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  1. Nederland Bond

    Get the Russians involved in the vote. It will pass then.
  2. Nederland Bond

    I’ll be shocked if this bond passes with the athletic upgrades in. Nederland needs new schools bad and they haven’t passed a bond yet for new schools with upgrades to the athletic facilities.
  3. Scrimmage Thread

    PNG beat Bridge City 11-5.
  4. So what you are saying is that a kid in high school can’t have a phenomenal defensive night against a great B-ball player especially if they are from PNG or BH. Also, you are  saying that Hefner is not a D1 player. Well if you have ever watched him play he is legit. His supporting cast had a bad night tonight and couldn’t take up the slake. Nederland is young and are just learning how to play when another team takes away their star player. But still give a kid praise when they deserve it.
  5. Dude, what is your problem? Can you not accept the fact that Nail had a great defensive night against a great BBall player? I’m not degrading Hefner. Nail probably just played the defensive game of his life. And no , Nail is not my son. But I will give praise to a kid who deserves it.
  6. I never said Nail was a D1 defender. I just said he did a hell of a job defending Hefner. When Nail was defending him Hefner couldn’t get going. I was just giving Nail kudos for playing a hell of a defensive game tonight. 
  7. Brady Nail did a hell of a job defensively against Hefner. PNG’s Trent Lee got hot and stayed hot. PNG out rebounded Ned. Nederland just not as talented as in the past but they never gave up and fought hard till the final buzzer.
  8. Cowboys Fire.....

    Jerry may be waiting to see when New Orleans is through so he can see where Sean Payton stands. Jerry may have already struck a deal with Payton for all we know and can’t let Garret go just yet due to it would look suspicious.
  9. How does a offensive line sack his QB?
  10. Coaching Carousel

    If Riordan leaves Crosby’s football team will be non existent. No coach worth hiring would put his name in the hat for that position with all that’s happened in that school district.
  11. Kary Vincent Sr. has passed

    Prayers for the family.
  12. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    Lauren Hantatty at PNG High School is the one who got this all together. She did a great job. ESPN was there as well as local stations.
  13. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    This was an awesome event. The kids had fun as well as the fans. My son said he had a blast coaching the PNG kids.
  14. #7 LSU at #22 Texas A&M

    Once you see it you'll see how bad LSU got screwed many times by the refs that helped a&m win that game. If I was Orgeron, not that it would change the outcome, but I would demand a review of that crew and accuse the crew with corruption and favoritism that aided the a&m win. I would demand that crew be suspended and not be allowed the officiate any champiinship games or bowl games the rest of the season.  
  15. Yea, Francis is a good dude.