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  1. I’m not saying it won’t be the same as last year but KIPP has pretty much everyone returning and they beat a weak Galveston O’Connell 56-0 in their only game so far this year. I’ve been looking up streaks and from my count the last WOS loss at home was to Friendswood in 2011 which gives them a 27 game winning streak at home. I’m not counting neutral games in other stadiums like Kennedale @ Nac or Giddings @ Moorehead. Going for #28 at home and #29 overall in a row tomorrow. Gilmer is at 29 in a row at home. Good luck Carthage tomorrow!  >;-)
  2. WO-S just took the #1 current spot in the state with 28 in a row after Bremond lost tonight snapping a 49 game run.  I believe this is the first time since Hull-Daisetta set a national record back in the 1930's that a local team has held that spot. Aledo, Gunter and DeSoto are tied behind us at 19 wins. Plano kept WO-S out of #1 during the streak from 1986-1988.  
  3. 0-25 will become 0-26 I'm predicting (in the all-time series)
  4. This isn't DCTF.  Completely different site which Chris Lyke and I used to run 13 years ago...  and I disagree with quite a few of their choices.
  5. West Orange Stark vs Nederland

    I'll go with WOS 28-7
  6. Meh... i went on a rant on Twitter last night but I believe all three were overhyped.  That's not the same as saying they weren't great but they all have a built up media aura around them that just wasn't true.  Look up what Bay City did in 1983.  They won 4A that year, not Carthage and I'd have put money on Bay City if they had faced Daingerfield.  The Permian team Carter beat in 1988 lost 3 games and Carter wouldn't have even qualified for the playoffs had it been 7 years earlier.  WOS played that 1985 Yates team in the 3rd round of the playoffs in the Astrodome as one of the smallest 5A teams in the state (we dropped to 4A the next year) and WOS was winning that game deep into the 4th Quarter until Yates got two very late TDs to win 19-6.  I was at that game as a Junior in high school.   In answer to the original thread question: Yates over Carter no question.   I'd put 2003 North Shore over both of them.  Only one team scored more than 7 points against them that season in the age of the Spread and no one ever seems to give them credit.    
  7. Scrimmages mean nothing.  Maybe WOS didn't seem to be as dominant but they still did pretty well (beat) against the predicted local 5A district favorite which has more than twice the enrollment. Only time will tell. Best of luck to the Indians.  I hardly think the word garbage should be used.
  8. Still WOS 6 PNG 0 2Q   Defense looking good
  9. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    too Right back at ya.
  10. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Let it go,  I gave you one.   You're welcome.