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  1. $750,000 buys one heckuva house in SETEX. New York, California .....not near as much. THAT is the problem.
  2. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Yes, paid for her education and she stabs her boyfriend and ends up being incarcerated. Not sure where she is now. May have gotten out by now, especially with Sharpton money that he owes back taxes on.
  3. Important Question for UT Alum

    Smollet. He made it believable like Susan Smith.
  4. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Here’s another one. I guess this gets a +1 for the way he feels now. Actually surprised me. Still think he is a jackal. Al Sharpton says Jussie Smollett should ‘face accountability to the maximum’ if attack was orchestrated   Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  5. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Talk about egg on the face. These are YOUR REPS. dims. I wouldn’t claim any of them. What a joke!
  6. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Booker is a goofballl, I mean Spartacus.
  7. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    What can be more cynical than faking a hate crime?  Leftys, what say you? Staying out of this one, are we?
  8. The Green Deal

    Anyone who would give this “Deal” any consideration after reading a few lines, is a goofball. Really, I mean REALLY, are there people who actually get behind this crap and think it is good for our country, or is it a ploy to garner votes from the stupid millenials? From recycling urine to cow farts....doesn't that just about say it all?
  9. The Green Deal

  10. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Racial division. This queer should be arrested for fabricating a felony. Of course, he would probably like it in jail, so maybe that is not punishment.
  11. The UT Alum " noose is tightening" theory

    This is all you gleaned from my post? Can you address the guy who was lifting weights the night before he was to testify against Hillary? He got his throat crushed by the bar. The timing was impeccable, Don’t you think? Since you do not believe Hillary is a lowlife, please list some of her redeeming qualities.
  12. The UT Alum " noose is tightening" theory

    At least the supposed witnesses against Trump are still alive. Of course you don’t question the impeccable timing of the deaths of witnesses willing to testify against Hillary. What a low life indeed.
  13. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    What do you know, college students with more than one functioning brain cell.
  14. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    Is that supposed to make me feel bad? I think there are plenty of women who would make the same statement. I bet there are lots of terminated pregnancies where the man wanted the child and the woman didn't. What about his feelings? Legally, it is his kid too and he has rights. I think the supposedly responsible women who scream that it is their “CHOICE” as to whether a human being takes a breath or not ( and now, maybe even after ) why couldn't they be more responsible before having unprotected sex? Talk about irresponsible!!! Life and death situations are left up to these floosies?
  15. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    Any woman seeking an abortion should have to view an abortion prior to making her “CHOICE”.  That is all!!!!!