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  1. Nope.....
  2. The defense must have gotten some stops for us to tie the game after trailing 21-3. If I see a bad call (I see them on both sides all game long) and I believe that it was the game changer, you will hear from me. That INT would have sent it to overtime at least.  I am not delusional. Tell me a game we lost to a bad team. I don't even count the last Eagle's game.
  3. Post Modernism on steroids

    I feel dumber just for having watched that.
  4. Government trough....I like that. I get a mental image of someone slopping the hogs. Lmao.
  5. The really sad part about this whole ordeal is the need for such a law. Lord help us. We are sinking to new lows.
  6. Exactly, so why the taunting?
  7. I don't want to mess up my truck, but I will if need be.
  8. And got you to the second round where we already were because of a much better record.
  9. Never did. I know Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Andre "The Giant". Still didn't watch.
  10. Saving American Jobs

    More high paying American jobs!!!!
  11. Whipped everyone they played except the Giants, which they lost two games by a total of 4 points. Even the Pack at their place. How many teams do that? Yeah, they aren't any good. Some people confuse confidence with being cocky. Look at the video I posted about Dak Prescott called "Finish the Fight"......says it all. How 'bout your team?
  12. Poor Hillary

    LRF, do these layoffs include the hitmen?
  13. The End of the World

    ^^^^^above should read 20th century......duh. Reb, if microorganisms don't do us in, maybe giant alligators will. This is very old alligator.    
  14. The Countdown!

    Some earlier releases have already joined their own forces and killed people. Their blood is on his hands but he doesn't care. He should be held accountable.
  15. The Countdown!

    Trump will make Norway and Poland pony up for the support. I see no problem with that.