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  1. Cop acquitted after executing unarmed man

    Yep, a bugaboo. What's wrong with viewing it again?
  2. When they get into the military, won't that shower be an experience.....shaving their legs and their beard? What if a real hairy guy whacks his pee pee, does he then start shaving his chest and back? I can see why these its are confused bunch. It confuses the hell out of me.
  3. Cop acquitted after executing unarmed man

    We invented everything else.
  4. Where is the jail time for these fake accusers? Throw them in jail, this crap will cease.
  5. Military about to let them in. They can have their sex change on our dime. Only reason they pushed for military service. Surely none of us thought they wanted to be stationed in Iraq. Thilly thavages.
  6. This looks like a good place for this.....
  7. Cop acquitted after executing unarmed man

    OMG, you still haven't watched the video. Ignorance is bliss. Smh
  8. Does seem a bit careless, but Mueller looks like a DH on a mission. The American people deserve something better than these never-ending investigations that have turned up zero. Anyone who would overlook Hillary and go after Trump is a POS anyway you slice it.
  9. Cop acquitted after executing unarmed man

    You have to be the stupidest poster on this board. If you watch the video and read the posts, you wouldn't have to ask your ignorant question.
  10. Global Warming Update!

    'Arbitrary' adjustments exaggerate sea level rise, study finds  
  11. Global Warming Update!

    It was a liberal bear.
  12. Global Warming Update!

    Cow flatulence is a huge contributor. Me and Reb are doing our best to rid the universe of these Earth killers. 
  13. My MY -- Guess Who's Involved!

    Has anyone seen the silly accusations? I especially like the Miss America contestant who said she didn't like the was Trump ogled her. Yet she is willing to walk out on a stage half naked in front of every man in the country and be ogled by them in order to WIN a contest.
  14. Global Warming Update!

    I also believed there was an oil shortage in the 70s. We were told there was enough oil to last 10 years. Wasn't that a scientific assessment? Ok, back to global warming.....
  15. Good one Reb. Most blacks will not watch the entire video. Once they hear her take on Kapertwit, they will turn it off. At least she is a free thinker, meaning she has the ability to use reasoning. It's the one thing that separates us from the animals.