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  1. Interesting read about Israel.
  3. I am tired of going thru the Whataburger Drive! I want to sit down an eat my burger and fries!
  4. The fraud just keeps getting Gooder & Gooder. Lol
  5. Dang! I thought he was already in the HS HOF! Well earned honor. He’s a great coach who built a great program there at WOS. Coach T will be there soon. Congratulations!
  6. I wonder how expensive it is to go to Texas A&M or Oklahoma? Lol
  7. I get it. I am glad your doing well. But its a experimental vaccine with very little liability on Big Pharma & the Government. Hey I hope they got it right. I have in laws that received it. Giving out burgers,fries, and a chance to win a million dollars if you get the vaccine seems like a twisted kinda of weird to me.
  8. The number of healthy people that refused the jab an died is minuscule in comparison to people with health issues that refused the jab an died. It’s becoming obvious that the Covid deaths numbers are very misleading. Like I told smash I just post articles that I think people would be interested in reading about the vaccine being unsafe an they can make their own conclusion. So if that’s your conclusion so be it. I personally believe a lot of vaccine side effects and deaths are being suppressed but that’s my opinion. No one goes out an personally investigated all VAERS calls but the up tick fro
  9. Well.... we do know people that are healthy that did not get the Jab have not had any side effects from the Jab. Is that safe to say? Lol. Heck just shut this thread down since no one is allowed to post anything negative about vaccine without being reminded that it’s individual choice on getting the Jab. I think that’s been well established. I just post articles for people to read about the vaccine an they can come to their own conclusion about the vaccine.
  10. I agree 100% that a individual should have the freedom to get the Covid Shot or Not get the Covid Shot but the name of this thread is still How Safe is the Vaccine. Your surely entitled to your opinion but that is just a small portion of the article I posted. This is a direct quote from Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton, 76, said he had a terrible reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid jab and blamed “propaganda” for overstating the safety of the experimental vaccine. The legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist said his hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning for two week
  11. I wonder if Hunter Biden smoked his vaccine?
  12. The Big Tech overlords are censoring and deleting information and videos critical of the experimental Covid vaccine. The Communists at YouTube deleted a viral video of Dr. Cole explaining the dangers of the Covid vaccine. Dr. Ryan Cole, owner and operator of Cole Diagnostics, has been very outspoken against the Covid lockdowns/quarantine and has warned about the mRNA vaccine. The Idaho doctor on Wednesday said he is not anti-vac
  13. There lies are crumbling. I’ve never believed these ridiculous numbers from the beginning. Look at the damage that has been brought on our country by all the lies and fear mongering. What’s chicken little bullets going to do now? Maybe he’ll start another thread using my name in the title of the thread to explain his weak vaccine argument with the fake Covid numbers. Lol
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