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  1. Astros complete the 10 game road trip undefeated.....on an 11 game win streak. Giles looks to be a better setup man than closer. Rondon is looking very good. Wish we still had the Dotel/Wagner combo. They were lights out.
  2. Funny how I gave examples.
  3. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    Even before her Trump stunt, I never thought she was funny. She is trying to stay valid.
  4. US and North Korea meet.

    One can only hope that we dot our I's and cross our tees.
  5. US and North Korea meet.

    It is. It has brainwashed you without you realizing it.
  6. US and North Korea meet.

    All you see is the way they want it presented. Behind closed doors, an agreement was reached. What was said and how it was said, you and I will never know. I'd bet the house there weren't any please and thank yous said.
  7. When Michael Cohen Flips

    You couldn't be more wrong. Kneeling is an apology tour. The only Kahuna's Obama displayed was to a stewardess on a jet. You know Trump is doing the right thing. Your hatred won't let you admit it. 
  8. US and North Korea meet.

    Proof will be in the pudding as to who got played. Too early right now. At least Trump has a pair. Trump's reaction if he did indeed get played will be what counts.
  9. Let's see. Help me if I miss a few. In this country we can say the president is giving Putin BJ's, threaten to blow up the White House, show images of the president decapitated, say "F" Trump on national TV, allow illegal aliens to run loose, even with criminal records, disgrace the American flag and National Anthem, and all that sets right with the left. But say one thing bad about queer it refuse your services to them, then you have tread on their rights. What about everyone else's rights. We have them you know. Even the left should see how stupid this is.
  10. It would, except they even hate each other....Sunnis and Shiites. 
  11. Why should any if this make national headlines? He has the right to feel how he wants about gay marriage. Free country isn't it?
  12. US and North Korea meet.

    Signing agreements is nothing more than politics, living up to them is what counts. All we can do is monitor Un and keep him honest. That last word was difficult to type. I don't agree with allowing the crossing of the border as I feel Kim could somehow take the south without firing a shot, but hey, that,s just me. I trust a dictator ot communist no further than I can chunk them.
  13. Trump is such a racist

    I got my lake house from Hillary, just like Bernie Sanders. Imagine the audacity of a Liberal flaunting their wealth and thumbing their nose at the working class. Isn't this what they hate about the rich? How hypocritical can libs be? Having their cake and eating it too. One can never be wrong when playing both sides. Win/win. Got rid of my lake house. Had to do more work when I went there than I would had I stayed home. I sure never shoved it in people's faces. I was more appreciative of what I was able to achieve in a capitalistic society. The list Englebert brought up......we did vote for Trump because he wasn't Hillary. We gave the man a chance to do what he promised and he is coming through. Gave Obama the same chance and he failed miserably. As for ranting about character, how can one call Trump a sexual predator when Obama's boner and the Clinton' partnership with a registered sex offender offering trips to Orgy Island with underaged kids is brushed away as a mere minor inconvenience? Either one truly believes in his character assassinations of all truly bad peole or he is not worth listening to. Being a hypocrite is number one in the liberal handbook.
  14. Well, they can't have real guns in England. Some people just need to stop being so paranoid. I took a toy gun to school for show and tell. Now, I would go to jail.
  15. NCAA Super Regionals

    Doesn't get any better. Bases loaded with 2 outs and 2 strikes. One swing of the bat can win it or lose it. Ground out to ss to end it. Texas came back taking 2 in-a-row to win it against a very scrappy Tennessee team. Of course, Texas had a final at bat had the man hit a slam. Still, a nail biter.