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  1. And on this deal, I do not know what happened. I am not saying that the officer it right or wrong because I don’t know the circumstances. The news headlines like most times are sensationalism even if not true. I doubt the officer told her you were under arrest for not violating hospital policy. I would have to look at the laws in that state however…. Knowing that each state has different laws but many are similar. Texas has a law called implied consent. That means if the police want to draw your blood after a DWI or an accident where someone may be killed, they can take your blood withou
  2. Violating hospital policy is definitely not a crime. however had you violated their policy and they told you to leave and you didn’t, you would be breaking the Texas law of Criminal Trespass. If a cop walked up and said you are under arrest for violating hospital policy and actually arrested you, he would be violating your rights. It would be an unlawful arrest. Over many years, I would go into a business and there would be some kind of disturbance. The manager on scene would in many cases say I want this person off of my property. At that point the discussion is over. If a custome
  3. Policy is not the law.
  4. And I am glad to see the original prosecutor was also indicted.
  5. I hope they get a fair jury… then come back with a guilty verdict.
  6. From his webpage, yesterday they tested him breathing without oxygen and using room air. I think he did better than expected and was able to breathe on his own however they put him back on oxygen to keep from stressing him. Yesterday he also showed response such as moving his toes on command. He was doing well enough today that they took him off of oxygen completely and also off of sedation.
  7. Biden is so incompetent, it almost makes me miss Obama.
  8. That would have been great if he had been playing fantasy football…… 🙃 #1 Washington had a great individual night.
  9. Or this…..
  10. This is why….
  11. Let’s see…. Said to a couple of Nederland fans……. Nederland has no defense and can’t stop Dayton Nederland has no offense.
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