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  1. I see lumberton in the top of district
  2. Lumberton/Lamar former player Mason Sikes just posted he has received a scholarship from Boise State
  3. Breaks my heart! My mom was married to Boothman when I was younger so I was always around Westbrook
  4. Heard some of our kids were heading for powerlifting regionals and it got cancelled as they were on their way
  5. Glad Bray got MVP! Told him on twitter last night that I was glad I got to watch him in play in HS! Also very very proud of Brock!!!!!
  6. He was co coach of the year last year with silsbee
  7. Not saying Silsbee’s coach didn’t deserve coach of the year but look what Mitchell did. Broke number of wins in a season AGAIN, got first playoff win in school history and the ONLY team to sweep HF!
  8. OU fans chanting Texas sucks then Matt hits the 3 a few seconds later 🤘
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