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  1. Jasper vs. Bellville - Area Round

    Where will this be played?
  2. Crosby 30 Baytown Lee 28/FINAL

    So did Rio get his feelings hurt when his wife got laid off and maybe quit coaching like he was early in the year? If so, add that to losing the qb and it makes sense. Im sure they’d love to have him over at Dayton!

    It’s still hard to reconcile that certain board members tried to get rid of Barbay a couple of offseasons ago. A year like this kind of makes those folks look stupid. 
  4. Barbay has the utmost respect for Coach T and the WOS program. He didn’t kneel out of fear of retribution in the playoffs, he knelt because it was the right thing to do. Win with class, lose with class. This has always been the Barbay way. 
  5. Man, after all the nonsense that went on this offseason while trying to get this game scheduled, I truly hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  6. Houston KIPP Sunnyside at Hardin

    KIPP keeps showing up on peoples schedules year after year. At least you guys are in the company of WOS

    I’m here and I’m humble. Crosby clearly has more in the stable that anticipated. If they do t get complacent, this just might be a special year. 
  8. Bro, if you’re fooled enough to think he plans to stay that long, then I’m not going to waste my time. 

    That's because Jasper almost worked that behind last year.
  10. Question is, who is BH going to target next after Westerberg walks away during the offseason? BH has positioned themselves to be a place where coaches go to get their TRS up and then ride off into the sunset. They'd be better served hiring some young, up and coming guys who are hungry, rather than pay what they pay for guys who are at the end of their time.

    Crosby will get embarrassed on Friday. 

    WOS never got up off of the mat after that first haymaker PG threw on their first offensive play. Stunned the mustangs and they never recovered.
  13. Help me with something on Joubert, is he ever going to go all in on football or will he keep trying to play both sides of that line. I'm ready for him to commit to one or the other.
  14. High Island HC Steps Down

    You are a class act sir! It's refreshing to see you move on but still prove you care about High Island by keeping up with their search. Best of luck at Bastrop!