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  1. The bigger question surrounds the culture in Silsbee. It seems that every year there is something like this that happens within that athletic program. Jasper fight, LCM fight, this situation.....what's going on over there and how did it get like this?
  2. Dayton@Splendora

    Who is that?
  3. Dayton@Splendora

    Coaches won't stick their neck out to apply for a job that was most recently awarded to a guy running a pipe yard.
  4. Dayton@Splendora

    I wish Dayton the best, but I fear this is the end. There are no Stewarts walking through that door.
  5. Dayton@Splendora

    Splendora wins this one and begins the end of the Nations era in Dayton.
  6. There is such a different feeling surrounding this game this year compared to last year. Two communities that are trying to get back on their feet needing a 3 hour respite from the work and worry.
  7. Hull-Daisetta vs Kountze

    Perfect strategy for HD: Begin the game by throwing several basketballs out on the field before kickoff. Joubert and his team will get confused and line up in a 2-3 zone rather than a 4-3 defense. This will allow HD to score quickly and take advantage of the situation, possibly giving them an edge. Genius!
  8. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Absolutely no pun intended. Heck, I have to admit that I have given thought to moving my boys. I can get to work from anywhere! lol
  9. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    LOL!!! I'm just having some fun. Glad to see that some of us on here can jibber jabber and still keep it light hearted! In all seriousness though, with their facilities, funding, and big time coaching hires, BH will soon begin to turn the tide. I truly believe that the flood gates will open and kids will begin to come from all around to be a part of the program. A lot like we see with Aledo and the likes in DFW. BH is the only school in our area that resembled DFW in that way.
  10. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    It probably won't be long until we can do that. The BH program in on an upward trajectory and I except to hear about more and more "move ins" from Baytown and the surround areas over the next several years.
  11. Hull-Daisetta vs Kountze

    I am not sure I agree with all of that. I was sure that Joubert would get interest up and get the athletes out for Friday night football in Kountze. Seems like that hasn't happened and the experiment has turned sour. It's time for him to make a full time return to the hardwood and get a football coach hired there in Kountze.
  12. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    I loved it when Tony Dallas would interact with everyone here last season. It made it that much easier to root for Jack because of his dad!
  13. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Did I ask the question the wrong way? Lots of fathers are on here and are very vocal about who their children are. Why would I need a meeting to know which Cougar was his son? I don't think that's anything he would be intentionally trying to hide.
  14. Hull-Daisetta vs Kountze

    Joubert is already thinking about basketball season. HD by 7
  15. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Any idea who his son is?