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  1. 2017 Team Defensive Stats

    Ward had 108 that game, not sure about the rest of the team though.
  2. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    It’s homecoming too.
  3. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Ward will be making some noise Friday night  
  4. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I was figuring a parent of a senior..
  5. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    He did throw that in there about his son, but he made it very clear that this site is useless and just a bunch of mediocre teams congratulating each other. He also said that he wanted his account deleted, so I don’t think anybody is running him off. Sounds like he is doing it to himself. 
  6. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Wanting to build his team? Isn’t that the point?
  7. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Wow, wonder when the last time that Lumberton was in a game of the week..
  8. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Crosby needs to worry about getting past 22-5A first.
  9. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Yalls offense is a whole different animal who will pick up yards on just about any defense.
  10. I agree with AAW... posting a defensive highlight in a game where you gave up this many points is like claiming a moral victory... “we got our tails kicked but look at this big hits guys!” Most of us are not as impressed with big plays as we are with consistent fundamentals being executed.
  11. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    3 tds... smh. 
  12. Is West Orange Stark................

    It’s an awesome feeling. I just got to the point two years ago in my job where I could start going consistently. Thank you for your service!!
  13. Is West Orange Stark................

    I hope so. Ive gone the last two years to watch wos, sure would be nice to see another local team as well.
  14. My view on PAM vs PNG 2017

    I may have been exaggerating just a tad on that last part lol