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  1. Transrace?

    "Great big eyes that looked like ball bearings"
  2. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    The ones the programs are designed to help. Not the ones who play the system.
  3. Who cares if Trump wins again? As long as a communist doesn't we should be ok. You're the guy who always has to say wait till next year. Sad.... And what does this have to do with the visitor's log? Are you tetched?
  4. Crayola is racist?

    No, Play Doh has a remarkable effect on nerves to keep people from going postal. 
  5. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    It took eight months to get Obamacare going. The left is quick to pounce but hey, you gotta do what you do best. I don't want government healthcare except for the elderly who paid their way and to help the truly needy.
  6. This Guy Trump

    Wow, that's seriously the first I have heard of that. I used to like Nugent's stance on gun control and all, but that goes too far. He should be arrested along with Madonna, Snoop, and that other clown bow wow. Since I am man enough to admit that, tell me why you are not upset with Trump being targeted along with his wife. We have to meet each other halfway or we gain nothing. Please don't tell me tit for tat.  
  7. Crayola is racist?

    Doesn't work. Look at the Libs. Hostile as ever.
  8. You are in for a long wait sir.
  9. Really don't know, don't care. That's how important this is. You said you were going to keep posting crap about Trump. Congratulations.....mission accomplished.
  10. Yep, if I were president, the first thing every morning I would make sure the WH log sheet is revealed. What could possibly be more important?
  11. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    I like Donald Trump. Didn't know for sure if he was the right choice early in the campaign, but any president who signs away government regulations will get my vote again. I truly don't see the left's problem with less government intervention. Many regulations are so absurd I can't believe someone thought them up. Then again, we are talking about the left.
  12. 3 Less Punks

    I love my AR-15. Gonna name it Punk Eliminator now. He got 3 in a matter of seconds. Wish there was video. There is for everything else.
  13. This Guy Trump

    You are a LIAR. Ted Nugent is all about second amendment rights. He never threatened Obama in any way, shape, or form. What did Duke do to Obama? Now you can run and hide.
  14. The Left Follows This?

    Nappy, start your own racist thread. Now, do you follow crocodile tears Schumer?