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  1. Publicschoolreview.com The only reason why I used them as a source is who would randomly pull out a number like that? There has to be some data backing it. Anyways I would be shocked if they were in 4A come 2024.
  2. Why am I seeing 1,244? The 1,215 number is what was turned into UIL last year for the 2022 to 2024 redistricting correct?
  3. Someone else on the team taking snaps and play calls that actually made sense at the time instead of Morris left, Morris right, and Morris up the middle and you'd be correct.
  4. Not really sure where you're getting your numbers from because the last two enrollments have went up. I account for some of the new folks that have moved to Southern Hardin County and I can guarantee you people are moving into the area escaping BISD. Eighth grade enrollment is through the roof. Barring a larger than nominal increase in the bottom 5A number or some chicanery by the Lumberton School District, they'll move up in '24.
  5. And that's why comparing them to any of the public school powerhouses is useless. It would be like taking some of the best pieces from all the schools in Houston and putting together a team. No doubt they would play neck and neck with those kids.
  6. Notable returners are the QB, RB and one WR. But with 31 seniors this was probably the year to go far and there's nothing wrong with the 3rd round.
  7. Calpreps has Cuero by 3 but i think Silsbee has Miller as the X factor. You can't make calculations when you're playing againist that guy.
  8. Conservative play calling and the rain got worse. I think the stats will show passing yardage was wayyyy down the second half. CHill also cleaned up their game.
  9. Apparently my $10 a month doesn't pay for decent streaming quality at the New Caney stadium. Anyone know what just transpired? Seems like the Lumberton sideline is upset.
  10. Let's get this game over first. Still lots of football.
  11. !!:17/0/H I think Chapel Hill and their fans are in shock.
  12. The Bears made a splash last year when the injury bug kept them from a shot at the semis (same thing happened to WOS) We were a mobile/consistent passing QB away from a potential repeat of last years success with the Lumberton game being the only game we still struggle in (they are good) As far as the WOS game need I remind you that the player that single handedly beat us will be dressing out in green and gold next year due to all the issues south of I-10. With the Chevron project coming in dozens of new families will be moving in and look for quality education and athletic opportunities. Guess where they'll go? 10 sophomores starting with 14 returning overall plus JV talent. If Peevey can take advantage of some of these potential possibilities, they will fill the void on the gridiron where the Silver and Blue once dominated. And yes it looks to be a stellar year in Basketball and Baseball.
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