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  1. Texas refs news

    I guess the real question is, would you have a problem with a white person calling you that in the same way as your black friends do?
  2. Why does West Brook dominate BISD football?

    Are white coaches better or something? Lol
  3. Depending on how well Silsbee replaces all the defensive starters they are losing, I think they have a chance. Offense will be firing on all cylinders. With a little bit more of a passing game they could be unstoppable on that side of the ball.
  4. If Jasper made the list, then Silsbee probably should have too imo
  5. Silsbee football field

    If Lumberton can afford it then I’m sure Silsbee can. 

    That’s because you have people who only want to come on here and talk trash when their team is winning. Then there’s the others who just love High School football talk and support their team as well.
  7. Hunt is only a Junior this year?
  8. Yeah because he doesn’t have Kyler Murray.. which I’m pretty sure was a player not a coach 
  9. Under Armour Game

    RJ starting at qb
  10. Coaching Carousel

    That’s the million dollar question!
  11. Coaching Carousel

    I think it’s because of the two schools that were merging. Central was a 3rd or 4th place team at best in the old 22-5A for the past couple years. And ozen was irrelevant. Adding those two and moving them to 6A spelled disaster for the first year for sure. When/if they get a good coaching staff they will be better.
  12. Silsbee Football 2019

    Imo Silsbee has some key returners coming back. And they never have a lack of talent so they will fill the holes. I don’t see offense missing a beat to begin the year. Defense will struggle early as they break the new guys in, but by district they should be rolling.
  13. Hail Mary to win it for North shore. Under review. Confirmed!