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  1. La Vega is GOOD. I think they will beat Carthage by at least 10.
  2. 1A Division I 59.5 – 104.9 77 schools 1A Division II 59.4 and below 76 schools 2A Division I 165.5 – 229 97 schools 2A Division II 105 – 165.4 93 schools 3A Division I 350 – 514 105 schools 3A Division II 230 – 349 106 schools 4A Division I 880-1229 93 schools 4A Division II 515 – 879 93 schools 5A Division I 1922 - 2219 128 schools 5A Division II 1230 - 1921 125 schools
  3. Conference Enrollment Number of Schools Number of Schools (Basketball) Number of Schools (Football) Number of Schools (Volleyball) 6A 2220 and above 245 schools 245 (Basketball) 245 Schools (Football) 243 (Volleyball) 5A 1230 – 2219 255 schools 254 (Basketball) 253 schools (Football) 255 (Volleyball) 4A 515 – 1229 205 schools 201 (Basketball) 186 schools (Football) 200 (Volleyball) 3A 230 – 514 235 schools 235 schools (Basketball) 211 schools (Football) 222 (Volleyball) 2A 105 – 229 201 schools 201 schools (Basketball) 190 schools (Football) 137 (Volleyball) 1A 104.9 and below 218 schools 217 schools (Basketball) 153 schools (Football) 118 (Volleyball)
  4. Lumberton was in the second round because they won their first round game genius. If you want more competition in the playoffs, draw the 4th seed next year. The Raiders played one of the best teams in the state. What were they supposed to do? Not play the game because they aren't the best team in the state? Yeah, it was a tough second round draw, but they showed up and played their hearts out. Honestly, if it wasn't for several short fields due to special teams problems, Carthage doesn't score 55. On top of that, Carthage didn't look like world beaters to me. If Carthage is so good, why not pitch the shut out against them? The 1's allowed 14 points on defense. By the looks and hype of the Carthage team it should've been a 60+ point shutout but it wasn't, Lumberton did what they could and it's something those kids can take pride in. BTW, you started your post with "Not trying to run down Lumberton" then you turnaround and run Lumberton in the ground. And for what? Probably a grown man running down a bunch of kids whose playing days are over now. You should feel real good about yourself.
  5. If you notice, Coach #23 only comments on Lumberton losses. Nothing but a troll looking for a reason to bash Lumberton Coaching. Clearly, he knows his stuff and should be hired on at a school near you. Lol
  6. Lumberton could come out fast and surprise Carthage early on. Hopefully, they can get a score on their first drive. As the game wears on, I think Carthage will pull away pretty easily. I predict Carthage 42 Lumberton 20. Good luck to the Raiders on Friday!
  7. Well that sure is nice of them to come all the way from Carthage. Wonder what the reasoning is behind it. Gonna be a long game for the Raiders regardless of venue. Carthage is just adding miles on their buses for their state title run. 😂
  8. Like every team in the district, Huffman will tested hard in round two. They do have the best chance of all the teams in their district to go deeper, but that Carthage district is tough man. It's hard for me seeing them beat Palestine in round two, in all cases though. All roads go through Carthage in that part of the bracket.
  9. I think the 4 team system works and should be the cap. Yeah, some teams have losing records and some get blown out in round 1. In the end, though, It gives teams in a tough district a chance to make a dent while in other systems, they wouldn't have a chance.
  10. You really wanna complain about the UIL wanting to make more money? Isn't that how capitalism works? Who cares about the UIL wanting to make more money. Next time you get a raise, find a better paying job, or come up with a genius money making idea, don't take advantage of it. You're just doing it for the money. People ALWAYS find a reason to complain about something. Let's focus on the positives. It's awesome for the kids to experience a playoff atmosphere. If I am a senior of 4 seed starting down the barrel of a 1 seed who will likely win the state championship, I'll take that whooping rather than hanging up the pads and moving on to off-season. Losing record or not. It is something those kids will take with them forever. The UIL may have it's motives, but I assure you opinions from grown dudes, who quite frankly, don't know anything about high school sports, don't really hold a candle to the experience these kids get to take part in. BTW 4 seeds have taken out 1 seeds before and it will happen again. Stop complaining and start getting excited. IT'S PLAYOFF TIME BABY!!
  11. If it is anything like last year, that Carthage district will be the 2nd round draw. Which is no good for the teams in our district. That district is stacked.
  12. This game could be interesting if the Lumberton offense can get going. The defense is solid. If they start firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball, they will win. This game is huge in determining 2nd thru 4th seed teams, given a Lumberton win by a point spread of course. Not sure what the point spread is though. Seeding is huge for making it to the second round of playoffs. 4th seed will likely play Navasota who is coming off 6 straight wins.
  13. The Raider defense has looked awesome two weeks in a row. They have forced 10+ turnovers in that timespan and now they have a TD to show for their efforts. I hope to see the same stellar defense against Splendora with a shutout next Friday. Offense could be better with discipline, penalties will kill this offense. Too many holding calls and false starts. Other than that, BC just got outplayed all around. Good job Raiders!
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