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  1. Vidor

    Vidor wasn't playing with a complete team. According to Coach Mathews they haven't had a cornerback or fullback available to practice since Harvey. He told me that this afternoon before the scrimmage was played. 
  2. Kountze 3 Anahuac 2/FINAL

    Kountze won in 5
  3. 22-5A vs 21-5A

    In all fairness, Rayburn only scored more than 20 points 3 times last year. They were (2-8). 
  4. Any word on these scrimmages??

    Heard that Central crushed Rayburn yesterday.   
  5. 22-5A DEC Meeting This Week

    Travel during the week has never been a big concern for all the other sports. 
  6. 22-5A DEC Meeting This Week

    None of the coaches I spoke with said they would be trying to get a game in next week. Things have been known to change. 
  7. Thursday State Scoreboard - 9/7/17

    Amazingly many of them also played last week. 
  8. 22-5A Question

    It's set for Friday according the Coach Mathews.
  9. 22-5A DEC Meeting This Week

    Technically school does not have to be in session for games to be played. With Vidor it all depends on the number of players that can actually play. Plus I'm not sure the condition of their equipment. Even if the stadium is damaged they can play on the road. That's what Refugio is forced to do. 
  10. Png vs sterling prediction

    After seeing Sterling and PNG in scrimmages, Indians should win by at least a couple of scores. 
  11. 22-5A Question

    PAM cancelled their game with Westside, but they are looking for a scrimmage this week. As far as I know Vidor did get water in the school. I know Coach Mathews' house did also, as well as Coach Faircloth. A lot of players and coaches in this area dealing with a lot. Still everyone I've talked to wants to get playing ASAP. 
  12. Week 2 Games That WILL be played

    Meant to be Crosby at Jasper, couldn't edit this.