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  1. How is this already a done deal if it is still open?
  2. stump/atascocita beat North Shore in 2017.
  3. SAD. Kid (17 years old). Works hard,plays hard,endures offseason and summer workouts that most kids cant imagine. Goes on social media and uses a phrase that can be heard 1000 times a day in most High School hallways, and now he gotta sit out. I hope other teenagers realize that this probably could have happened to 10000 other players if we really looked at what is being put out there.
  4. That is a really strong statement about Hadnot. Texas has had a few really good ones. Kirbyville has scored 15 points through 3 games. Better scored a few more if you want to get a rode win.
  5. When is the last time you said to yourself “ man I can’t wait to watch Concordia play some football?” Good for evadale taking on this game. Come on Lumberton.
  6. In defense of Crosby (and I'm not a crosby fan) they have played 2 pretty good teams.
  7. They havent had a good skill GROUP since the Pattons graduated, and theyve won plenty of games since then.
  8. DB Coach at Daisetta is legit. I expect there the be a couple players in the HD secondary ballin.
  9. I would like to honestly know the percentage of athletes that transfer for Academic reasons. Bet it’s less than 10%.
  10. Some private school is about to get a lot better.
  11. Does anyone know a website that list all the all state football teams. Old ones. 80’s,90’s. There was one that listed all that and state track champions as well, but I forgot the name of the site.
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