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  1. Leftys

    Please point out any discrepancies in this video. Thanks in advance....
  2. Didn't they used to alternate years where they played DH every game and next season no DH?
  3. NFL tells players to STAND

    Aren't we getting a bit picky? I mean Michelle didn't know what to do with the gift. She was lost. Is that what we have come to?   
  4. But the Pres should be more respectful?

    Tobie should like her. She has never taken anything away from the poorest district in California (Tobie hates thinking Trump is ripping us off) to become one of the wealthiest. She runs from those types of questions. Could it be because she is black? 
  5. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Don’t pass up any free ticket you could get for the WS. Check this out....
  6. The President of the virgin island

    Here's how pathetic I am.... Rachel Maddow called out by fellow liberals for pushing anti-Trump conspiracy
  7. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    I remember when the Astros had five pitchers combine for a no-no against the Yankees.  I hated to see Morton pulled and began to bite my fingernails; a habit I don't possess. McCullers pitched a gem, maybe the best I have seen from him. Gattis and Altuve hit solos to start the bleeding, but after the pitching, I give the game ball to McCaan. He had a beautiful at-bat to drive in two. Being an ex-Yankee, that one stung.
  8. I’m glad I'll be dead before they take over. Air heads.
  9. The President of the virgin island

    It’s ok. You thought there was only one. Funny how you make a mistake starting a thread about some one making a mistake.
  10. Okie St at Texas

    Am I the only one who saw the Texas hurry up offense stopped from snapping the ball until the OK St. player got off the field?
  11. I began to question the media the day Dan Rather took over for Walter Cronkite. And that's the way it is.  
  12. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Better known as the kitchen sink mob.
  13. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Peacock gave up a HR to Judge and stayed in. McCullers gave up a HR to Judge while allowing just his second hit and was yanked. To me, that's what lost game four.  Let's go Astros!