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  1. Mid County Sr Babe Ruth World Series Champs

    Caught the last four innings, including the 3 run one.   MC put it away after that one.
  2. Sources needed for story

    Really?  Fishing for a story are we?
  3. Not to get into a UT/A&M debate here, but they are both pretty much in the same space right now.  10 years ago, no.  Now, neither one have been real successful.  Like Grad said, Roschon  has had his heart set on going there, more power to him.
  4. Lets not go overboard here.  UT hasn't been a premier program in 10 years.  And the coach is so far unproven in a big program like UT.  Anyway, Congrats to Roschon!
  5. Re-Alignment Changes

    At one time they had the highest attendance numbers in the district, that was back when they first moved to 20-4a from 19.  This was only 4 years or so after they opened.
  6. Nederlands Staff.

    the coach from PNG?
  7. Yes, but its an apples to orange comparison.  WOS has only been around since '79.  BMT WB and Central since '82.   Ozen since '98 and PAM didn't start until 2002. PNG, NED and some other teams have been playing since 1925.
  8. I know.  He is a friend of mine.  I don't think he is staying the soccer coach.
  9. Did Coach Watzlavik coach football or just soccer?
  10. Hopefully the QBs that they have progress from last year.
  11. Beaumont Ozen Schedule Question

    I have been once, finally made it over there for a Ned playoff game.  Its a pretty nice stadium.
  12. And he is a kicker , I believe.
  13. Nederland played them last year in non-district and will again this year.  I know PNG has had them on the schedule as well.   As far as 22-5a goes, losing a non-distict game because of the Livingston deal messed everyone up.
  14. Just want to say

    Thank you ma'am.
  15. Turf in Bellville

    There are parts of Brookshire that are Katy ISD.   Just get ready for the taxes, lol.