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  1. BH Vs. Vidor

    Do or die for Vidor,  but BH needs this game almost as much to stay in the playoff race.
  2. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    Lol. Nederland and PNG see that offense every year so they know how to defend it. The new teams in district haven’t but Santa Fe figured it out.
  3. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    I’m calling for an exorcism.
  4. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    I’ve seen a couple of slips, but the field is holding up well
  5. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Yeah.  Ned looks much better as far as mistakes but still have a few.
  6. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Fernandez almost had too much on that pass
  7. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Another bad penalty.
  8. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Well the Dogs were doing well with the penalties until then.
  9. That would definitely be headline material!
  10. Vidor vs Sante Fe predictions thread

    I agree,  at least with the fireworks part.
  11. Crosby V. PNG

    He means as far as this game goes.  Just an FYI for all,  of you want to discuss Crosby ISD financials please feel free to start a thread in the Locker Room or Political forums on this site if one doesn’t exist already.
  12. Crosby V. PNG

    Same goes for you.  Knock off the personal stuff 
  13. Vidor vs Sante Fe predictions thread

    They didn't bring a whole bunch of people for the game against Ned.   It was pretty sparse on their side.
  14. Crosby V. PNG

    Ok, he is already taking a vacation, if you keep up the personal stuff you will join him.