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  1. Oct 1 Barbers Hill 3 Beaumont United 0 Nederland 3 Galena Park 0 PNG 3 PA Memorial 0 Oct 5 Nederland 3 PA Memorial 0 Crosby 3 PNG 0 Beaumont United 3 Galena Park 2 Oct 8 Barbers Hill 3 PNG 0 Nederland 3 Beaumont United 0 Crosby 3 PA Memorial 0 Oct 12 PNG 3 Galena Park 1 Crosby 3 Nederland 0 Barbers Hill 3 PA Memorial 0 District Team Wins Losses Wins Losses 1 Barbers Hill 8 0 33 3
  2. West Monroe did reach out to WOS Wednesday afternoon, but by that time WOS decided not to play last week and turned them down.
  3. It's not a lie. My information comes straight from coaches not message boards. Carthage had COVID concerns and decided not to play last week.
  4. Carthage turned WOS down last week. I wouldn't count on games being canceled at this point. This thing could be done by tomorrow night then things dry out.
  5. WOS did contact Carthage and was told no. That's actually true. There was some talk that Carthage might close school for COVID. But Coach T has been told no by multiple schools.
  6. Kirbyville will try to play Shepherd on their open date unless Shepherd finds a game this week.
  7. Kelly has won state in 1955, 1979, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1993 and 1998. They lost in the title game in 2011.
  8. West Brook is dominating. They took it to PA last week 23-0. As good as the offense is, WB defense is what has impressed me in both scrimmages. Also Langston isn’t putting up with any smack talk or showboating. He shuts it down real fast.
  9. Pool Play Thursday Court 1 Buna vs Lumberton, 10 am Deweyville vs Liberty, 11 am Liberty vs Buna, 12 pm Lumberton vs Deweyville, 1 pm Liberty vs Lumberton, 2 pm Buna vs Deweyville, 3 pm Court 2 Hamshire-Fannett vs Bridge City, 10 am Corrigan-Camden vs West Orange-Stark, 11 am West Orange-Stark vs Hamshire-Fannett, 12 pm Bridge City vs Corrigan-Camden, 1 pm West Orange-Stark vs Bridge City, 2 pm Hamshire-Fannett vs Corrigan-Camden, 3 pm Court 3 Evadale vs Vidor, 10 am Kirbyville vs Tarkington, 11 am Tarkington vs Evadale, 12 pm Vidor vs Kirbyville, 1 pm T
  10. Hardin 3-1 over LCM Warren 3-1 over Silsbee Orangefield 3-0 over Port Arthur Memorial
  11. NCAA report: "The head coach failed to meet even the most basic expectations of how a person should react to the kind of conduct at issue in this case."
  12. Hardin qualified for the D2 State Tournament in 2007, 2008 and 2010 but they did not advance to the championship game.
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