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  1. Those who played their senior year know homecoming is circled regardless of who you are playing. You want to win. These are the following things going in the Bears direction. 1. Bye week coming off a bad performance against a good team. Plenty of time to refocus and adjust attitudes. 2. New turf and biggest score board in SETX to be debuted. 3. Aforementioned homecoming 4. Stands will be packed with rabid fans 5. The weather will be the epitome of Friday Night Lights. If you can't get hyped and play lights out under those circumstances turn your jersey in. Peevey rights the ship and the Bears head off into district with a three score victory.
  2. Nope. One move in last year from OF and two this year. No one from WOS.
  3. That was a pretty terrible series of play calls. Hey let's run it up the middle... well that didn't work... let's try it again... well dang that didn't work either.
  4. 2020 was a strange year... you know COVID... no one was showing up for workouts and while Bryce was a phenomenal athlete, football is a team sport. Look at the other 3 years and make your argument. Oh wait you don't have one. Good coaches aren't a dime a dozen and BISD lost more than a few gems. Explain 1-7 to Regional finalist..... Coaches matter.
  5. I thought CHill was going to get blown out but it was a close game (35-38). Now getting there is one thing but winning is another. Stephenville walked all over LBJ
  6. I think LC-M was a healthy QB away from having a shot last year....
  7. With a bye week coming up I'd hate to be on that team. They're going to have two weeks of absolute punishment. Kincaid straight up out played them. Mistakes and not taking advantage of situations cost the Bears a W but these are the times you figure out where you're weak by playing good teams.
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