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  1. District 11 4a d-1

    As do I. I guess time will tell.
  2. District 11 4a d-1

    I’ve also heard that there aren’t any transfers, and that numbers are low even on the varsity level.
  3. 2018 SETX Scrimmage Schedule

    Nederland @ Lumberton is at 6:30
  4. Butch to be renamed...

    I have no dog in this fight, so I don’t wanna argue either way but.... if they ARE gonna change the name , could they at least choose something a little shorter and easier to remember! Lol ”Beaumont Independent School distric Memorial Stadium” is a mouth full
  5. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    I plan on watching them against Silsbee and Crosby... maybe Newton. And of course if they make it to Dallas I’ll be there 
  6. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    I only say that based off of what I read on here.. other than that I don’t know how y’all will be this year. I am excited to see though!!
  7. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    Not a far fetched assumption at all considering WOS is “down” this year. But I will say that Silsbee seems to have a lot of wrinkles to iron out as well.
  8. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Mine too, if I’m not mistaken that’s our bye week.
  9. District 11 4a d-1

    Judging by the past few years not the best lol but we’ll see what we got this year.
  10. District 11 4a d-1

    Oh ok I see.. that would make sense.
  11. District 11 4a d-1

    what does Livingston have coming back to put them at 2nd place? They got demolished by every team last year including Baytown Lee and us. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they either barely sneak into the playoffs or could end up missing out all together. Im optimistic about Lumberton having our first ever solo district championship. But I definitely don’t wanna be “that guy” who drops down and starts beating their chest saying we are gonna run through this district. Because most weeks will still be a battle as always.
  12. Midnight Madness

    To my understanding, teams are allowed to go half pads on Thursday (yesterday) and full pads by Saturday.. that’s what Lumberton and Silsbee are both doing.
  13. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Yeah i hear png has a pretty good returning running back, but who am I? We all know Lumberton people know nothing about football.... lol
  14. Hacker?

    Some people have too much time on their hands lol
  15. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    I just can’t see RJ behind that offensive line coming in 4th.