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  1. Voted last week, did my part. Hope everyone else does as well.
  2. North Shore Beaumont United Port Arthur Memorial Crosby Barbers Hill Nederland Little Cypress-Mauriceville Huffman Hargrave Vidor Jasper Bridge City Silsbee West Orange-Stark Coldspring-Oakhurst Crockett Buna East Chambers Woodville Anderson-Shiro Hemphill San Augustine Timpson Deweyville High Island Hull-Daisetta
  3. You should probably change your name. You're not laid back enough to be Lebowski. 😂
  4. Y'all better watch out, y'all played the Dale horrible and those Jasper and Newton transfers Burkeville got were approved last week.
  5. Dogs by as much as they want. Could get ugly.
  6. The boys always play y'all hard. Hopefully that'll keep it close. Rebuilding years suck!
  7. I just hope the Rebels can live with playing at home after getting to play on "the best grass field in America" last week. 🤣
  8. Pirates probably have it this year...but I'll take the Dale in a close one.
  9. How do you shorten a 12 minute quarter to 12 minutes?
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