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  1. Manvel makes an appearance
  2. Look at Santa Fe upsetting Friendswood. That makes it more likely that Sterling is locked into that 4th spot and will be the opponent for BH in the first round which is scary. Sterling has a lot of talent and if they can put it together that is a tough first round matchup in addition to being a rivalry game.
  3. Meaningless but embarrassing to get butt kicked to a team that had lost 20 in a row. He was also taking a shot a sterling. I was implying it was a solid win for Sterling unlike the embarrassing loss by GCM. I agree RSS will make the playoffs
  4. It’s means GCM got their butts kicked by a team that had lost 20 In row. How is that hard to understand…..
  5. Lol like gcm that broke Dayton’s 20 game losing streak in dramatic 42-7 fashion
  6. FW 3-0 over Sterling Manvel 3-0 over Lee TC 3-1 over GCM SF 3-0 over LaPorte Makeup game 9/22 Sterling 3-0 over TC Looking like top 4 are locked in with Manvel, FW, Santa Fe and Sterling
  7. Texas Volleyball Insiders You may like this one better than, Manvel comes in at #13
  8. 9/20 5A BH #14 Nederland #23 4A BC #7
  9. Manvel beat Friendswood in 5 last night and Sterling beat LP 3-0
  10. You also played them at home vs BH playing at PAM where not many calls went their way. Even with that, had the kid not fumbled on the 9 BH would have been up 7 with less than 5 minutes to go. The score is totally misleading.
  11. What bracket was Hardin, Huffman and Bridge City in? What was the difference in the brackets?
  12. Agree 100%. Should have opened a freshman campus and gone to the one high school model which goes back to my comment on everyone gets a trophy. They were at a Y in the road and choose the wrong turn if they ever want to be truly successful. Well I guess that depends on the definition of success, is it wins or losses or total number of uniforms worn?
  13. They would have in todays world of 4 teams make the playoffs. Pretty tough when you had Lee and North Shore in your district and not to mention players like James Brown and Christian Michael at West Brook over the years. I knew Hendricks was atleast Class of 92 because he was gone by the time I got there. Also, I'm convinced had Dick Olin been the coach at RSS and Mike Manley at Lee, the success and D1 talent would have flipped sides of town. The talent was there it just was not utilized correctly.
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