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  1. NS got tired of toying with Manvel.... 7 minutes in the game... NS 49-14
  2. In about the last five minutes of the half, there were three touchdowns and one called back.
  3. Ouch for Manvel. 75 yard touchdown called back at 4 minutes in half for holding. NS goes deep in Manvel territory but penalties and good plays and NS forced to punt with a few seconds left in half. Manvel tries to take the punt at the 10 and stops it. NS recovered at the 4 yard line. Touchdown with 14 seconds in half. NS 28-7 BUT WAIT... Manvel returns kickoff to own 49 with 6 seconds. Under pressure Manvel qb throws 51 yard touchdown as NS blows the coverage. At the half, NS 28-14
  4. That didn’t last long less than 4 in half.. NS 21-7
  5. According to Jacksonville stats, something like... 295 total yards for Indians. Leading rusher was qb with 28 yards on 8 carries with 47 yards total on the ground Nederland I think he says 497 with about 295 on the ground.
  6. 65 yard touchdown pass for Jacksonville. 9:43 42-13
  7. With 10:30 left in game, the Jacksonville announcer says... it is starting to look dim for Jacksonville. And while typing this, Nederland makes 44 yard touchdown run. 42-6
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