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  1. Cowboys @ Washington

    Yep, almost as bad as Tracy McGrady
  2. Cowboys @ Washington

    Hence the word arguably.
  3. Cowboys @ Washington

    Sean Lee will be returning. Arguably the best LB in the league. He'll probably spy on Peterson. Someone tell him to stretch those hamstrings before the game!
  4. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Not taking anything away from Boston, they showed why they were the best team in baseball this year. However, I think Hinch experimented too much with his lineup and I think he ended up out coaching himself.
  5. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Assuming we make it to game 7, I would pitch Verlander, Cole, then McCullers and the kitchen sink. I would skip Keuchel. Plus, I would let my starters stay in the game longer. This could possibly be why I'm not a MLB manager.
  6. Dem Voter Fraud Ring in Texas

    You saw the last names of the suspects? Go figure.
  7. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    That should say "I'm not gonna harp on the pine tar incident". This phone tries to anticipate what you are typing.
  8. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Well, if we were cheating and still lost, then something got lost in translation. Lol I'm not gonna happen on the pine tar incident. If you look at it from my point of view, then you wonder if he goes to the forearm on any night he pitches. I don't know him that well. Pitcher's mannerisms are totally habitual. I only hope our bats wake up. Morton should be on the mound so I like that. Love his curve ball. He throws it better with chewing gum saliva. Lol
  9. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Wasn't aware of this until now. Told you I don't like cheating either way. I don't care for the network cameras zooming in on the catcher's signs. Don't know how old you are. Do you know of the Billy Martin / George Brett HR reversal? Only Martin could have caught that. Everyone loved Brett as did I, but if he cheated, then it's good he got caught. It could have been accidental but rules are rules. If we can't play with rules for fair play, then we shouldn't play at all.
  10. Best Meal in Area Restaurant

    I have never had a bad meal at The Feed Store in Port Neches. Meat loaf is killer. So is the boundain omelet with crawfish etoufeeé poured over it. I highly recommend this place to everyone.
  11. Tomi Lahren

    I could look at and listen to this cutie all day long.
  12. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Wondered the same thing.
  13. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Nail biter for both teams till the 8th. Funny how people don't chime in until that happened.
  14. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    That's sarcasm, right?