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  1. The Clinton Dead Pool.....interesting sea of bodies.

    I’ve gone through the list before, and most of it is obviously BS.  I’m having a hard time understanding why the article about this couple posted on foxnews didn’t mention their upcoming testimony, or why a retired school nurse and her husband who works at a funeral home would be testifying at a hearing about a major pharmaceutical company?  I’m also curious why all of the people from various nutcase  conspiracy sites are able to post all about these “murders” and live to tell the tale, and why legitimate conservative sites like fox don’t pick it up if there’s any legitimacy to it?
  2. 2018 World Cup

    Due to some weird results, the two sides of the bracket are completely uneven. One side of the bracket somehow has Uruguay, Portugal, Brazil, France, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, and the winner of England/Belgium. The other side of the bracket only has Russia, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, Colombia, and the loser of England/Belgium. I can’t remember a World Cup where pretty much every favorite ended up on the same side in the knockouts.  If Belgium ends up on the hard side of the bracket, which it seems like they’re trying to avoid, it will be even tougher over there.  
  3. 2018 World Cup

    I’m having a hard time getting real worked up for this World Cup with the USA not in it, but I’m sure I’ll still watch every game.
  4. NCAA Super Regionals

    Chase Shugart gets the start today in the Horns’ elimination game.  Started it off with a strikeout.
  5. He out coached himself all the way into the state semis.  Hopefully he out coaches himself two more times and brings home a state title!
  6. Congrats!  Way to bring it home to setx!
  7. It’s impressive how much they’ve already improved as a team throughout the course of this one season.  Mid-season when their record sat at 11-11, I doubt many people would’ve guessed they’d be 30-14 and playing for a state championship by season’s end.  
  8. That’s an incredible result for liberty!  I posted in the other thread, but Beeville only allowed 8 runs all year counting the one in this game.  
  9. Looks like a brutal matchup against Beeville in the semis.  Beeville has given up a total of 7 runs all year in 26 games.