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  1. Anahuac Open?

    Bro, have you applied for all of these jobs? 
  2. Anahuac Open?

    Ok, I sure hope you get the job!
  3. Anahuac Open?

    None better than Brian Barbay.
  4. Anahuac Open?

    Clearly oldschool2 applied for the Anahuac job also.
  5. Anahuac Open?

    Didn't factor that one in. If Neece leaves for Anahuac, Barbay might line himself up perfectly to take the Newton job when WT decides to walk away.
  6. Anahuac Open?

    Neece or Barbary? Pretty easy choice if you ask me. Both are great coaches, but one is a cut above. 
  7. Anahuac Open?

    Ah, so this "coordinator who has been to the dance" was the same head coach who went to the dance a few years before that. A familiar last name to those in Anahuac, and one the definitely should hire.
  8. Anahuac Open?

    At least drop a hint.
  9. Beaumont Enterprise

    Find anything out?
  10. Thank you, where can I get them? All I see on the UIL website are weekend passes
  11. Can you buy single game tic? 
  12. Can you buy single game tic? 
  13. Beaumont Enterprise

    Save us Danny!!! We've got nothing to talk about
  14. Have they given up? No FOI requests on any of the open jobs......geez
  15. Crosby is open

    It’s not a good situation, but you’ll never get the folks from there to admit it will affect the search.