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  1. Incorrect SC transfer is now in Aldine. Jones is a local.
  2. Or to scout North Shore cast outs. Crosby does not currently have any varsity transfers from either school.
  3. Dang we on here bashing communities!!! There are a lot of hurt feelings going around.
  4. Sometimes letting a player go can unify a team. Especially a player who really aint sold on what the team is about. This may end up being a good thing for LP, or the player, or hopefully both. We will see.
  5. After KO beats NS tonight that will look much more creditable. I personally think there are 4-5 teams that I would not be surprised if they come out of region 3 this year.
  6. Them Lions are gonna slap Westfield this year. Lions aint messing around.
  7. Sterling had Rocky and Eric Polk and could not sniff the playoffs. Hendricks was well before them. Lee was loaded back then. After Eric and Rocky Graduated RSS was not very good.
  8. Sterling scrimmaged BH a few years back and it was ugly. Lee and GCM were in BH district for a while. Your smoking dope if you think it would be a playoff atmosphere. None of these teams would bring a crowd to BH and the game wouldn’t be close. I have no dog in the fight just stating the truth.
  9. Make no Bones about it. Caldwell aint messing around this year!!!!!!!!!!!!
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