would move there no matter how well the fb team does.
  5. Wos jumbotron

    Does the 1 at Texan drive?
  6. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    https://futurism.com/ufos-kansas-city-strange/ Really? Weather balloons again?
  7. 2019 Houston Astros

    I guess they remember that sweep. 1 more chance for us to avoid it now in NY.  LETS GO ASTROS!!!
  8. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    They Vatican is definitely hiding something in there vaults. A few years ago I read "Exo-Vaticana". It attempts to explain their mysterious telescope named Lucifer. And how they are preparing for an arrival of an alien savior. https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B00CJ0AZ18&tag=bing08-20&linkCode=kpp&reshareId=E1B7867R0Z5E0G05ZKVT&reshareChannel=system
  9. This is mentally challenging. Which Cleveland brother went to lsu?
  10. Wosgrad forgot about Dion Beasley, Texas.  And there was a couple at OU at the same time. Maybe franks?
  11. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    My faith would not be shaken either. Hopefully it would be stronger than ever. The universe was created and stars born into essential places. Not only does He know them, but He calls them by name. Perhaps there are children of God all over the universe. The Vatican and Roman catholic church has changed the bible so much over the past 2000 years. Some books have been completely removed. We have lost most all ancient knowledge. Evidence of civilizations, that we know nothing about, 10,000 years before the birth of Jesus. We don't understand the pyramids and their story is written on the walls. The ancient people knew something that we have forgot or been forced to forget. Until we can overcome our religious, political,  and racial differences as people of this ONE planet. We will be shipwrecked on our island of existence. I wish I knew who said that. Sounds like something from Sagan or hawking.
  12. DCTF 2019

    When will that happen?
  13. The Beauty And The Beast!

    He was killin that. Who is she? A Russian operative? 
  14. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    Hagar, since we are obviously the only ones adding to the discussion here. Besides others who only post to laugh. In which ridicule has also been a major obstacle for witnesses coming forward. I believe you are a Christian and I'm interested in your opinion... It has been said that religion is the biggest obstacle to the acceptance in UFOs. Christians at the highest levels of government believe its demonic and subsequently dismiss all evidence. Any thoughts?