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  1. That’s actually a Coyote lol. Arizona Coyotes logo. Everyone needs to try to avoid trademarked images used by other teams. The school would get away with it early, but as soon as merchandise is sold with a logo like that, they’ll receive a cease and desist order. From there the school would be forced to remove the logo from anywhere in the school or uniforms.
  2. 71-36 Woodville 
  3. Kirbyville Applicants list

    There’s only one finalist at this time. 
  4. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    They’ve never played.
  5. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Newton is facing Gilmer in Week 5 at a neutral site. Still searching for Week 3 and 4. 
  6. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Newton has just added Kirbyville for Week 1
  7. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    WOS has agreed to go to Crosby for both years.
  8. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

    Noticing that’s three votes for Elia, wonder who didn’t vote for him?!?!?
  9. The decision on a name and colors needs to happen sooner than later. Uniforms for EVERY team must be ordered. The court at Ozen has to be stripped and painted, all Ozen history will need to be covered or put away. In many ways converting a current campus will be tougher than when a school opens in a new building.
  10. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

    This was my ballot OFFENSEDarwin Barlow (Newton)L'Ravien Elia (West Brook)Elijah Hines (Port Arthur Memorial)Roschon Johnson (Port Neches-Groves)   DEFENSE Corbin Foster (Newton) Jarron Morris (West Orange-Stark) J'Lon Douglas (Little Cypress-Mauriceville) Donald Collins (West Brook)
  11. Washington-Marion isn’t Marion-Washington. I put Ozen first because their campus would be used, at least initially.
  12. I’m worried about how the next couple of years will be like in district. If they are grouped with West Brook and Pasadena schools they’ll compete. If they are shifted to North Shore, Atascocita, etc. that could be rough. I see both of these athletic programs and enjoy covering them. But I also travel to cover West Brook facing The Woodlands. It’s not even fair. The disparity in Class 6A is ridiculous. Both Central and Ozen missed out on the playoffs last year in 5A. There is no doubt both schools have talent, but the lack of depth will be the problem.