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  1. I Thought Big Girl Said

    Yeah, nothing could possibly come out of a simple foia request. It's kinda like tumbleweed. Lol  
  2. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    ......and affiliates. Lmao
  3. Leftist Anarchist At It Again!

    This is not Big Girl.  Really, how did they pull that off? Was there welfare, abortion, gay rights, social medicine, etc....back then? 
  4. Obama Knew....

    Kinda like saying someone is staring at you. How do you know that unless you are staring at them?
  5. Obama Knew....

    No, I'm on welfare. Funny how the Russians were the mission of the left for a long time. Now that King Obama has been discovered knowing about them all along, it ceases to be an issue. When you truly have no platform, this is what happens. It also happens when the right has been pointing it out all along that the dims have plenty of snakes in the grass. Voila. Obama was so scared of Putin that he couldn't even snitch on him. How deceitful he was to the American people.
  6. California also the queer capital of the world. Look at Hollywood. These would be the hate crime recipients.
  7. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    No, I don't have an answer for everything. If I did I would be God. Now, what did you think of my post?
  8. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I said I didn't see any blacks in the videos I had watched. Don't quote me unless it's verbatim. My fake comment was tongue in cheek which is hard to purvey in text.
  9. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Why should anyone answer you seriously when you didn't even attempt to address my post? You simply press quote and ask your question.
  10. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    I knew the answer. Kinda fun to make it rhetorical. Lol. 
  11. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    You need to stop there alright, because you don't know me. Expressing my opinions on a message board don't always reveal the total person. Most of my opinions are too show my side, but like you said, you are not interested. All white people are not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. I could have easily been a criminal. Doesn't take much character to be one. I have earned everything I own. Took lots of hard work and long hours, and for someone to think it was all given to me because I am white makes my blood boil.
  12. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I see a white guy flying through the air also, but lets pin all the focus on the black guy so we have a racist angle.
  13. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Kinda like New Orleans' Nagin wanting to keep NO chocolate? NO has become the armpit of the nation. Ranks right there with Chicago and Detroit. Where is Nagin BTW?
  14. Could have something to do with Giselle.
  15. Do statues answers prayers?

    Google is her friend. She kinda made her bed with that forgiveness response. Gives me all the ammo I need.