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  1. 5A - Barbers Hill vs Manvel 3 game series Game 1 @BH 6pm Thursday Game 2 @ Manvel Friday - not sure time Game 3 @ Manvel Saturday How does the 1 game vs 3 game work? How does a district champ have to play 3 games and have to play 2 of them on the road?
  2. Yeah when I say upperclassmen I meant anyone not a freshman. I dont want to take anything from anyone that received honors but I would be curious what the sophs ppg were. Crosby as a 3rd place team placed all 5 starters on 1st and 2nd team but they were all upperclassmen which seems questionable.
  3. Funny when BH Twitter posted the info about game being made up it said JV at 4 varsity at 6:30 fir Monday. Guess Denny forgot the rules when he posted that lol
  4. Why was it rained out on a turf field on friday lol? Other games in the area took place. And your kidding me, a district game at the high school was pushed back because of a select tourney? That is awesome. PNG played their hand well pitching the same cat in back to back game within a week. Any idea on why the JV game was cancelled? Seems like undersquad games are being tossed aside easily and not being played too much. You would think for your program and for the kids you would fight to get as many of those games in as you can.....that does not seem to be the case.
  5. Yeah looks like they took the easy way out in giving it to the upperclassmen. Im curious do they even exchange stats or is it just a popularity contest or just depends on how hard the coach fights for his players?
  6. They have some solid pitchers but not that one guy who is overpowering that you tend to need to advance deep into the playoffs.
  7. BH's strength is supposed to be the bats which will overcome the lack of a true shut down staff. If the bats go quiet they are in trouble.
  8. Those are some interesting choices, would love to see some stats to back these up. BH as district runner up had two freshman who avg'd 8pts a game in district but yet didnt get at least 2nd team.
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