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  1. 1) How close do you follow the rest of the playoffs if your team loses? Yes, because I get paid to lol. 2) What would you consider a deep playoff run? 3 rounds 3) If a team beats you in the 1st or 2nd round but wins state, does that lessen the heartache of the early loss? Not really. 4) Who is your team and what are your programs expectations going into each year? PNG (recently it’s been to play Thanksgiving, but win a playoff game or 2 has been reality for the most part in my lifetime 5) Is there anything you would like to do to the playoff format? Reduce back to 3 playoff teams. Rotate State between Arlington, Houston and San Antonio. 6) What is your programs longest consecutive playoff streak? 7 years (current) 7) What is your programs overall playoff record? (50-29-1) 😎 Do you just follow your classification in the playoffs or do you pay attention to other classes? All classes 9) Which stadium during the playoffs seems lucky to your program? Was the Astrodome for years. 10) Do you watch playoff games at your home field between other teams? I’ve seen PNG host two
  2. Montgomery is playing Splendora in Week 3 according to twitter
  3. Humble and North Shore have flipped according to Peevey
  4. During the playoffs Peevey said his non-district would likely be Beaumont United, Houston Lamar and TBA. Jesuit was a no-go and there was an option of facing Katy or Odessa Permian.
  5. Day 1 Port Arthur Memorial vs Kelly (Not reported) PNG vs Legacy (Not reported) West Brook 6 Barbers Hill 0 Galena Park 3 Silsbee 0 Crosby vs Bridge City (Not reported) Nederland 3 East Chambers 2 Liberty 7 Hamshire-Fannett 0 Lumberton vs Beaumont United (Not reported) PNG vs LCM (Not reported)
  6. Galena Park 3 Silsbee. That's the only result I've got.
  7. Considering how much Peevey has been talking about next year’s team, and what he expects, I’d be stunned to see him leave. When did LCM become his dream job? He’s an Orangefield alum.
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