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  1. Gun Control
  2. ICE removal key goal of Democrats in 2020 election

    Always remember and never forget.....the politicians who want illegal immigration don't mingle with them on a daily basis. They want it for the votes, but you have to be illegal “over there. Stay away from their mansions with the built in walls. Maybe they are afraid of being killed, something they push on us.
  3. DNC Ties To Calypso Louie!

    I can’t believe a “Nazi” would say something like that. Lol. What I can’t understand is if it’s ok to deal with Farrakhan, what's so bad about Hitler? Their principles are very similar. Farrakhan simply doesn't possess the total power and reign of Hitler. Neither are worth spitting on.
  4. The anti-Christ is no longer president.
  5. Got tickets for opening weekend, April 7, my birthday vs. the Padres. Section 128, row 30, seats 1 & 2. Staying at Hampton Inn right across the street from Minute Maid, Friday and Saturday night. Would like to see Verlander pitch but he pitches opening day on Tuesday before. Not a problem. Might get McCullers.
  6. Californians

    We did say there must be something in the water. Lol, this could be it!
  7. Californians

    More about snowflake California..... I have aerated sewer water that is supposed to be potable. I still don't drink it.
  8. Some NBA Teams Play Negro Natl Anthem

    ..... Says the guy wasting time on a back water message board. The National Anthem is for everyone. This one is for blacks only...... How divisive. Can we have a white anthem? Do I need your permission? ......NOT.
  9. Some NBA Teams Play Negro Natl Anthem

    All the white players should take a knee.
  10. Hollywood

    Who cares, right? Guess this proves it.
  11. So very well expressed

    True enough. What I like is that we still have young conservatives in congress who have the abiltiy to express their values in a way that can't be denied. I bet every democrat who was in that room was thinking “how the heck do you follow that?” They should have been hanging their heads in shame too.
  12. Gun Control

    Made me so angry that I wanted to scream at the sky, but some of us have a little self control. The way Trump blurts out some things, I wanted to wait and see a little more before passing judgement.
  13. Trump is so Stupid

    He should have kept this country with open borders, then we could all enjoy no-go zones. What say ye leftys?  Angela Merkel admits that 'no-go zones' exist in Germany
  14. Californians

    Are a bunch of two-faced low lifes. They protect CRIMINAL ILLEGAL aliens from deportation, yet the real Americans who may have fallen on hard times, get evicted from their tent cities. I know, homelessness is a huge problem and trash has to be collected, but passing legislation in order to EVICT......WTF is the difference?