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  1. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/23551349/community-comes-together-support-santa-fe-high-school-baseball-team-day-tragic-school-shooting
  2. The screenshot shows pretty clearly it was a bad call
  3. 3-2, BC takes game one

    It’s confirmed.  But not official.  

    HJ fans will be glad with this hire 
  6. 2-1 final, heritage wins.  Another great season for jasper!
  7. Per max preps heritage is up 2-1 late in the 2nd OT
  8. According to Maxpreps the game is 1-1 in the 2nd OT right now 
  9. Heritage beat Liberty Hill in a shootout.  It was 1-1 at the end of OT.  Only 9 shots were put on goal the entire game from both teams combined.  
  10. Congrats!  Time to get over the hump and bring one home to setx!
  11. Madisonville beat Center 3-2 in OT to advance to state.
  12. They have a tough matchup in the regional finals against Lorena today.  They’re 26-2 on the season.
  13. They had one heck of a season!  That’s a tough one to go out on, but they gave one of the best teams of the state all they wanted and more.  20-6 and a trip to the regional tourney is quite an accomplishment for a 2nd year program that went 2-19-1 last year.
  14. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    Dez has his shortcomings, but if he ends up with a good qb somewhere he’ll be good again.  Dak killed his career in Dallas.  For Dez to be Dez he needs a qb that can be at least semi-accurate farther than 12 yds down the field