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  1. Newton

    Brown isn’t coming back. 
  2. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    It’s technically Porter. But it’s really all the same. It’s listed both ways.
  3. Is United really going by SheWolves? The volleyball team used Lady Timberwolves.
  4. Bad weather

    Newton is Thursday at 7:30
  5. Bad weather

    I know of one Friday game that might be moved to Thursday. Still waiting on confirmation.
  6. What was the final score?
  7. It was close when I had to leave in the second half. Looking for a final.
  8. Friday Morning Games PNG 69 Kelly 64 F Cleveland 61 LCM 38 F
  9. Ronnie text me at 7:40 saying he was waiting on them to start.
  10. West Brook assistant just told me 4 again. I’ll text Peevey.
  11. 6 pm? Did that change? A coach text me 4 pm after the game.
  12. Make this one go to OT so I can make it lol
  13. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    Evadale (7-3) vs Frost (7-3) Dragon Stadium - Nacogdoches, Thursday 7:00 pm Winner vs Clarksville (6-4) or Tioga (1-9)
  14. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    Manvel / Barbers Hill is on Thursday. All higher seeds host in 6A and 5A now in the first round.