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  1. Realignment

    Was there an official announcement on the Beaumont schools?  I haven't seen anything.
  3. Nederland 54 HJ   38 Final congrats Dogs!
  4. Nederland 64 Chapel Hill 59 - final 
  5. Maybe he gets in once.  They played alot tougher defense back then.
  6. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Your best bet is to hit Houston by between 3:30  and 4:30 .  If you are going through later than that good luck. IH-10 is going to be the most direct route I wouldn't mess with the loops unless you go hit 99 off of 45 .
  7. Realignment

    Merger could be on hold, BISD might get more time to decide.
  8. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Looks like BISD could get a couple of years to figure out what they are going to do.
  9. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    I like the logo, not sure on the colors though.
  10. So I guess this domination was supposed to start when Memorial was formed?  Because TJ and Lincoln didn't exactly light things up with the exception of 1929 and 1944 and a couple of years in the 1980s.  
  11. Yep the guy that keeps pining for Burnett forgets that he didn’t do much better vs Ned.
  12. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    You are confused about sales taxes vs income and real estate taxes.  Not close to the same if someone is not paying rent/mortgage and income taxes only sales taxes vs someone who is paying all three.  
  13. Manvel 51 Nederland 26/FINAL

    Yes you were one of the few non-Nederland people who picked them finishing in the top 4.
  14. Manvel 51 Nederland 26/FINAL

    Played them tight up until 9:00 left in the 4th and didn’t quit.  Manvel just had too much.  Good season Dogs since everyone was picking them to be 5th or 6th in district and no playoffs.
  15. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    Ok, we are getting off into left field here and rehashing things that happened 30 years ago or more.  They are done and nobody can go back and change them.