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  1. And by the way last year the game went into OT at BC, no OT this time!
  2. What a fight by our Raiders!!!!! Beyond proud of them!
  3. I was going to go to this game and watch my boys but found out one of my boys will be on a visit and won’t be playing so I’ll see Silsbee next Friday!
  4. I know HF jv stalled with more than 4 mins left in the first half last week at lumberton.
  5. Yes made playoffs only lost to Silsbee and HJ in district
  6. Why is ours still the same since last Monday? We won 59-51 agaisnt Tarkington and 53-46 against HF so lumberton is 17-5 and play At HJ tomorrow and home agaisnt LCM Friday
  7. Well one of our boys that played just a few minutes first quarter and some second half is getting over the flu.
  8. Lady Raiders beat Magnolia 1-0 to go 3-0 in the tournament
  9. He does it because he believes in him and knows he can play as good as anyone
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