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  1. SETXsports Pick ' em Results - Week 3

    Keeping up with my string of mediocrity... 
  2. SETXsports Pick ' em Results - Week 3

    They’ll be up when they’re up.  WOSgrad does many things for this site, and pickem results aren’t too high on his list of responsibilities.  
  3. Good drive there.  That’s the sort of play calling they need for him to succeed.  More of a college style offense.  Of course, that style of offense usually doesn’t work to long in the NFL.  
  4. The defense looks great.  The offense is stagnant.  Dak has made a couple of good throws, but a few bad ones as well.  If he doesn’t improve drastically over the season it might be time to trade up and draft a quarterback.  
  5. USC at Texas

    That’s targeting 
  6. USC at Texas

    wish the longhorns had been playing like this all season.  They have to find some consistency.  Ellingher looks like a real qb tonight.  
  7. USC at Texas

    Can’t argue that targeting call.
  8. USC at Texas

    Texas up 2 and still holding their own at the half.  
  9. Reading this prediction thread, it seems like we might need to throw United a parade or something tomorrow for only losing by a touchdown
  10. USC at Texas

    Sam just missed a wide open touchdown pass.
  11. USC at Texas

    That’s how I saw it.
  12. USC at Texas

    I hope you lose this bet and win the rest that you made.  
  13. USC at Texas

    Yeah.  That was a safety in my eyes.  I can see not having conclusive proof that his knee touched down, even though you can assume it did, but it looked like the ball came down on the front edge of the goal line before his momentum pushed it forward.  
  14. USC at Texas

    UT lost to Maryland and squeaked by Tulsa.  USC is in the top-25.  Did you put money on Texas with that line?  I dang sure didn’t.
  15. USC at Texas

    Texas is holding their own so far.  Looks like they have a kicker this year, too!