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  1. Happy........But Not For All

    What can you possibly find wrong with people who believe like this...
  2. Happy........But Not For All

    How did you glean that from my post? You live no better life than anyone. Again, why not just leave it alone. I mean, you have no dog in this fight.
  3. Happy........But Not For All

    You get nothing straight intentionally, hence.....a troll
  4. Happy........But Not For All

    BS. You fool no one.
  5. Happy........But Not For All

    Why does one feel the need to post crap like this? How about just leave it alone? Christians have never done anything to you to make you hate them, besides their beliefs, which hurt no one. You are the epitome of a troll.....nothing more.
  6. New Congress

    I think they introduced a gun control bill. Not sure how that went. Introduced a reparations bill. Let’s see.....welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, just to name a few. What else are they OWED?! 
  7. Absolutely. Altuve (2 run hr) and Bregman (solo) homered on consecutive pitches in the 1st inning last night against the Rangers. That alone would have been enough to win the game. Astros won 7-2. Cole going today. Should be fun.
  8. Can't help but wonder

    You would think that with all the anti Trump people working on this investigation, they would have, in the very least, fabricated something criminal. Instead, they come up with nothing and the dims won’t believe it. Enlightened one with the far superior I.Q., cn you explain that?
  9. How does one obstruct a non-crime?
  10. Can't help but wonder

  11. Attention Republitard Snowflakes - Please Try And Defend This

    So, if we can substitute either president for the sake of a few chuckles, what does this prove? That they are both crooked, they are both noble (Obama won the n-o-b-e-l prize), or they should both be left alone? No matter how you slice it, Trump is 100 times the president Obama was. Obama was heralded as the great black hope. Please tell me what he did for black people. I have never gotten an answer to that one. Been asking it for years.
  12. Candace Owens

    You know these antifa thugs want you to hit them so you can be arrested for felony assault. They should be arrested for inciting a felony assault. 
  13. Attention Republitard Snowflakes - Please Try And Defend This

    That’s reason enough for me to be a turncoat and vote democrat.......NOT!!!!
  14. Hungary Loves Trump

    Lefties, this is known as having a foreign policy. Hungary’s top diplomat praises Trump on NATO push, contrasts against Obama-era ‘lecturing’   Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at