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  1. Silsbee running back returning to post

    Exactly... people have been doing it for years. Although I love our turf, it's not that necessary.
  2. AP Preseason Poll

    Crosby didn't even receive votes?
  3. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Y'all could compete in 7 on 7 against Dayton with Grandma at qb!
  4. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    I think y'all looked alright. Got some hard hitters on defense and O Line seems to be pretty good size.
  5. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Nice! I always like to see the new coach be successful in their first year. Good luck to y'all!
  6. I was going to do this earlier but decided not to. Then I've seen a couple people inquiring about their teams, so i figured why not put it all in one place. So what's everyone's thoughts about their teams after seeing them in pads?? (BTW, I'm not looking for an argument of who is right and wrong, I just would like to know what y'all think. This is a Homer thread for sure!)   ill start it off with Lumberton. I think we may surprise people this year. We started practice off with the ole Oklahoma drill which I figured only WOS was still man enough  to  do. But it sure was nice to see some hitting. We will have a true pocket passer this year, assuming we will utilize him. Ward looked like a BEAST in Oklahoma (keep in mind our practice was cut short so I didn't get to really see much.) Conway is looking like a good back up, so the future looks bright with him and the qb coming back next year. We will have two big targets at TE and WR. And offensive line has some pretty good size as well!! I didn't get to see defense a lot since we didn't get to do team defense so I can't really comment much there. But we have decent size there as well. Barely anybody if any is going both ways so we should have fresh legs on the field at all times. This SHOULD work in our favor if we don't have many injuries. Mentally this is going to help tremendously. We have players focusing on their positions for 3 hours straight every day at practice without switching over to the other side of the ball like we used to. No reason for mental mistakes this year. Overall, based on last years games we lost which were close, and the fact that we fumbled a LOT, if we can minimize that then playoffs are not out of the question for L Town. 3rd place isn't unreachable either (I know I'll catch some crap about that statement.)   on a side note, I also keep up with silsbee pretty close. I've been going to their practice in the mornings and Lumberton in the evening. I'll leave the details to a silsbee native but I will say that Adonis is looking like the same beast we've seen the last two years plus a few more pounds of muscle, Barnes is barnes, and y'all will have at least two other threats at receiver as well. Collins has some good size and will make good decisions. Not entirely sure about him just yet, but I would be hopeful if I was a tiger. Thats all for now, now let's hear about yalls teams!!
  7. Lumberton Football

    Y'all please pray. They are life fighting somebody from our first practice in pads. Don't know who or any details yet. Just keep him in your prayers!

    Wonder if 11 on 11 is as good as 7 on 7...
  9. That's a fair assessment. I do disagree with the best coach part though. With Neumann gone I think that goes to Matthews.
  10. I saw the same thing yesterday. Very nice offensive line!
  11. I'm not gonna come on here and say that we will do big things this year, but... we do return a pretty good amount of people who last year had a loss to Livingston in the last seconds that should not have happened, and only lost to central by 1 point on a decision to go for 2 instead of a field goal. So don't count us out either just yet. We were a lot closer than what people realize to being a playoff team last year, and we will have better experience this year. Might just make things a little more interesting.
  12. Sources needed for story

    I'm wondering what the motive is behind this?
  13. First day of Texas football practice.

    I heard some good things from my father in law this morning about silsbee. He was at the practice this morning then headed to Lumberton to watch us for a few minutes.
  14. First day of Texas football practice.

    Can't wait till the first scrimmage this year.!
  15. First day of Texas football practice.

    Good luck to all players and coaches today. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Stay injury free.