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  1. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Coach Louis said there would be stripes, but he didn’t describe them.
  2. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Got a call from BISD telling me that the U logo with the wolves is not an official logo and has nothing to do with BISD. It was called a creation by the community and they’ll message me the real logo when finalized. 
  3. Nederland vs PNG?

    PNG has won 6-straight in series. Last loss was in 2014. 
  4. Hopefully they come up with something soon. Trying to get the United page ready for our new website!
  5. I’ve seen the applicants. I’d expect Jeff Nelson to get it. But I guess we’ll see.
  6. Anybody get a final?
  7. I’ll take baseball all day. But yes today’s generation won’t sit to watch anything. Numbers are dropping in all sports. 
  8. Did you make the trip? My photographer just told me the game was moved until tomorrow.
  9. Hardin 3 Kirbyville 2/FINAL

    Just got word that the game is being played tomorrow.
  10. Jasper
  11. Crosby Tourny

    PNG 2 Cy Falls 2 F 
  12. Crosby Tourny

    BSB: Crosby Tournament #1 Port Neches-Groves 3 Manvel 2 F WP- Petix SV- Vernado HR- Roccaforte #VYPESETX #txhsb
  13. I know, VYPE Houston covers a lot the schools SETX Sports does. Wasn't knocking your rankings lol.