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  1. I heard about some buy bringing a rifle and handguns to a stadium up state somewhere. This is the first time I heard about the incident or near incident at Everman HS. My wife is Everman HS alumni. So is her sister. They grew up in South Fort Worth but Everman is just down the road.
  2. I have attended 1 maybe 2 HS football games in the past 30 to 40 years. I've watched a few on streams. Not the same thing. I went to an HBCU college game back in the 70s. It was TSU vs Grambling. I went mostly to see the bands perform at half time. I do remember 00 Kenny Burroughs catch some long TD passes for TSU. He went on to have a good career in the NFL with the Oilers.
  3. 10:30AM Stafford vs Madison. We're talking about Dallas Madison, correct?
  4. All those games look interesting. It will probably be Silsbee Lite playing. The footballers will probably still be in the playoffs. Question: is the Silsbee boys basketball schedule out?
  5. Just last season Vidor put up 51 points on Silsbee. What has happened is they probably lost some valuable senior leadership, and thus the team is down. It happens all the time.
  6. Most rank & file catholics, and non catholics don't know these things. The high level Bishops, prelats, etc., they know. I knew about this and posted about this long before I saw this video.
  7. I just found this video. I fully listened to it just now. I was not planning to get this deep into this. But it is what it is.
  8. Do a little research. I am just citing history. The truth is out there.
  9. That is why what happened to JFK happened.
  10. The real powers that be control both sides of the aisle. AOC, Pence, Pelosi, Bannon, Biden, 2/3 of the Supreme Court, 2/3s of the house and senate, they all have one thing in common, they are catholics and they listen to and obey the Pope. I am not catholic bashing. They continually say the same things themselves. All you have to do is listen to them. The Pope claims temporal and ecclesiastical control of the whole world. That means he claims political control and control of church or spiritual issues. This is old news. This was true before I was born. You can research it yourself. The information is out there, in volumes. On top of that 'they' hate the US constitution. They consider that document to be a pestilence. They have stated as much. That means when they take full power your rights, 2nd amendment rights, 1st amendment rights to get on this message board and say whatever will be done away with. Again, I am not making this up. I say all this with no anger or malice. This is verified history, facts. They have secondary groups to do the hard work, groups like the knights of Malta, the knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, the CIA, the illuminate, to name a few. They will set it up so that real true christians will be burned at the stake, etc. How do I know? Nothing is new under the sun. It happened before, during the Middle Ages. It will briefly happen again. The only thing that will shorten it is Jesus Christ appearing in the sky at the 2nd coming.
  11. I remember my uncle Herman took me and grand paw to that game. It was at a known stadium somewhere in Beaumont. That is one of my earliest memories of high school football in the 409.
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