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  1. Nederland Bond

    MMosely07 posted the list of upgrades, building a new high school that was poorly designed from the start is a lot different than building a brand new stadium with an administrator's name on it.    All of the upgrades and replacing the HS are needed.  The stadium is a separate proposition so it doesn't necessarily affect the school upgrade part of the bond.
  2. Nederland Bond

    Same thing that you are doing ignoring the fact that the monthly increase is small and will be spread out over multiple years.
  3. Crosby is open

    And Rio had assistants cut due to the money problems.   Those jobs might not open back up again for a while.
  4. Crosby is open

    With the district's financial troubles, I wouldn't assume that.  No guarantee that they will pay the next guy what Rio was making or more.
  5. Silsbee football field

    not if the bond passes in May.
  6. Nederland Bond

    The overcrowding doesn't help.  There are teachers using converted closets, the library and the cafeteria for class rooms.   Pretty much all of the schools are out of space.  Adding wings to the elementary schools and moving the 5th grade back down will help some, but there will be a need for additional space at the middle schools as well.
  7. Nederland Bond

    There is that danger.  But the board didn’t want to possibly jeopardize the school upgrades if people were opposed to stadium upgrades.
  8. Nederland Bond

    Yes, the softball fields have had upgrades.   There have been additional stands, a scoreboard and batting cages put in.   I agree that it needs some additional work too. It definitely looks different from when i was there because there wasn't a field there at all!
  9. Nederland Bond

    Full list of the bond proposal: After extensive discussion at the February CAC meeting, the committee made the following recommendations to Nederland ISD which was accepted at this week's meeting. New High School ($82.7M) Includes but not limited to the following:      *Built at same location      *Focus on advancing CTE program needs      *Designed learning environment based upon program        capacity and modern teaching practices to strengthen        and expand the academic experience      *Performing Arts Center will remain in current location Elementary School New Learning Areas and Improvements ($49.1M) Includes but not limited to the following:      *Additional classrooms including flexible learning &        teaching spaces      *5th grade expansion      *Improved drop off/pick-up and parking      *Additional & improved restrooms      *Expanded and improved cafeteria & gym      *Additional program space for occupational and        physical therapy Middle School Improvements ($11.1M) Includes but not limited to the following:      *Improved classrooms including flexible learning &        teaching spaces      *Improved drop off/pick-up and parking      *Additional & improved restrooms Technology Initiative ($4.8M) Includes but not limited to the following:      *Fiber optics      *Infrastructure      *1:1 devices Safety & Security ($3.4M) Includes but not limited to the following:      *District wide improvements limiting physical access to        campuses      *Additional cameras      *Safety vestibules Stadium Upgrades ($4.5M) - SEPARATE PROPOSITION Includes but not limited to the following:      *Field turf      *Improved restrooms      *Improved press-box       *Modified seating      *ADA required updates Should bond money become available for improvements other than the listed projects, the committee would like the district to consider additional improvements to Bulldog Stadium. To include: field house/dressing rooms and concession stands.
  10. Nederland Bond

    The upgrades are to the stadium, but as previously stated,  other groups will benefit as well.  I am guessing a new high school will include new gyms and facilities for locker rooms, etc.
  11. Nederland Bond

    I hope so, we need to get the parents with school -age kids involved.
  12. Nederland Bond

    I believe 155.6 million  I will have to double check.
  13. Nederland Bond

    Schools are on the bond.  New High School and upgrades to the rest of the schools including security and technology.  The stadium will be a separate proposition from the schools.
  14. Nederland Bond

    The Nederland ISD bond is set for May 4th.   Stadium upgrades are included in this bond. (turf, press box, restrooms, etc.)
  15. Crosby is open

    Dont forget Summer Creek.