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  1. Ironically, the man with the most right to be offended over this situation was Louis Sockalexis, one of the first American Indians to play major league baseball, who played for Cleveland. The team first dawned the American Indian mascot in honor of him. Wonder what he'd have to say about this situation.
  2. The top five are the top five and the bottom three are the bottom three. Any one team in either of those groups could jumble around within its group. Some major question marks hang over all five teams in playoff contention. I know my Indians. I like our odds.
  3. I don't think Alabama's recruiting will skip a beat. LSU might see some issues, but I'm skeptical. I think A&M and Arkansas have the most to lose. That said, the burden is on UT to prove itself in this situation, and I think the recruits that take this game seriously (i.e., the ones most concerned about draft stock and national championship potential) see it that way as well. UT has a new coach, and has basically only had one season of national relevance in the last ten years. Whatever damage LSU and A&M suffer in the recruiting game can be easily rectified by beating UT, and my m
  4. I take your point, but I think he is. I've dealt with John Sharp at the Capitol a few times. He's not the type who would take this lying down if he was blindsided by it.
  5. I never meant to say UT came to the SEC with hat in hand. It's hard to have anything else in your hands when they're holding the Longhorn Network out as the first concession. Money and prestige are definitely the drivers for the decision, no doubt about it. And that's the exact reason at least twelve of the fourteen SEC presidents are going to vote to accept Texas and OU when the Southernly democratic process takes place. And to be clear, A&M was included in the discussion. Ross Bjork wasn't.
  6. You need to take a look at some SEC history. Vanderbilt has literally run the SEC before. When the SEC wanted to become the first conference in the country to institute a championship game, Gene Stallings was against it and Steve Spurrier's people had mixed feelings about it. Roy Kramer convinced the rest of the conference to go for it and did it anyway. In doing so, he very nearly cost Alabama a national championship. Every single time playoff expansion has been discussed, Nick Saban has verbally and adamantly objected and his boosters have followed suit, but the SEC staff have gone for it wi
  7. A&M chiefly has concerns about recruiting. There's some consternation over UT joining the SEC's ranks after spending so many decades dragging the SEC and A&M through the mud (remember 'the SEC's academic standards are too low for UT'?), but it's roughly offset by the delicious irony of UT coming to the SEC on its knees now, at least among the A&M fans I run with. On the other hand, being the only Texas school in the SEC has been a big piece of their recruiting pitch over the last few seasons, and that pitch has paid dividends for them. I personally don't think taking that away doom
  8. As a die-hard Alabama fan and Saban-era alumnus, I earnestly wish Sarkisian the best of luck. I mean that. He is my second favorite all-time Saban assistant behind only Kirby Smart, and he will leave Tuscaloosa with the same well wishes from me that Kirby had. That said, as a UT graduate who has spent the last six seasons watching Texas wallow around in mediocrity firsthand - and as a proud PN-G Indian who’s had to watch the greatest talent ever to come out of his storied hometown program settle for that for two seasons - I also see this for what it is: the worst decision Steve Sarkisi
  9. Thanks for being real Southeast Texans, Raider and Soulja! I owe y'all one.
  10. I hesitate to do this because this is a PN-G thing, but the team we're up against, Sanderson, has said some very nasty things about Southeast Texas in general ("West Texas class against East Texas trash," as one Sanderson fan put it in the comments), and we need y'all's help. A few weeks ago, Dave Campbell's Texas Football put together a 64 stadium bracket and a six round voting competition to determine the best high school football stadium in Texas. PN-G's Indian Stadium was the only stadium DCTF picked to represent our area. We've pulled off several upset wins over several stadiums DCTF
  11. I told y'all to be skeptical.
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