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  1. Hey The Woodlands got owned tonight by a 5 loss team. Anything can happen in the playoffs and Ned actually has defense unlike another team which shall remain unnamed. WO-S is rooting for you.
  2. It’s the day after Thanksgiving so traffic won’t be as awful as a usual Friday getting there.
  3. We’re waiting on a response from Mexia if Conroe Moorhead is ok
  4. I’m hearing Moorhead being mentioned
  5. Mexia blackcats vs Gonzalez update

    Looks like we’re playing anwhere from Texan Drive to Conroe or Huntsville next week. Those would be the closest halfway points.
  6. Looks like a doubleheader with PNG and Nederland both at NRG next week. That’ll be a fun crowd.
  7. The winner plays Texas City don’t they?
  8. Haha... WOS has allowed 69 points so far their entire season 
  9. What offense does Madisonville run?
  10. 4A D2 only has 91 teams in the entire division. That averages 5.7 teams per district with 4 teams from each of those districts qualifying. 
  11. Madisonville in the 3rd round looks to be the only possible blip.  I can see Liberty getting to the Quarters for a rematch.  Region 3 is the weakest it’s ever been this year.