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  1. Well we know the Cowboys aren’t playing for any Championships there since they move to AT&T Stadium 10 years ago!😂 😂
  2. Well, I sure hope BH Daddy pays his child support so Crosby can pay its bills! 😂😂
  3. No No No, by all means please keep making an Ass of yourself I find it thoroughly entertaining! Congrats to both teams on a good season.
  4. Thank you Silsbee for giving me my $9.95 worth of football on Texan Live. I almost called for a refund at halftime. Good season Tigers!
  5. They’ve got to be playing man to man. To big of a cushion.
  6. Oh my god! Is it going to be magic 2 weeks in row! I’ll gladly eat some post to see it happen!
  7. Silsbee if your gonna go down... Go down SWINGING!
  8. Hookup some rabbit ears to it. Don’t forget to put some tin foil on the ends.😂
  9. Got mine straightened out. Switched over to Google Chrome.
  10. Hate to be pessimistic but they ain’t coming back from this. Hope I am wrong. That QB is killing them.
  11. Good trick play but the play calling is definitely questionable in the 1st half.
  12. You don’t get to the Semis unless your a pretty decent team. Wimberlys QB is solid.
  13. I wonder if Texan Live will give Half my money back?😁 Sorry Silsbee.
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