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  1. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    Yeah we have to keep getting better though. Practice help this team out a lot hopefully we can keep it up
  2. Silsbee @ Navasota

    I heard there uptempo offense is pretty good. Speedy receivers. I heard they lack stopping the run. So silsbee should put some points on the board. It will come down if they can keep up. When LCM played them at there house I thought we should have never went in OT with them  because we were the better team but they fought hard at home. We gave them  their first district loss at home in quite some time. I’m happy they are coming to Orange this year  
  3. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    A mastermind like you probably graduated from Harvard lol
  4. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Dave Campbell’s has them at 24 and that’s with a loss to PNG
  5. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    Hey eagle, how’s Woodville doing?
  6. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    Did you graduate from? Nvm lol
  7. LC-M VS Bridge City

    Well we gave for sure one td to them with that interception. Possibly 2 if we would have contained Barnes. I think we came out in the second half thinking the game was over we need to play 4 quarters. We have 3 to 4 kids going both ways so your going to give up points to sacrifice for them to play on offense. We do need to bring up some kids in 4th quarter to relieve them guys. Now for KOGT saying they are possibly the best skill players we had in a long time that is probably true  but this  is just one game. Let’s try to win district championship. The last one was in 94 when I was in school lol
  8. Silsbee @ LC-M

    That's true, I was making a joke. But  honestly you should respect everyone even when it isn't earned.  You never know when the ball wont bounce your way. 
  9. Silsbee @ LC-M

    ah you graduate of 97? I hear ya man. Its good to to see some Alum on here and give some input on the bears instead of just me. 
  10. 10-4A DI Week 1

    Im sure Henderson will be fine. LCM has alot to work to do. If they come out there not inspired to play then we will have problems.
  11. 10-4A DI Week 1

    I hope yall win, I dont want to face Henderson again in the first round lol
  12. 10-4A DI Week 1

    I know I saw a lineman out before the game started. The starting running back went out of the game in the 1st q and then they started having severial injuries. Hopefully those kids will be back
  13. Don’t worry about CB. We are about the knock beaks off them. LCM old rivals are BC. Im ready for Friday night. Hopefully 4 good quarters. like I said we owe them! 
  14. 10-4A DI Week 1

    Yeah last year y’all took us to the woodshed. I’m jk man. Carthage is a different animal. How do you see y’all district ending up?