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  1. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    I think it’s time to move on.
  2. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    Don’t say that too loud,  give him a bigger head than he already has.
  3. Marshall 62 Nederland 24/FINAL

    This game ain’t over, trust me
  4. Marshall 62 Nederland 24/FINAL

    Come on Dogs,  hammer down and get that score back!
  5. NRG

    We don't know yet.   Hopefully they find out before gametime.    
  6. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    5A II Region 3 is a murders row.  Huntsville, Manvel, A&M Consolidated,Marshall all still in along with the MC teams.  Some of that will sort itself out but  whoever gets out of this region will be battle-tested.   And then they will probably have to face Aledo in the finals.
  7. I noticed that Fernandez and Mayzec both played a little,  although I think Mayzec might have hurt himself again.
  8. Where were you sitting EC?
  9. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    I will give them one thing,  Ned doesn’t give up.  Marshall better play four quarters or there might be a repeat of tonight’s game.
  10. The defense played well,  gave up the early TD and then nothing but FG after.  The offense is gong to have to find thier way soon.
  11. If they come out and play next week like they did tonight they will go home for the year.
  12. That’s a really dumb call on fourth and a foot.