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  1. This is a bit of an ignorant take. The issue isn’t about color, it’s Mathis. Those in power love him there and are moving heaven and earth to bring him back. It just so happens that the coaches on either side are different colors. 
  2. She was also very involved in theft of millions from the district and absolutely shoulders her portion of the blame.
  3. So misinformed that I told you this would be the result several months ago. I am aware of the issues and the board you guys elected multiple times drove the car into the ditch. The BOM have taken several great strides toward fixing the issues in BISD, only for the community to elect one of the clowns again, and the son of another. We're very lucky that this discussion isn't about the district being dissolved rather than a discussion about a merger to make the district stronger. BISD will never be fully viable until the citizens of Beaumont look themselves in the mirror and realize they are constantly tripping over themselves in the name of progress. Merging Central and Ozen doesn't take your Jaguar or Panther pride away from you, it only assures that your children and grandchildren will have a school they can be proud of also. As of now, that's not the case.
  4. Ozen is barely old enough to drive, much less have a history that is worth mourning over. This isn't a sad day, it's a bright day for the future of BISD and the children of the district. I just shake my head at those who think the BOM is not doing what is best for the district and they should seat the recently (and incomprehensibly) elected school board. If some of the stolen money or the money used to build the shrine on IH-10 had been retained and managed properly, then maybe the money would be there to fix Central. It's not there so it's not being fixed. Maybe the "community" in Beaumont can apply this "sad day" to the legacy of those who they elected over and over again and see the err of their ways. Probably not but maybe.
  5. I understand Mathis wanting to go back, but it's not cool how it will play out for Marshall. He talked about building a program and calling Marshall "home". LIke I said, I don't blame him just hate it for the city of Marshall.
  6. Lord have mercy, you are upset because the BOM has made the proper decision for the future of the kids and city you love so much. It blows my mind how the citizens of Beaumont are so blind to their plight.
  7. Kirbyville is open

    Have you seen the list?
  8. Will Marshall be open soon?!?!?!
  9. Triple option teams

    You should coach in a Tribe shirt just for spite.
  10. Triple option teams

    I played at McMurry in the early 2000s. Go Tribe....errr...Warhawks.
  11. Triple option teams

    Looking to go that way at Colmesneil? 
  12. Kirbyville is open

    Then why wasn’t he hired last year? Think he might feel a bit burned? 
  13. Kirbyville is open

    None of the guys mentioned have a recent title game appearance and a motivation to remain in the area long term. If KV isn’t pursuing Barbay, they’re traveling in the wrong direction. 
  14. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    Hopefully the people of Beaumont understand that this decision is what’s best for the kids and the city. Hanging on to tradition at the expense of bettering yourself is foolish. Time to do the right thing. 
  15. Kirbyville is open

    Is it time for Brian Barbay to take another shot at a head job?