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On 1/9/2020 at 2:16 PM, nobodynobody said:

and this organizations is sketchy at best- big bass last year was awarded a fishing rod.  many tournament fisherman that i know would have a fit for that-  not one single penny of scholarship money went to that kid

I beg to differ.  This is a great organization for the kids, but this maybe where the problem lives.  Many parents/boat captains, and fishing team leaders forget that it is for and about the kids.  It has been my experience over the past 5 years (this is how long my son has been involved) that the creators and organizers of this organization place the student anglers first.  To them it is all about the kids.  Heck, in my son's 5 years of participating he has banked about $2,000 that will go toward college expenses and has only placed in the top 10 twice in 5 years.  He has the rest of this year and next to add to that. We tried another organization a couple years ago and got back to SETX as soon as possible.  

Lastly, for kids fishing (and hunting) is not about what you can win or how much money you can make.  You and your kid "wins" everytime they go out on the lake or into the hunting woods.  This gives them time away from social media and video games and exposes them to nature which should bring them closer to our creator which is something that we could all use.

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