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  1. Nederland Next Season

    I guess my biggest concern will be DBs and LBs starting out.   Hopefully they get up to speed by the time district starts.

    Here's a thought if you don't like the field so much,   don't go to the games!
  3. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    He is as right about that as he was about whether the bond would pass or not, so consider the source.  LOL
  4. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Nederland FD just got a new pumper truck ,  I am sure the district can borrow it. 
  5. West Hardin

    Let’s just get back on topic.
  6. Maybe the coach would have a better game plan other than run RJ until his tongue is on the turf, but I agree with Coach01  he didn't have a ton of weapons.  Which is why I don't look for PNG to be as competitive this year.   (Cue the PNG folks!  )
  7. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    maybe some of the PNG folks can clear that up since its been a while, but I don't remember them doing anything really with the away stands other than take the stands out of the endzone, which were split half and half home/away.  Maybe my memory is going.  That is a  possibility.  , 
  8. West Hardin

    And if someone said that about your town in a generalization how would you feel about it?  Some people think they can get on here and say whatever they want, that is not the case.
  9. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    They really didn’t do anything with the visitors side other than keep it smaller on purpose.
  10. West Hardin

    18 ) The bashing of any particular coach, player, referee, etc will not be tolerated. This includes issues involving their personal lives, coaching/playing style or performance, past experiences, etc. that extends to peoples towns as well.
  11. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    They can extend those shorter stands on the ends up and add quite a few seats.  That would be fine by me.
  12. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    They will be modifying seating to be ADA compliant  (wheelchair and limited mobility access).   I am not sure if they will be adding additional seating or not,  one of the Mosleys might be able to answer that better than I can.
  13. West Hardin

    Doesn't matter.  Knock off the name calling.
  14. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    It will depend on how fast the get surveys  and design done and such.   I would like to see at least the restrooms and the turf done this year but I want them to do it right.