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  1. In Chicago During obama Day...

    More murders and woundings this weekend.........No Arrests!
  2. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Great post, Reb. I also like the term “ingrained beliefs”.
  3. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    In a democracy, the majority rules. Whites are the majority.......duh.  If another race was the majority, would we follow their rules? ......duh.  
  4. NFL tells players to STAND

    + Infinity But she is not on national TV, a multi-millionaire, or a black person. Her plight will fall on deaf ears.
  5. NFL tells players to STAND

    What are they protesting? How has  kneeling helped their "cause" ? Kaepernick said he would stop kneeling if some team would pick up his sorry arse. That's what I call dedication to a cause. If your principles can be bought, then you had none to begin with.
  6. Is This Even....

    .....a fair fight? LMAO!! Ben Shapiro offers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez $10,000 to debate her democratic socialist beliefs
  7. More From The "Tolerant" Left!

    Sorry, I didn't see your post. I made a thread to Big Girl.
  8. Since Big Girl...

    ..... Loves to claim her Muslim buddies are not all bad, but in the same breath condemns all white people for mass killings, ( guess she conveniently forgot Santa Barbara and the gay Pulse nightclub). Well, she needs to get a load of this. Look what color these fine people are and look what they were planning. What say ye? No comment? Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, court documents say
  9. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    All the people she endorsed.......LOST!! LOL!!!!!
  10. NFL tells players to STAND

    This young man is not living the high life in a country that made him a millionaire playing a kid's game, but he pulls himself up to stand for the anthem. Boy in wheelchair pulls himself to feet for national anthem at Tennessee fair
  11. In Chicago During obama Day...

    60 shot, 11 fatally, no arrests.
  12. NFL tells players to STAND

    All I know is that the owners were squirming last season with a measly 8% drop in viewership.  Isn't everyone aware of the plight of the kneelers by now? What is there to be gained by kneeling? No one can answer that.