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  1. Dak may still have potential for the future. Or he may not. Better coaching and offensive game plan may help him achieve. He has been an effective mobile QB but he doesn't run/move enough. I don't know if that is by design or his decision making
  2. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    Your statement "the amount of wealth distributed to the top 1%" is also misleading. I think those 1% would think they earned it and it wasn't distributed to them.
  3. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    Russia is a clear and present potential threat to the US. Is more proof needed?    
  4. Pretty impressed with McVay as a coach. They could be a force for awhile.
  5. I think Jerry had to call down to tell him to go for two.
  6. The Dak call took them out of field goal range potentially costing them 3 point
  7. She has really tried to hang on until Trump is gone.