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  1. UIL Baseball State Tournament

    Carroll already 10-run ruled argyle this year,  11-1.  Their only loss in the past two seasons.
  2. UIL Baseball State Tournament

    That’s insane.  If your kid is an athlete in the metroplex, and you want to get away from the big city, argyle is where you move to.  
  3. Anyone know times state games

    Kirbyville faces 37-1 Wall at 9am Friday.    
  4. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

  5. They’ve had a soft schedule, but evadale has lost to the overwhelming majority of good teams on their schedule, so it’ll be an interesting matchup I guess.  
  6. 24-1 with the 1 loss a close one to a school that’s still alive in the 4A playoffs.  I’d say they’re pretty salty.  
  7. 4A - Region 3

    I didn’t say they weren’t good, but their district IS garbage, which I did bring up.  
  8. Pollok Central won game 1 5-2 in 9 innings, then took the series in game two winning 6-0
  9. Kfdm Facebook reporting that Newton football coach W.T. Johnston has passed away. 
  10. Way to go, hawks!
  11. Hardin and Livingston

    1 or 3 game series?