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  1. I didn't know silsbee is playing at planet ford stadium in spring. I wish I was off because thats right across the street from My subdivision cypresswood landing. I can walk to the game. I wish wos would have played there it's a really nice stadium. Good guys I hope yall do it.
  3. I'm still having a hard time believing that wos is still not in the playoffs. I have had to nervous breakdowns, and I don't wanna celebrate anything with anyone. All I wanna do go to work comeback to my hotel room or go lay on the wos logo and look up at the sky wishing everyone still in it good luck and wishing we were still in it fighting. We lost to some great teams this year so hopefully one of can carry the torch all the way to Dallas. I'm in pain behind this season and I don't know if I'll ever be right again. 80% of us on here probably didn't even have gray hair the last the mustangs went out this early, I know I didn't. I love you guys and please pray for me I'm badly depressed. #112%
  4. Yes im in spring as well,right across from the new planet ford stadium, and it is coming down hard.
  5. I was the one that opened the gate and let him in the phone booth. I should've threw some kryptonite in the phone booth before he came out of there.
  6. I just know wos will fight, but Bellville does I have no issues with it and will respect it. Best of luck to all teams this in the playoffs.
  7. Carthage is showing no mercy. There good enough to win both 4a tittles
  8. You are the second I have met that played in that game wow!! The other play was yall nose tackle
  9. Oh I thought they went across the street to Texas city
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