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  1. Jasper vs. Hamshire-Fannett

    HF had a really nice season, but Jasper in the first round is a pretty harsh reward to show for it.  Jasper by 4+ TD
  2. Texas @ Okie Lite

    That’s the game 
  3. Texas @ Okie Lite

    I hate that those 7 gifted points at the end of the 1st half are going to be the difference.
  4. Texas @ Okie Lite

    Texas gets brutalized on an obvious call, okie lite takes advantage.  Horns are in bad shape.  Missing two starters in the secondary is killing them, and I didn’t feel good about this matchup anyway.  
  5. Dallas

    From what I hear he was lazy at practice and is kind of a headcase.  Hopefully a change of scenery does him well.
  6. West Orange Stark vs Hardin-Jefferson

    Not that I’m aware of
  7. Dallas

    Shoulda just kept Dez.  We’re in the same situation now with Cooper that we were with him (quality #1 receiver and a qb that can’t get him the ball), only now short a first round pick. 
  8. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Glad to see the horns turn it up on both sides of the ball before the half.  
  9. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    I thought that was a clear incompletion.  From the reverse view, 80% of the ball was on the ground.  I don’t consider having a good hand cupped on the tip of the ball “control”.
  10. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    6 weeks ago I woulda said Big Sam going into the locker room in the first quarter was probably a good thing, but he’s turned into a really good qb the last 4 games.