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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. I remember my uncle Herman took me and grand paw to that game. It was at a known stadium somewhere in Beaumont. That is one of my earliest memories of high school football in the 409.
  2. There was Waldo Matthews high school in Silsbee. Has anyone posted about this yet? Waldo Matthews played football games against the black high school in Livingston. I don't know the school's official name. We just referred to them as Livingston. Same for Liberty. WM probably played games with a similar Jasper school but I don't remember any of those games. I remember a playoff football game against Bay City. Silsbee WM was totally whipped in that game. Another game we played Lake Charles Boston. WM was totally out classed in everything. Boston had nice buses, a big fully uniformed band. They had everything.
  3. There was that sequence of plays that gave me hope. The FFA guard was casually bringing the ball up and Silsbee's defense collapsed and trapped him like a school of hungry piranha fish. Then they scored on a lay up. The Tigers were not intimidated, not much anyway. Shoot better at the FT line, find a way to hit more from outside..who knows? It won't be easy but FFA can be beaten in the 4A playoffs.
  4. When Dallas Madison had to forfeit a championship in 2013 that was around the time the Dallas Madison player was charged with murdering another player in a fight over a game controller. Mobley was coaching Madison then. I am sure the fight/death and the forfeiture were all tied in together.
  5. The coach at Dallas James Madison will probably move somewhere else, resign etc. Maybe. The school is suspended two years. I assume that means no playoffs for them. The players in that program will probably transfer to another team.
  6. Sports is the toy department. These issues are part of the real deal. Prayers for the Jones family.
  7. That is the Orange County newspaper version of all district. Soon the Beaumont enterprise will put out a different version of the same.
  8. Happy retirement Mike. Man, not may people get to make a career out of something they love, like sports. You blazed a trail. You have kept me informed. I love Silsbee Tiger basketball. I like football too but not nearly as much as basketball. Has it been 17 years? I guess so. I've been around for most of them. Before this board getting information on Silsbee sports was hard to do. The local Houston teams just don't excite me. Then the frustration ended. I would tweet on twitter. WOS would sometimes comment back. I didn't even know somebody was paying me attention. SE Texas fans have been blessed especially tiger basketball fans. You did a great job.
  9. FF had better overall talent. I was impressed with their FT shooting, especially Caldwell. They hit 3s when they needed to. They were fatigued in that 2nd half. Down the stretch Silsbee needed someone else besides Miler & Harris to step up and hit a lick, hit some shots.
  10. FF did their homework. They knew if you leave Harper, or Jackson, Bottey alone late in the game they might hit a critical 3. So they never gave them a chance to do that. Good game. It was better than I thought it would be. The Miller legend continues, and is growing. Harris too.
  11. FF the better team. They shoot FTs better, 3s better, inside better, rebounds better. Good season Silsbee.
  12. If they don't capitalize on opportunities, you can definitely forget about it.
  13. This is a farce. The UIL should be ashamed.
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