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  2. West Hardin

    I see the job posted on their site. It seems as if the AD will remain separate from the HFC?.
  3. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Two cents is never worth a nickel....just saying
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  5. Ilhan Omar

    If your religion that u practice teaches hate and killing then u lose ur civil liberties IMO.  Also, hence that type of practice, should not be allowed in this country nor any country. America better wake up. Especially those states that have elected certain individuals. but then again we do murder innocent heart beating babies
  6. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    I thought they know it happened, but they are just trying to decide if they get penalized?  Statement above sounds like they are trying to determine if it even happened. Two different situations. If it didn’t happen there is nothing to decide on. If it did happen and there is no repercussions, watch out from here on out because anyone caught doing something will refer to this. Just my two cents which is not worth a nickel. Lol
  7. PNG Coach Abel Stepping Down

    Need to go get a small school coach that is ready to move up & play in a tough district.  I have announced starters for PNG Basketball for 24 years & we need to go out of the area & hunt down a new coach with a new philosophy.  I have to admit, I will miss Pat Abel on the sideline for PNG.  That man loved & cared about the sport, & all of the kids he coached.
  8. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Ashly Elam‏ @AshlyElamSports 7m7 minutes ago No decision has been made on the possible use of an ineligible player by Bridge City's baseball team during a portion of district play. Another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
  9. Can't help but wonder

    My opinion is that an individual in the position of Mueller would not look at political leanings to make hiring decisions. 
  10. Notre Dame burning

    Probably just another accident that 1064 incidents of Church fires or vandalism in the last year in France.  
  11. West Hardin

    nvm hfc/2nd sport  lol
  12. West Hardin

    a hfc? is day gone?
  13. West Hardin

    Are they looking for a football coach?
  14. Nederland Bond

    No.... so many of their tax dollars come from industry. And corporations can't vote. The feds aren't kicking anything in.   I'll reiterate my position for the 97th time... I'm not opposed to a bond issue.  I'm opposed to a bond issue that's the size of this one.  I also don't understand knocking down the high school (which I believe is the newest school in NISD) because "our schools are outdated" while leaving the really old ones in place.   Something should probably have been done before now.  Something probably needs to be done now.  The answer doesn't HAVE to be this massive.  That's why my vote would be "no."
  15. Nederland Bond

    I thought the High School was built in mid 70's   For whatever reason Nederland never/rarely passes bonds.  Pt Arthur, on the other hand, always does - of course nobody works over there so it's mostly federal $$   PNG always does - industry helps and PNG wants the best for students/staff
  16. THSCA Website

    Can you no longer search resumes for coaches looking for jobs?
  17. I think Ken's a pretty good hire especially for this time of year.  The only issue I see is him getting coaches in with what they pay stipend wise.  I know Rowe was able to bring in assistants but the stipends Livingston has (had) could also persuade people there. I hope he gets time to work there.
  18. Poop Patrol?

    Pelosi's hometown, go figure.  
  19. Ilhan Omar

    Too bad they didn’t get her.
  20. Ilhan Omar
  21. Poop Patrol?

    How disgusting! San Francisco human feces map shows waste blanketing the California city   Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  22. Liberal Policies... From the article...a poop map.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&
  23. Player                           Class         School        # of HR's Broch Holmes                Sr          Big Sandy              8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graden Emmons            Sr         Big Sandy              7 Parker Moye                   Sr.          Evadale                7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam Carpenter               Soph         BC                     4 Peyton Havard               Jr.               BC                    4 Nathan Morales               Jr.             GCM                 4 Gavin Kash                 Soph            Kelly                  4 Hunter Muncrief              Sr.       West Sabine            4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justin Smith                  Sr.                HJ                   3 Anthony Bandiero           Soph         LCM                  3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- McKane Maxwell           Sr.         Big Sandy               2 Brayden lenox                Sr.         Big Sandy              2 Tyler Folse                      Sr.              BH                    2 River Orsak                    Sr.             BH                      2 Tristan Pitkin                  Sr.              GCM                 2 Uli Quiroga                  Sr.               GCM               2 Kyle Saurage                 Jr.                HF                  2 Logan McLeod              Sr.                HJ                   2 Ben Leisure                   Sr.          Huffman               2 Trent Bryant                   Sr.            Jasper                2 Drake Varnado               Soph          Kelly                 2 Justin Herriage               Sr.           Kirbyville             2 Trent Myers                     Sr.          Lumberton            2 Kadeon Evans               Sr.                 OF                  2 Mason Gonzales            Sr.                OF                   2  Carson Roccaforte          Jr.              PNG                 2 Cole McConnell              Sr.      West Brook              2 Jalen Thompson          Soph          WOS                  2  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trevor Turnbough           Sr.              BH                    1 Simon Larranaga          Soph           BH                    1  Cameron Cauley          Soph           BH                      1 ???????Kimbell          ?????           BC                     1 Brian Duff                       Sr         Big Sandy               1 Brandon Hendrix           Sr.         Big Sandy              1 Garrett Lilley                  S.         Big Sandy               1 Cade Stapleton              Sr.          Dayton                 1 Ty Collier                        Jr.          Dewyville              1 Caden Browning            Sr.         Deweyville             1 Isiah Hart                         Jr.             EC                    1 Klay Sylvester                 Jr.           Evadale             1 Jacob Garza                  Jr.                HF                  1 Matthew Dorsey            Sr.           Huffman              1 Cody Oliphant              Soph.       Huffman              1 Aiden Monroe                Jr.             Jasper                1 Colton Womack              Sr.           Jasper                1 Mitchell Breaux               Sr.              Kelly                 1 Tyler Brown                    Sr.           Kirbyville               1 Will Rice                         Sr.           Kirbyville              1  Taylor Gilbert                   Sr.              LCM                1 Kamden Grant                Jr.           Nederland            1 Brock Holton                   Jr.           Nederland            1 Landon Tomlinson         Sr.                  OF                  1 Gunner Jones              Soph               OF                  1 Wyatt Bell                       Sr.          Woodville              1 Marcos Broom                Sr.          Woodville              1  Nathan Montalbano       Sr.         West Brook            1 Dylan Essex                   Sr.         West Brook            1 Garrett Richard            Fresh      West Brook            1 Jerren Terrell               Soph          WOS                  1     TEAM TOTALS Big Sandy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22 -------------------------------------------------------- BC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 --------------------------------------------------------- Evadale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 ---------------------------------------------------------- BH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Kelly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 --------------------------------------------------------- GCM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 --------------------------------------------------------- OF ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 -------------------------------------------------------- HJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 West Brook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 -------------------------------------------------------- Huffman ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Jasper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Kirbyville ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 LCM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 West Sabine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 --------------------------------------------------------- HF ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 WOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 --------------------------------------------------------- Dewyville ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Lumberton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Nederland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 PNG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Woodville ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 -------------------------------------------------------- Dayton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 EC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1         Total = 115
  24. Just another leftie who thinks he is smarter than everyone else and condescends constantly
  25. Justin Herriage Sr. Kirbyville homerun #2 04/19 vs Kountze  Will Rice Sr. Kirbyville homerun #1 04/19 vs Kountze 
  26. PA Memorial QB

    Spring starts today, I think Brian Milton #19 the backup last season will get 1st crack at landing the position. 
  27. Anyone who ventures into a Walmart and claims they can smell the candidate of choice must be possessed by something.
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