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  1. Our CIA and FBI are corrupt. Better known as the Elites private law enforcement.
  2. Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) Tweeted: #RESIST (credit D.D.)
  3. If they truly work why were all these and many more prisoners released? I guess that virus is just bias on where it wants to go. Nice lame talking point though. You still never answered my post as usual.
  4. Why don’t masks work in prisons?
  5. Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) Tweeted: Clarence Thomas with the verbal smackdown
  6. How about we stop trying to be less white or less black and teach our culture to be less stupid?
  7. Come on Texas this silliness has went on way to long an should have never started. The damage this mandate silliness has caused is immeasurable when it comes to businesses and the psychological & physical deaths of individuals. The real data out there has not supported this nonsense!
  8. There is a company that guarantees that you want lose power. It’s called a Residential Generac Generator. The second the power from the grid cuts off BOOM! Generac cuts on! Great investment if you can afford it. 😎
  9. If a non political party steps in like the Military who is beholden and sworn to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic an rights the wrong of this ridiculous fraudulent election we can get back on track. Other than that we want survive 4 years of this ANTI - AMERICAN FAKE ADMINISTRATION.
  10. What’s worse is that there was a Navy Hospital Ship with a 1000 bed capacity that took in about 38 patients the whole time it was in the harbor of New York. He hated Trump so much that he would not utilize the help that was waiting for these poor elderly people. That’s pretty sick and twisted but of course it shouldn’t surprise you because he celebrated in the NY legislative Chamber when they passed 3rd tri semester abortions by clapping like they just passed something great. Sick!!
  11. Your right, Democrat constituents are naive and blind & Republican constituents are half naive and blind.
  12. Politicians Suck! Democrats and Republicans! They are self serving Parasites! That’s the nicest thing I could come up with.
  13. I can actually agree with you on your post only thing I might add is the corporate welfare and cronyism is equally more aggravating in the money laundering bureaucracy of Washington DC.
  14. Watch this recent small video clip of Biden off of Sidney Powell’s Telegram. Its a recent uncut clip of a interview done by people magazine. It’s a sad sight.
  15. Amen, I have no faith in politicians but to do have faith in my God, Church, and Neighbors. They always come through when a crisis arises.
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