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  1. Realignment

    I agree 100%! Going to help build the program up a lot!
  2. Realignment

    Exactly. Couple that with a drop in competition and those boys should have a much better year!
  3. Realignment

    Yeah Conway will have a good year. And having a returning starter at qb will help the passing game, along with having one of the sonnier brothers back. Can’t remember if it was the receiver or tight end who was a year younger. And everyone knows how young our defense was and it showed.
  4. Realignment

    That’s what i figured about Huffman.. hey I’ll take being considered for second place over having no respect in 5A lol
  5. Realignment

    Were they young this year?
  6. Realignment

    Who you got?
  7. Super Gold First Team Football

    Don’t think either made first team. But I feel the same about Lumberton’s rb Ward, hopefully both these players will make second team.
  8. Super Gold First Team Football

    He was a good player!
  9. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    I’d love to agree with you, but considering we goofed up and let them beat us last year I won’t come on here and beat my chest. I have confidence that we will have a good year though, just not gonna act arrogant about it.
  10. What happened to D-FW this year?

    I guarantee you that any kid, if they had the choice, would choose to play in AT&T stadium. I don’t care if they are from Brownsville, El Paso, wos, or anywhere. I can’t stand the cowboys, but there’s no other stadium that i would choose over that one. And from somebody who’s watched wos win one in Houston and Dallas, I can say that the experience in Dallas was much better.  I think we as fans think too much into it. These kids don’t care how long it takes or where they sleep. Heck they would probably choose to travel further just to miss more school. They are living in the moment. And the better venue only enhances that moment for everybody!!
  11. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    Was this big boy your referring to a starter on defense this year?
  12. 4A DI

    And I thought this thread was gonna be boring... boy was I wrong lol
  13. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    You ain’t lying! Pirates and Raiders don’t like cold weather! Go Mustangs!!!
  14. 4A DI

    Who besides Lumberton will have turf in this district?
  15. 4A DI

    Not so sure about Livingston just yet.