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  1. https://twitter.com/josecanseco/status/1095438876124930048?s=21
  2. Tigers are as good as advertised.  Full credit to the hawks for playing hard all the way through, and only being outscored by 1 in the second half after it looked like this game could get really ugly.
  3. Gotta love coach Davis calling a timeout so he can yell at the refs
  4. 67-42 mid-4th.  Persohn just fouled out on a couple of close calls.  Gonna get tougher from here for the hawks.  
  5. 62-33 tigers, end of 3.  Much better quarter for the hawks, but the tigers still extended their lead a little more.  
  6. 53-27 mid-3rd.  Hawks started the 3rd on a little run but the tigers came right back.  
  7. 41-14 tigers, late in the half 
  8. Ugly start for the hawks.  Silsbee up 13-1 nearing the end of the 1st
  9. Is the live feed up yet?  I get an ad that plays, but then just a black screen.  Not sure if it’s not on yet, there’s a problem with the feed, or I’m having issues because the service out here isn’t great