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  1. You lose by 40 to Warren and its gonna be a rough year.
  2. You run the ring in the spring if you want the ball in the fall!
  3. 1. Summer Creek 2. Cedar Hill- Anyone want to say this aint a good HS football program???? 3. Woodlands CP- Playoffs 4.Lake Travis- Anyone want to say this isn't a good HS football program???? 5. Harlingen- Playoffs 6. Alief Taylor- Anyone want to say these guys aint got football players??? Not putting down SC but your comment on top teams not making the playoffs was wrong.
  4. Blake was a stud at Sam. Didn’t know he was from Hemphill. Back to Chris Royal though. I got a buddy that swears he was a TE.
  5. I think it was Chris Royal.. Was he a tight end or a Wr??
  6. Who was he??? When?? I know Ozen had a good one back in 2005ish!!!
  7. A BH fan?? That’s good. I do respect them, but I promise you I know more about the Cougars than anyone else on this thread. The coogs are getting ready for 2021.
  8. They will reload the way any great programs does. Hardwork!!!!
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