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  1. Week 8 DCTF State Rankings

    Well considering y’all beat #9 lol
  2. Week 8 DCTF State Rankings

    Crosby top 10...
  3. Splendora @ LCM predictions

    Is LCM as bad as their record shows? Is splendora as good as their record shows? Both can be answered this week. with a potential blowout from the two teams I follow (Lumberton and Silsbee) this week, I may end up at this game.
  4. Week 7 Pick'ems

    Maybe we should all agree to just not count this week into the overall counts. Anybody opposed to that?
  5. Splendora @ LCM predictions

    That’s why I said “it sounds like”. Not claiming that what I said was a fact.
  6. District 12-5a Div 2

    Mid county madness could possibly be for the DC. Makes that games even more special
  7. Splendora @ LCM predictions

    Just wondering why everyone says splendora is in the drivers seat? Because they scored 80 on a horrible Livingston team? Sounds like they should have pulled their starters a little earlier.
  8. Livingston @ Lumberton (homecoming)

    Lost on a late long td pass.. that hurt!
  9. Sounds like splendora played their starters all game.
  10. Livingston @ Lumberton (homecoming)

    Start second string. Let the future players get some playing time because this one is over already.
  11. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Congrats PNG! I didn’t think y’all could pull it out this year losing all the receivers but you proved me wrong.

    I like our chances going forward if our defense plays like they did second half last night. Real question is, who wins the toilet bowl between Livingston and BC??
  13. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Huffman QB throws a pretty pass though!
  14. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    In their defense, we were pretty much stuffing the run until the end of the game when we were playing prevent defense and y’all were handing the ball off and picking up some good chunks of yards. Other than that we held the rb in check. But I agree with you on the sweep, I told my brother we could have kept running that all night until y’all stopped us.