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  1. Just checked the standings... Angels are 8-13. Last place in al west
  2. Happy........But Not For All

    A stupid question, but are you an atheist?
  3. **Breaking** TexAgs AD to LSU

  4. 2019 Houston Astros

    Swept the Mariners. Winning streak was up to 10 games before losing to the A's. Looks like we got it going in the right direction now.
  5. Attention Republitard Snowflakes - Please Try And Defend This

    Maybe "high" would fit. The question is high on what? 
  6. 22-4A Standings

    Care to elaborate?
  7. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    I think they have to bid at least $1. But I did see her wheel of fortune and she wouldn't give back the free spin.
  8. Explosions Towards Silsbee

    Maybe the rebels testing their tannerite
  9. Pure Evil in Orange County

  10. 2019 Houston Astros

    That was the first time we got the sweep of Yankees. I know NY has some injuries and won't be the same team later in the season. But I liked seeing the offense get going. Hopefully we can carry it over for this weekend series vs Seattle. Jay Bruce (whom I've always been a big fan of) already has 7 HR in 13 games for the 1st place Mariners. LETS GO ASTROS!!!
  11. 2019 Homeruns....... Varsity only please

    The father of a BC player, suggested it is the quality of pitching at the smaller schools that allows for so many home runs by 1 team.
  12. 2019 Houston Astros

    It wasn't pretty. But we got the win against the yankees. Back on ESPN Tuesday night too.
  13. Trump's 2020 Teaser Video!

    This forum is a good place for discussion. I can honestly say I learn from the diversity of opinions. Many have found common ground in unsuspecting places. But the back and forth between some of you guys has become an undesirable side effect. Maybe this answers your question.
  14. NBC Series “Manifest”

    Interesting. The Bermuda triangle is the key to what we don't understand. I have seen other stories of missing time in and around it before. But never 37 years.