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  1. Wos jumbotron

    Appropriate choice of music as well.   
  2. Some local district predictions

      No, neither one of those guys are ever  sarcastic.   lol.
  3. Some local district predictions

    I believe all of that was sarcasm. 
  4. Yep went from one overrated player to two.
  5. Countdown is on.

    we need a countdown counter up somewhere
  6. Barrow is 18-5 for the first two years.
  7. Wos jumbotron

    you just had to bring that up , didn't you.
  8. NHS Football Schedule

    You need to adjust that tin-foil hat man, I think its a little too tight. 
  9. NHS Football Schedule

    shhhh...  don't tell too much or they will revoke your access.  lol
  10. NHS Football Schedule

    That schedule only goes out to certain people. 
  11. GCCISD Turf

    so you assume.  Doesn't matter that was out of bounds.
  12. GCCISD Turf

    Ok, now if that type of comment was made about Crosby you would be up in arms.  So don't.
  13. Vidor Turf

    Lol, thats ok, the final score is what matters. 
  14. Vidor Turf

    any pictures of the Vidor field?