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  1. Too many!! But hey the kids play hard for him which is what you want to see now days because it’s not a gimme. I’ve seen teams quit out on the field. I just think they could add too or be a little more creative with the offense. Like I said earlier kids did a great job competing. They were in a every game till the middle of the 4th quarter. See ya next year Pirates!
  2. Congrats Pirates on a hard fought year! 4-3 in District isn’t bad after loosing your starting QB right before the season started. Those 3 loses were close games deep in the 4th Qtr. Hold your head up kiddos y’all did a great job this year! If we get bumped down to 4a next year watch out! Go Pirates!
  3. He’s a sophomore. If you don’t double team him he’ll cause havoc in the backfield all night. We’ve got him for 2 more years.
  4. Ok watch an see. There will be no turf for the 2020 football season.
  5. Fall of 2020 is during football season. So like I said no new turf next football season. By the way if the School District needs a pressure washer to spray down the vistors stands they can borrow mine. You could plant a garden on those stands there so dirty. Good Lawd!
  6. Found out from a reliable source that Nederland will address structure improvements first before addressing the Cow Pasteur Field. Meaning no new turf next year but maybe the following year. Although they will be planting some rye grass on the field to make it look nice and green.😁
  7. Do you remember, before the internet, that people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information? Yeah, it wasn’t that.
  8. I live in Orange County. I promise you there are plenty of homes up for sale. They’ll be plenty more once insurance companies have settled all their Homeowner claims. He can believe what he wants too but the numbers are dropping.
  9. Well, then we would be one and done or two and done like Crosby an the rest of the District.😂
  10. Hagar I found you some tidbits of hope! Lee beat Crosby in 2010 and Lee lost to them last year 30 to 28! But I think Crosby is going to beat down Lee pretty bad this year. Peace Out
  11. People are leaving Orange County due to flooding issues.
  12. Unfortunately you are right my friend. I don’t think the male gooses are going to be able to get it done.
  13. 642 is how many more kids Crosby turned in than Vidor on snapshot day. 😂 Y’all are so Awesome! 👏👏👏👏👏
  14. We too lost our starting QB right before the season started and still beat y’all with a QB that had only started 2 games as the QB on JV last year😂😂 I am sure that all the people that lost their job are really excited that y’all may finish 2nd in District. Sounds like you may be one of the cheap fans that came along with the cheap coaches.😂
  15. I am not saying your for big government. But if people keep moving out then taxes will go up to pay for that big bond. Just because it passed doesn’t mean people have to stay there an increasingly high taxes. That’s the beauty of the freedom of this country. Everyone has the power of choice an can do what’s best for them and their family. Peace Out
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