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  1. Liltex Cup Pick' Ems - Week 4

      1.    Dayton 2.     Crosby 3.     Houston Lutheran North 4.     Hardin-Jefferson 5.     Anahuac 6.     Buna 7.     Huffman Hargrave 8.     Jasper 9.     /Orangefield 10.    Newton 11.    Woodville 12.    West Orange-Stark 13.    Kountze 14.    San Augustine 15.    Hardin 16.    West Sabine 17.    West Hardin 18.    Strawn 19.    Kingwood Park 20.    New Caney 21.    Navasota 22.    Diboll 23.    Madisoville 24.    Shepherd 25.    Colmesneil  Like this   Quote
  2. There's Water in God's Plan

    It was my sermon this morning.......:)
  3. There's Water in God's Plan

    There’s Water in God’s Plan By: Jim Crews Water has always been a part of God’s plan of salvation.  In the time before the Flood, God chose to use water as the means of destroying a sin-cursed world.  Genesis 6: 17 I'm sure there were many other means at His disposal, but God chose to send a great flood upon the earth, by which he removed the corruption, and saved Noah and his family. I Peter 3:20 Water was shown to be a dividing line between the filthy and the cleansed. Why did God choose to do it this way? That’s His business, not mine. I don’t question God.  When God delivered the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, he led them to the Red Sea. This was not the regular route out of Egypt. It would have been closer to go to the north, where there was a dry-land route. But God led them to the sea, and made for them a path between walls of water. They were immersed in cloud and sea. I Corinthians 10:1-2 When Pharaoh's army tried to follow them, the sea crashed back in on them and destroyed them. Water was shown to be a dividing line between bondage and freedom. Why did God choose to do it this way? That’s His business, not mine. I don’t question God.  When Naaman, captain of the Syrian army, came to God's prophet for healing of his leprosy, he was told to wash in the Jordan, seven times.  II Kings 5:10 It does seem a strange requirement.  Naaman thought it was and was angered by it.  II Kings 5: 11 - 12 He reasoned that his home-land rivers were better than the Jordan. They were, if water was all that was needed. But of course water was only the medium chosen by God for this miracle.       When Naaman submitted to God's command, and dipped seven times in the Jordan, he was healed of his leprosy. Some may ask if  there was something in the water that contributed to this healing.  The answer, of course, is yes.  Naaman was in the water, where God told him to be. The healing was by God's power, but it was applied only to an obedient subject. Water became the dividing line between sickness and health. Why did God choose to do it this way? That’s His business, not mine. I don’t question God. When Jesus healed the man born blind he used water as the dividing line between blindness and sight.  John 9: 1 John 9: 6 - 7 He anointed the man's eyes with clay and told him to go wash in Siloam’s pool.  I do not know why He did it this way. I only know that the man was blind until he did what the Lord told him to do. When he washed, he could see.   God, with divine power, cleansed the world, freed Israel, healed the leper, and gave sight to the blind. In all these manifestations of His power He chose to use water. He told the subjects to use that water as He directed. He withheld the blessing until their faith was demonstrated by their obedience. I do not know why. It has never occurred to me to question God. It is hard for me to understand why people who claim to have faith in God, will question His command to be immersed in water to have their sins forgiven and washed away.  Mark 16: 16 Acts 2:38 Acts 22:16 Seeing all of His examples throughout the Bible, is it so strange that God would choose to use water as the dividing line between the old life of sin, and the new Christian life?  Romans 6:3-4  The more puzzling question is how someone who claims to be a  believer,  could "reject the counsel of God against himself? Luke 7:30   There are millions of people in the world today who refuse to be immersed in water to have their sins washed away, receiving the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. Water is the dividing line in God’s Plan for the redemption of sinful humanity. Why did God choose to do it this way? That’s His business. I don’t question God, I obey Him.  Do you want to be saved? The Lord told you how. Luke 13: 3 Matthew 10: 32 - 33 Mark 16: 16 Revelation 2: 10 Why not submit to HIS will, instead of being stubborn and burning? Why not plunge into the waters of baptism and be cleansed and made whole?   
  4. Huntington 31 West Hardin 14/FINAL

