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  1. Used to be that when you read a newspaper, the headlines and other news items were indeed factual. If someone had an opinion, it was under the editorial or commentary title. Nowadays, everyone's opinion is infused in every story. Question : Has anyone ever seen as much coverage of any president's EVERY move as much as we have seen for Trump? He has a legitimate complaint. I would have already sued for libel and gone after the individuals that went after his kids.
  2. These are relatively close in space talk.....a mere 4 light years away. Watch the video.
  3. Ivanka?

    Of course, some might not like her due to their being one of those ITS. I mean, they don't even know what they are or what they like, so if you don't know if you want to be the rider or the ridee, it may keep you from liking Ivanka. What else? She is drop dead gorgeous.
  4. ACLU Demands Texas Pee With the LGBT

    This is so stupid. Where has it been peeing until now?
  5. The Trump Circus

    He would rather follow sexual deviants to Orgy Island.
  6. Ivanka?

    You just don't like her because she is white.
  7. The left must be so proud!!

    Attempting to care.......loading.
  8. Ivanka?

    Don't write her off just yet...
  9. #TrumpLiesMatter!!

    Hate = assaulting someone simply because they have a MAGA cap.

    Snookered....I like that. Lol

  12. #TrumpLiesMatter!!

    Right here man. How many times do I have to post it? If these weren't facts, they would surely be wide open to a libel suit.
  13. How can we deny a video from whatever site? Unless we truly think it has been doctored, this should be better than eye witness accounts. These videos were not fake so what is there to fall for? (ended with a preposition)
  14. 70% Of Illegals...

    Whizzed right by me. I'll be more attentive next time.
  15. #TrumpLiesMatter!!

    Hardee har har....what's not to believe? This is from Fox News so I'm sure you won't believe it.....