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  1. Dude I am not hiding behind a keyboard. You have to use a keyboard to communicate on this forum. And Brother I can promise you I am not trashy and was raised well! Obviously you don’t know how to agree to disagree! I think you need to keep on keeping on!
  2. No, by all means go ahead. You’ve done told posters on this forum to shut up about what they’ve seen on the field and that thier trashy! I promise your not going to hurt my feelings about what you think about the freshman team. 😂 Honestly I wish he didn’t even play football but he enjoys putting in the work with his teammates and playing the game so I’ll support him and encourage him. For the record I don’t think the Freshman team is that good either. Obviously you must be a player or parent to be so sensitive. I sure hope your not a coach. I see you have zero post registered. Sorry but I am out of words SNOWFLAKE ❄️
  3. You obviously haven’t read my post. I am not bashing no one. Its constructive criticism and observations. I promise you the coaches are a lot harder on them than this forum is! And if they are reading what’s on this forum than they can use it as Tackling Fuel!.....Yea Tackling Fuel! By the way you would probably be better served by not getting on a High School Football Forum an telling people to shut up if thier opinion differs from yours. As I’ve said in my previous posts I know the work these kids put in to this game but we are what we are. There is no need to sugarcoat it! When these kids get out of school life is not going to sugar coat nothing for them. Have a nice day!🇺🇸😎
  4. Hey Scooter! This is a forum where people’s opinions differ! There is no safe space on this forum! I am optimistic but realistic! By the way, my son plays on the freshman team! Your taking this way too personal! By the way I haven’t missed a Pirate game (home or away) in 13 years! And yes I drove the 5 hours round trip to Montgomery an saw how the game went down! Sooo.... take a deep breath!
  5. I think your Mom wants her phone back!😂
  6. Just trying to realistic. They have one more non district game to try an get some fluidity on Offense and Defense. I hope they prove me wrong.
  7. Not sure, I am curious to know what our enrollment is this year.
  8. I’ve heard there’s a good chance we may drop to 4a next year after realignment. We were in the 1100’s last year. A lot people didn’t come back after Hurricane Harvey.
  9. Can’t really argue with your analysis. Just trying to stay optimistic. It does seem we are lacking some speed in the backfield and the secondary, seems like we’ve had a little more speed in years past. I have to agree the QB has to be able to run with some power in this offense for it to be affective. Just have to keep supporting them an hope for the best. Either way of the results this year I know for a fact the kids have worked hard this past summer and up to this point to put a good product on the field. We are what we are. Just play hard an let the cards fall where they may.
  10. We very seldom run the Ball.🙄 We’ve changed to a Spread Offense this year.😁
  11. It’s not just happening at bulldog stadium, it’s happening here at Pirate Stadium too! Pretty sure refs aren’t from Nederland!
  12. Good to be winning but a very sloppy game. But I must say the field looks AWESOME! Top notch field! Happy for the Kiddos!
  13. I personally think it was behind the Maids Quarters! 😁 But She Shed is pretty funny!😁
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