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  1. Just a Vidor fan bitter that they lost to Nederland, again.
  2. 22-5A Playoff Picture

    Point differential I think 
  3. 22-5A Playoff Picture

    It put Lumberton in a bad spot 
  4. 22-5A Playoff Picture

    Yes.  Ned is still 3-2 in district.  Central is now 2-2.
  5. 22-5A Playoff Picture

    Not much different.  PNG,PAM, Ned and Vidor 
  6. Enough.  All of you.  Stay on topic 
  7. Way too many mistakes and penalties!  Very sloppy.
  8. Way too many mistakes for Ned.  
  9. Gotta cut out the penalties Dogs.
  10. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    do you really thing that the Ned scouts only went to one game?
  11. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Well this thread went off the rails...
  12. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Ahh, I got it.
  13. Vidor @ Lumberton

    I agree. That offense can't get behind the sticks, its not designed for that.   2nd and long or 3rd and long isn't good. 
  14. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Well, there hasn't been much drop off so far....
  15. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Ok, explain the Alien space invaders thing..  I guess I missed that reference.