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  1. Socialized medicine at it’s finest.
  2. State of country depends on Texas

    Make your move ICE.
  3. Will reparations make slavery go away? I’m certain that all the black people who hate whites because of slavery will then sit down and roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya with their white brethren. We could be one big, happy family. Finally....... I know a black man who hates whites. Can I get some money from him?
  4. Good post. Agree, but the world police dept. has to meddle. Comes with the territory. I believe that if America did not exist, the world would have already nuked itself into oblivion. Cant understand why anyone would want us to go away. To possibly rule the world, but think how many would have to die and how unstable it would be. Wouldn’t last. We are the John Wayne toilet paper of the world. We take crap off of no one. We should at least get the $180,000,000 from Iran for that drone.
  5. It’s why I said they want no part of the Jews. The scary part is that it doesn’t stop there.
  6. Wouldn’t that make him a DINO?
  7. If they ever get a nuke and decide to seal their fate, first place they target is Israel. I promise, they want no part of the Jews. I cant believe we kept them pent up when Sadaam Insane was lobbing those scary scuds at them.  I believe Iran will reach 10,000* Fahrenheit and glaze over before they can ever get close to Houston. I worry more about someone smuggling in a dirty bomb.
  8. They also took out a power plant in Saudi with a cruise missile......but they don’t want a war.
  9. You wear your religion on the cuff of your shirt. You need to translate that last statement.  
  10. I’m  I’m waiting for a former slave to come up to me and tell me how I owe him anything. That should go over well. 
  11. Reparations: Welfare Section 8 housing  Medicaid Food stamps I really work for my family and myself. I don’t believe I should pay other’s way so they can live the life of Riley. Forget that! I owe no one except the banks and Uncle Sam.
  12. Anyone Else Notice

    Biden is an idiot. He is the main reason I wanted Obama to stay safe.
  13. Anyone Else Notice

    Ever given any thought as to why there are more dim presidential hopefuls than ever in history? Most of them know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hades. They get filthy rich off of the campaign donations. Sanders got a lake house last time.
  14. Anyone Else Notice

    .... with all the anti white, Christian, Trump mentalities out there among all those so called dims, the front runner for their party right now is an old, Christian white man? See what presents itself when you have no platform?  Side note: Why does Bernie Sanders want to change the economy? 
  15. ANTIFA Gets Their Arse Kicked…

    All while smoking a cigarette. Just a walk in the park for that guy.