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  1. Ancient history. I love you Mike. 
  2. WO-S is 7-1 against Newton with the majority of those wins being shutouts. Cry me a river about finding non district opponents.
  3. 15 hours to go....   bring it home again Mustangs
  4. We keep our cards close to the vest.  Still waiting for that Gilmer rematch #3 if you guys would actually win.  
  5. Oh hi blackflag.  Gilmer’s kinda bored these days I guess? Why are you slumming over here? (This is WOS87 btw)
  6. Tatum held PG to 21, Pittsburg held them to 28, Celina held them to 33.  Gilmer scored 38 on them so they can be beat.  It may be the first team to score 21 that wins.
  7. They’re pretty much Kennedale 2.0
  8. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    I’m pretty sure we do.  We faced Kennedale and survived. We can do the same against PG. Plus, it’ll be their first time in a game at this level so there will be nerves and jitters involved which WO-S most definitely won’t have. 
  9. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    If Pleasant Grove wins that’s yet another Wing-T we get to face.  This game is for the title IMO.
  10. Wimberley demolished a Sweeny team that came very close to beating Cuero. We very well could get to see Wimberley again if we survive another week.  Both Salado and Bellville are Slot-T so next week shouldn’t be as scary.
  11. Earl Thomas and Orange

    CardinalBacker you lost ALL credibility when you tried to equate fascists and white supremacists with POC.  When’s the last time you were discriminated against? Huh? I remember back in the 1980’s having police escorts to every game against Vidor and being told to keep our windows up on the bus to prevent rocks being thrown at us and actually seeing burning crosses on the side of the road on I-10.  Get down from your high horse and try to feel what others have gone through that you apparently can’t get in to your skull. Maybe it’s you that needs to delve a little deeper into your soul.  I don’t agree with the article either but I believe the actual truth is somewhere in between what it’s spouting and what you and others are spouting. I’ve known the Thomas family for 40 years. Earl’s grandmother practically raised me. I’ve lived on both sides of the tracks and know how things really are.
  12. Bellville 35 Fairfield 34/FINAL

    Yay Bellville! Beat Salado and let’s have a rematch of last year’s quarterfinals
  13. A win’s a win and this will be the 7th consecutive year WO-S will play in December.
  14. Hip point injury. Didn’t play for half the game.
  15. Liberty vs. Salado

    Fairfield finished 4th in that district