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  1. You could view it that way. The real issue in this case was not guns though. The issue that was addressed was the warrantless entry into the home. The most sacred part of the Fourth Amendment is being secure in your home. These cases start out under the premise that all entries into a home are unlawful without a warrant unless with consent. Then there are exceptions all based on an emergency. This case in my opinion doesn’t deal with firearms but the entry. Let’s say that they unlawfully entered looking for the handguns but didn’t find them. Once inside they seized illegal drugs that the
  2. This is one of the no-brainer cases. It really does not set much of a precedent and just reaffirms previous court cases. They do that from time to time to remind the government/police what the rules are. In this case they changed nothing. They mention in the opinion that the police could still go into a home without a warrant but for many years there has been the requirement of an exigent or emergency circumstance. In prior court cases they use the explanation that an emergency is way you do not have to have to get a warrant. The police cannot go around the warrant requirement simply by
  3. I read every word of the case from SCOTUS and the article. I also read you limited comments. What did I miss?
  4. I will also note, I think the article you cited tried to imply that red flag laws were in play in this case. If you read down another paragraph or two they actually cite the SCOTUS ruling where it says this case does not have anything to do with red flag. Here is a quote from the article you posted... “Provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us. Our decision today does not address those issues.”
  5. Guns was the reason for the illegal entry but not the reason for the ruling. It could have been anything like a prescription medicine in his name. It was a community caretaker case, not a gun case. It was not a red flag law case It was a SCOTUS ruling in Cady in the early 70’s (and other cases such as Brigham City) that ruled that the police did not only look to stop crimes but to “protect” and “serve” without the need to be solving a crime. Let’s say a cop sees a house on fire and runs in and finds a woman unconscious from smoke and he drags her out, saving her life. Illegal? After all
  6. That was not the ruling. It really had nothing to do with guns. Entry into a home without a warrant was unconstitutional.... which has already had unanimous or nearly so rulings. There are court cases of “community caretaker” which still stands as well as confiscation of almost anything without a warrant. It is location at issue, not the item or seizure.
  7. Not my civil service test. It is set by the state and is the same score I required almost 40 years ago.
  8. You are correct on civil service tests, however..... other criteria are taken into account that may include race. Hidden Figures was a great movie. I didn’t learn about Evers, King and others, because I was alive during their “history”. History class didn’t teach current events. I actually met, took pictures with and got a book signed by one of the original Tuskegee Airmen while at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. I told him what a true honor it was to meet him.
  9. House Bill 1927 passed in the Texas House a couple of weeks ago. It was sent to the Senate and today it passed there also. The Senate made four amendments to the bill so it will have to go to a joint conference to see ya both sides can agree on the amendments. The amendments that I read would not be a radical so I think it will eventually pass. The governor has said that he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. There is probably about a 90% chance that Texas law will now change to allow open or concealed carry of handguns with no license. From what I read of the law, a busi
  10. When Gary Gilmore was executed in Utah after the US Supreme Court allowed the reinstating of the death penalty, he was executed by firing squad. There was actually a pretty good movie about that starring Tommy Lee Jones as Gary Gilmore. I think it is called Executioner’s Song. Way before the days of the Internet so I am not sure if I can find an article, the opponents of the death penalty said that no police officers would knowingly volunteer to be on the firing squad. Under Utah law any peace officer could apply and names would be drawn like a lottery. Opponents said that an officer woul
  11. Let’s assume like many people say, this is just the flu or another strain. Then the numbers are disguised which is why influenza deaths are way down. Okay. When have we ever had 500,000 flu deaths which typically have 30-40,000 deaths per year? Apparently it makes some people feel better to say this is just the flu.... but killing at about a 1,000% higher rate than seasonal flu.
  12. If the US has had 583 million deaths, we have all died twice.
  13. It isn’t the opinion/joke/statement, it is the ability to link it to a police agency. And yes, department rules but conduct unbecoming has a far reach.
  14. It is absolutely because he put it out to the public in the media. Small talk can I also get you in trouble if someone records your statement and it becomes public. It is called conduct unbecoming or conduct that might shed a bad light on the police agency. Many or most police agencies (and many private companies) have rules they say you could not have a picture on your Facebook page in your uniform. The rules also states that if you’re making political statements or opinions or anything of that nature, you cannot identify the agency that you work for. An officer has a right to free speech bu
  15. It doesn’t matter what you wish to call it. The police cannot make personal opinion comments in while in their department uniform.
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