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  1. Funny how you can say that now, when Bush was considered the evil that plagued Obama's failed presidency. You are so insightful. Bush didn't bow either. Lmao.
  2. The Feed Store

    I just viewed your map and it is spot on. Lol
  3. The Feed Store

    Drive past Port Neches park about two blocks, it's on the corner on your right. At first it appears as a white house, which it may have been converted, I don't know. You will see the cars. I promise that you will love the food and hospitality.
  4. Even though I started a thread on this topic named Trump Didn't Bow, I will make a comment here. The leader of the free world bows to no one. Trump fulfilled that in it's entirety.  The port of Beaumont will be thriving, shipping all of this military equipment. It already ranks as top port for these type of shipments. I work by the tracks going through downtown and salute as the tanks go by. Lmao.  
  5. Most of those protesting the confederate statues don't know who Lenin is. Plus, that's in Seattle and they're all on dope.
  6. More Liberal Mental Illness!

    Wow, they should be proud. Is this the same party that wants to raise taxes, which in California are already unbelievable? Can't really say much about Trump's potty mouth after seeing that. Hypocrites.
  7. Neither one of you have voiced your concerns over your DEMOCRATIC boy throwing out RACIAL SLURS!!!! Let a republican do that and you and Tobie would have a field day....recalling all the bad things white people did 150+ years ago. WTF dudes? Gotta shut your trap on this because it is one of your own?  Now you are going to say you are not Democrats.  YOU HAVE NO STANCE!!!! YOU PICK ALL YOUR BATTLES CAREFULLY!!! DEMOCRATS CAN CALL YOU THE "N" WORD. WOW!! Who is bending over now?
  8. This is great news and I hope it happens, but I don't believe in projecting military plans. They should just do it and then tell me how it went. I want no prisoners because someone like Obama would come along and release them.
  9. Yes, and I can see the forest. The Russian collusion story is a dead horse. If there was really something there, it would have surfaced by now. What are we waiting on? Comey is a two faced liar. All we are doing is questioning procedural crap to keep it in the news. It is very tiresome to keep reading and our concentration should be on other topics. Comey backed off Hillary because of the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch. Comey backed off Russian collusion because Trump told him to and then was fired for being an inept fool. Can we agree there is no difference in the two situations?
  10. Sheriff Clarke

    Again, you got nothing and you are the one who praised Clinton for what he did for blacks. I asked what he did and you say what has Trump done. Very laughable.
  11. Whatever happened to giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Are we really condemning a man for calling someone a nut job? We have truly become very shallow.
  12. I was sure Tobie would start this thread. He was all over O'Reilly. Wonder why he hasn't commented on this Fox news employee?
  13. Sheriff Clarke

    You cant even tell me what Obama did for blacks. Ok, tell me what Clinton did for blacks.
  14. Last Man Standing

  15. Trump Didn't Bow

    Back on topic. Trump made a good sale to the Saudis. We are the number one seller of arms in the world. We have the best, plain and simple.