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  1. Liberty 31 Shepherd 28/FINAL

    You have to Ben kidding me. That will bury Liberty. 
  2. Liberty 31 Shepherd 28/FINAL

    Wait, JJ Slack was ejected? 
  3. A straight up stud that lit it up every time he laced up his cleats. A shame he didn't pan out at ETBU, but nothing for him to hang his head about. I believe he's married to a girl from Hardin now.
  4. Letter Jackets

    Ehhh, when they started giving them for UIL and Ag, they stopped being so prestigious.
  5. Letter Jackets

    Still have mine from 18 years ago, but don't wear it. Something about grown men in letter jackets.......I can't do it.
  6. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    Makes me think that even if all other things are equal, HJ is taking a L this weekend.
  7. West Hardin 52 LHSA 31/FINAL

    Why is WH playing this game?
  8. West Hardin 52 LHSA 31/FINAL

    LHSA? Little Hopeful Shooters Association? Lonely Heart's Students Association?
  9. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    Two words.....Rusty Nail.
  10. I think they have a good chance to get out of the region. We shall see.
  11. Congratulations Buna Cougars

    Somebody is salty. Especially after talking all that jabber this offseason. I figured you walked into this year with no expectations at all.
  12. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    This is a 4th round game being played in round 1. I will definitely be at Stallworth on Friday night.
  13. Tenaha v Colmesneil

    It's actually a disservice to the kids to allow 4 teams in the lower classifications. This will crush these kids.
  14. Hempstead 34 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Know how you develop winning cultures? Bring in coaches like Tod Stark and let him install a program.....not run him out of town in the middle of the season
  15. Local Media

    Seems as if Gabe's expertise could be used by the BE or another news outlet in the area. Pretty crazy that this guy is not covering sports anymore in this area.......hear me VYPE?