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  1. Goodbye old friend.   I have loved you so much.   Its been a privilege. 

  2. In 1996 I was working in Stavanger Norway and I flew 4,846 miles to Houston, then drove 265 miles to Ft Worth, picking up my son in Huntsville on the way, to see Tenaha play Windthorst for the Class A championship game. Then on Monday, I returned to Norway. In 1998, I flew from Dammam Saudi Arabia, 7,927 miles, to see Tenaha play Wheeler for the Class A Championship game in Ft Worth.
  3. Rain and cold in the forecast for Saturday, could be a factor. Still going with Tenaha's thunder and lightening offense. Chilton will get a good dose of thunder from Patton and Keggler to soften them up, with lightening strikes from Robinson, Marshall or Raspberry. Claiborne to Tutt and Raspberry (the twin) will keep the Pirates from focusing solely on the Tiger's running game.
  4. Chilton 37 - Deweyville 12 Halftime The Fat Lady just passed by the concession stand on her way to the press box.
  5. Yep, no cupcakes in the Tiger's thunder and lightening offense. Could be another track meet.
  6. Bremond couldn't stop the thunder and lightening of the 5 different running backs Tenaha put on the field. The only thing that has stopped Tenaha is turnovers which led directly to their 2 losses. The Tigers are loaded, like never before, at the skilled positions.
  7. Y'all hurry up and get this over with, Tenaha is waiting on the winner and licking their chops!
  8. Tenaha wins a real smash mouth slobber knocker.
  9. I would like to commend the Mustang players, band and fans, although outmanned, they gave it their all. They never gave up and fought to the very last play. The Mustangs and community are winners.
  10. Carlisle 14 - Joaquin 6 - halftime score. Joaquin turned the ball over 5 times in 1st half.
  11. Cushing turned it over several times deep in their on territory. Could be a different ball game in the 2nd half.
  12. Veterans, thanks for your service and sacrifice
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