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  1. My only problem with Cruz was that I still have seven weeks of vacation left this year and was not invited. I don’t know how many there are on the state level however there are 13 Democratic US House representatives from Texas. Since they are actually in small districts and should be more closely in tuned with their constituents, I would like to see a detail outlay of what each of them did to help “their” Community. I mean if they weren’t helping peoples shovel snow or under houses fixing broken water lines, are the Democrats going to vote for them in the next election or does this
  2. You bring up a very good point, especially for the people that will not go through self check out. I wonder if any of these same people do not use ATM machines. Surely they all use cash and write checks because to do anything else causes the loss of jobs. When I started working my current job 37 years ago, my bank had approximately eight tellers on duty the entire time and had a police officer To secure the lobby area. There were several loan officers and associates also working. Now there are two tellers, one of which works the drive-through and only for five other people. This strictly came
  3. This is not unlike the stock market question and frenzy gun buying. This is the exact same thing but with a different product. If the vaccine was a stock, it would be going through the roof right now. I swear if you could buy a ticket for a dollar to get in line for the vaccine, you could probably sell it to someone for $10 and he could turn around and sell it for $100. That is a 10,000% profit… Which kind of answers your GME Question in the other thread. However… At least in this case you get a product that might be worth $100 to you even though another guy got it at $1. It is like scalp
  4. I don’t think I have gone through a checkout line except at Academy for over a year. I especially like to go to Sam’s and I check out on my phone. I don’t even go through self check out line with merely pay for it on an app and show my phone as I walk out the door. Every time I put an item in my basket I scan it with my phone. When I am through with shopping, I hit pay on the app and then walk out of the store. I believe Costco has a store in Houston that when you put an item in your basket, it automatically goes to your bill which is paid when you go out of the store with the basket. You
  5. It is not unlike the ammo and gun craze during the Obama administration. That was when it looked like they were going to try to outlaw guns, magazines and/or ammo or tax them to death where they would be legal to buy however too expensive to pay the taxes on. That gun/ammo buying frenzy was in effect, like a stock market bubble. People for example who are buying guns at Academy like an AR 15 for $650 and then selling them for $2,000. The store shelves were empty because of that panic. Many people saw this at their last chance chance to ever by a gun. Because of that buying spree, people
  6. I have often wondered the Democratic fixation with bayonet lugs. I have been a police officer for almost 40 years and I have never heard of anyone stabbed with a bayonet on the end of a rifle. I believe that I have been to over 150 murder scenes and probably 10 times that many serious injury assaults or assaults with a deadly weapon. I have never heard a bayonet on the end of a rifle even mentioned, much less used. Yet, The US Congress (left side of the aisle) brings that up into laws as if that would somehow make any difference in anything. Not a single murder will be stopped or has been stop
  7. Uhhhhh..... no. You can’t legally use deadly force to stop someone from trespassing, much less a class C ( think traffic citation) offense.
  8. Exactly what do you mean by no restrictions? Drones have some of the most restrictive laws out there and I believe Texas has the most restrictive drone laws in the United States. just like speeding, there is a law in place but people get away with it all the time. For every person that gets a speeding ticket there are probably 1000 people speeding at that time that will not get a ticket.
  9. I figured that but that seemed a little too simplistic and must have had some hidden meaning. 😂 My mother always said, simple things for simple minds.
  10. After it is made public, what’s the point?? I am sure there is a joke in there somewhere, I just haven’t figured it out.
  11. It gives the appearance that someone wasn’t happy with that woman....
  12. Yep. If you intentionally or knowingly kill a 3 month old unborn child, it is Capital Murder and death penalty eligible. If the mother does it, it is........ nothing.
  13. According to Texas law (Penal Code) a person is a human from the moment of fertilization. The same laws apply to the protection of the person (Murder for example) unless the act against it is perpetrated by the mother or by a medical professional with the mother’s consent.
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