    Oilers fell behind 24-0 at the half......They battled back to make it 24-14 at one point......played a great second half.....the defense is showing improvements every week......offense is starting to come around........
  5. Never thought those words would EVER come out of my thought process........
  6. Liltex CupPick' Ems - Week 3

    1.     Crosby 2.     East Chambers 3.     San Augustine/ 4.     Dayton/ 5.     New Caney 6.     Beaumont Legacy Christian 7.     Beaumont West Brook/ 8.     Galena Park North Shore 9.     /Newton 10.   Cleveland/ 11.    /Willis 12.    Liberty 13.   Jasper 14.    /Tarkington 15.   /Little Cypress-Mauriceville 16.    /Buna 17.    /New Waverly 18.    Hemphill 19.    Kountze 20.    Cushing/ 21.    /Evadale 22.    High Island 23.    Katy 24.    Santa Fe 25.    Pearland Dawson  
  7. Hull-Daisetta vs West Hardin

  8. Hurricane Season 2017

    JUDGE MC DANIEL: Please pass the word along that we will be grilling chicken for All First Responders, police departments, sheriff departments, ambulance personnel , linemen, volunteer fireman, city and county workers .....ANY ONE THAT WAS INVOLVED WITH EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND RESCUE !!!!! In any part of Hardin, Jefferson, or jasper county!!!! We will be set up at the ole Walmart parking lot in SILSBEE and serving by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 5th!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PASS THE WORD ... WE HAVE 40,000 pounds of chicken to serve ( 18 wheeler load) From the GOOD OLE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI .... MR RONNIE JOE KEYES  DONATING THE CHICKEN AND TEXAS LAND BANK WILL BE GRILLING!!! Their appreciation of the splendid response of our GREAT RESPONDERS!!! Any questions please feel free to contact me Anna Tanton at Silsbee Oaks Healthcare 409-385-5571...
  9. Beckville 38 Huntington 10

    West Hardin out til at least 9/11........
  11. Hurricane Season 2017

  12. Hurricane Season 2017

      West Hardin Schools.....  
  13. Hurricane Season 2017

    The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has advised the Tyler County office of Emergency Management that the flood gates were opened to 100 feet at 3:00 pm CSDST. River levels will rise to near seventy nine feet. With additional rain fall accumulations, a potential elevation could reach near eighty two feet. All residents living in Mt. Neches, Barlow Lake Estates, Works Bluff on CR 4415, Sheffield Ferry and Bottom Loop-CR 4700 who have not already evacuated must do so immediately. Anyone who chooses to not heed this directive cannont expect to be rescued and should write their social security numbers in permanent marker on their arm so their bodies can be identified. The loss of life and property is certain.                           GET OUT OR DIE!  *Call 911 or 409-283-2172 for anyone needing a boat assistance rescue* Tyler County Judge Jacques Blanchette
  14. Hurricane Season 2017

    BREAKING: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District officials announce today the expectation of historic discharge amounts at Dam B (B.A. Steinhagen/Town Bluff Lake) Hurricane Harvey has produced historic amounts of rain in the B.A. Steinhagen Lake watershed. Operations personnel are conducting heightened monitoring and safety surveillance activities at the dam. B.A. Steinhagen/Town Bluff Lake release rates have been increased to over 44,100 cubic feet per second and it is anticipated that releases will exceed those experienced in the 2015 floods. Local emergency management officials have been notified and preparations for evacuation of affected downstream areas are underway.  Sam Rayburn Reservoir has the entire flood pool available to hold flood water. The only releases from Sam Rayburn in the near future will be for power generation to maintain service for the Powerhouse. These releases will be near 500 cubic feet per second and will have a negligible impact on downstream conditions. Lake levels and discharge amounts may be viewed at http://www.swf-wc.usace.army.mil/lake/status.htm.
  15. Hurricane Season 2017

    The link said this was Newton.....can anyone verify????