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  1. If Matthews were to get the job, and if he could get those players at that talent level to buy in as much if not more than he has in Vidor.... all I’m gonna say if watch out, because that’s a deadly combination! I think it would be a very smart choice!

    What time is this game?
  3. That’s a recipe for disaster. Hopefully they can get things figured out by district.
  4. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    Just one.
  5. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    I haven’t seen anything from either team in the past two scrimmages that showed that either team is heavily favored to win.
  6. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    Could it be that some of the kids didn’t buy into his system? And that’s why they weren’t as successful as they could be? That can hurt a good coach no matter how hard they try... I don’t know if that was an issue, just something i would like to hear from somebody who knows PAM football.
  7. 11-4a-1

    You’ve got a good point. Dropping doesn’t automatically equal dominance 
  8. 11-4a-1

    Seems like this is the best year for us to drop down. Hopefully will be a morale boost and momentum builder for the program that Babin has going in a great direction 
  9. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    It’s not a long shot.. just gotta get the trash talk going though
  10. I’m sure WOS sounded pretty weird at first too.. just like Little Cypress-Mauriceville.. we’re just all used to it by now.
  11. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    I guess Lumberton will have to spoil Silsbee’s homecoming  that will be a fun little family rivalry game with me and the in laws!
  12. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    If I was a betting man, i would have put money on Newton to beat WOS in 2017. Just my opinion. 
  13. Traditional signing day becomes anticlimactic

    I thought Nelson was Centrals saving grace?
  14. 21-6a

    So, since Beaumont is condensed to two schools and in the same district, do y’all think that will do away with the Saturday afternoon games?
  15. 10-4a DII

    True, and I think wos waited a little too late to start throwing the ball.