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  1. Silsbee backfield

    Let’s hope our future is brighter than our past!
  2. Silsbee backfield

    Should be based on what we have coming back and dropping. 
  3. Silsbee backfield

    3 years.
  4. Silsbee backfield

    Got family from Silsbee so I have to mess with y’all every now and then lol
  5. Silsbee backfield

    Need to change their names from the Tigers to the Silsbee Transfers lol
  6. Lumberton beat PNG

    Actually your right about all white schools struggling. But at the same time, all black schools struggle as well. So could we say that if an all black team doesn’t have a few white guys then they won’t be successful? Because that’s what is being said about all white teams.
  7. Lumberton beat PNG

    If they run Babin off then I’m giving up on Lumberton... parents ran credeur off. Not sure what you’ve heard but I hope it’s notbing serious!
  8. Lumberton beat PNG

    You don’t see “Lumberton beat PNG” as a title in the football forum very often lol actually only one time in history to be exact...
  9. Lumberton beat PNG

    I think we have the highlight video from that year. Get with Aaron Credeur or Coach Babin and they could probably get a copy for you.
  10. Lumberton at Vidor/Post updates here!

    Well we all just dodge a bullet lol
  11. Vidor at Lumberton/Post updates here!

    Officiating is blamed too much when we lose games. Umps can’t shut a team out 
  12. Wow! I’m not catholic, but this is ridiculous!
  13. 4a State Rankings

    Dang, way to represent LCM!
  14. *uninformed careful judging other people’s grammatical errors, it might come back to bite you lol
  15. If Matthews were to get the job, and if he could get those players at that talent level to buy in as much if not more than he has in Vidor.... all I’m gonna say if watch out, because that’s a deadly combination! I think it would be a very smart choice!