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  1. 24/7 has Miller ranked #61 overall currently. He reached an all-time high of #57 on February 27. He dropped .0004 on his overall ranking March 21. This came after he went up .0013.
  2. 24/7 has Miller with 43 offers. [Hidden Content] He’s thinking he’ll commit in August
  3. Girls varsity game didn't get started until almost 7:30. Boys were playing after.
  4. People keep pointing out the one year at NRG. There were three or four newer schools playing. 5A-DI George Ranch vs Lake Ridge (15,743). 5A-DII Cedar Park vs Frisco Lone Star (13,479). Not much of a following built up with a lack of alumni. Plus the big thing people don’t like to bring up. DFW doesn’t travel as well. They’ll show up when it’s in their backyard. Katy vs Lake Travis drew 43,718 in Houston. North Shore vs Westlake was 28,841. Schools within 100 miles of AT&T Stadium went (5-1) this year. China Spring is 109 miles away and also won. There is a real home field advantage for the DFW. Stephenville (west of DFW) might have brought 5,000 fans in 1999 to the Astrodome. That was crazy to me considering the monster program they had built. I like the idea of a 3 stadium rotation and San Antonio is most central location with a dome if a rotation isn’t possible. There’s also the crowd talking about the experience the kids get playing in AT&T. Well I’ll say Newton was just a excited to win a title in Tyler Rose Stadium when the weather was in the 20’s as they were when winning it AT&T.
  5. The PNG letters have been on there all season. Joseph changed it when he took over.
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