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  1. Only reason Barber's Hill ISD has money is the refineries.
  2. Brenham is Open

    No kidding.  They would have to widen all of the doors of the school though.
  3. ARTHUR LOUIS 4 years; 24-20-0; 4-1-0 1998  Beaumont Ozen           3-8-0 T 1999  Beaumont Ozen           6-5-0 R 2000  Beaumont Ozen           9-3-0* 2001  Beaumont Ozen           6-4-0 T * All of those years were in the old 19-4a, (Lumberton, Jasper, Silsbee, Dayton and Livingston ) were in that district.  Lost to Nederland in Bi-district in 1998, 1999 and 2001.   Also lost to Nederland and PNG in non-district in 1998 and 1999.
  4. Worst facilities in the area?

    What district do you support by the way? Maybe with new blood on the board they can get a bond passed,  but even with the facilities they have Nederland is one of the highest ranked school district in this area.
  5. Worst facilities in the area?

    To each his own I guess, doesn't change the fact that Nederland has a very good educational program and prepares the kids for college.  Facilities don't win football kids or educate kids.   I moved my kid from Katy back to Nederland.   Katy was more worried about that stupid standardized test than acutally teaching the kids things that they will use in life.  I do agree that a bond needs to be passed for new schools though.
  6. If the talent isn’t there they won’t.  That was my point.
  7. Talent wise.  Nederland has some kids every few years or so that are good enough to play in college.  And by and large,  most of them did.  PA sends people every year. So blaming or praising a coach for “getting scholarships “ is kind of silly.  Those kids and their families are doing more of the work on getting the scholarships by uploading videos and social media. But you can only do what you can with what you have.
  8. that was what I was thinking.
  9. yeah, get off the phone and drive!!! LOL.
  10. Wright was in Houston ISD, so take that as you will.   Jordan played different sets of teams over the years, including Pearland and the FB teams.
  11. Man thats an apples to oranges comparison....
  12. Here are the other two unknowns that Alpha mentioned and the two current BISD coaches. TODD WRIGHT 4 years; 26-15-0; 4-1-0 2014  Houston Waltrip      6-5-0 F 2015  Houston Waltrip      6-5-0 F 2016  Houston Waltrip      7-4-0 R 2017  Houston Waltrip      7-1-0*   SHAUN WYNN: 2 years, 2-16-0 2016  Pasadena Rayburn     2-8-0 2017  Pasadena Rayburn     0-8-0   JEFF NELSON 5 years; 20-32-0; 2-0-0 —staff, Ozen, ll years--- 2009  Beaumont Ozen          3-7-0 2010  Beaumont Ozen          2-8-0 2011  Beaumont Ozen          7-6-0 F 2012  Beaumont Ozen          4-7-0 F ---staff, Beaumont ISD--- 2017  Beaumont Central       4-4-0   EDWARD TAYLOR: 2 years, 3-15-0 2016  Beaumont Ozen         1-9-0 2017  Beaumont Ozen         2-6-0  
  13. Nothing on Botkin. It looks like Jordan is the only one of the four discussed so far that has a decent record. AUDIE JACKSON 10 years; 50-52-0; 4-1-0 —staff, Dallas Hillcrest— 2008  Willis                           5-4-0 2009  Willis                           3-7-0 2010  Willis                           8-4-0 R 2011  Willis                           8-3-0 C  2012  Willis                           2-8-0 2013  Willis                           3-7-0 2014  Willis                           6-4-0 2015  Willis                           6-5-0 F 2016  Willis                           7-4-0 F 2017  Willis                           2-6-0   J.D. JORDAN 6 years; 46-24-0; 6-3-0 2010  Alief Taylor             10-2-0* 2011  Alief Taylor               7-5-0 R 2012  Alief Taylor               8-4-0* 2013  Alief Taylor               8-4-0* 2014  Alief Taylor               6-5-0 F 2015  Alief Taylor               7-4-0 R