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  1. Yes breaking news. Networks interrupted regular viewing TV one hour before the national news program to let everyone know the Mueller report was released and no one knows whats in it and no additional indictments, all of which they reported yesterday. Media sensationalism at its finest.
  2. Nederland Bond

    Can you share what part of the story is not being told?
  3. Marijuana Legalization Support - Yay or Nay

    I have my opinion but can understand both sides. One thing is certain. It has generated a healthily debate which is refreshing in this forum. 
  4. Marijuana Legalization Support - Yay or Nay

    Legalize it. We need all our prison space for illegal immigrant criminals. 
  5. Nederland Bond

    Sounds like she is not ready to settle or sit idle. Sound like she wants continued improving into the future. Can you provide a quality education for less than a $156,000,000? Yes. You could build a perfectly adequate bare necessity home for you and your family for $30,000. Something tells me you would want more for them if you are able. 
  6. Nederland Bond

    This is not true at all. Aside from the basic listed on the district website, I don't know the details of what will be addressed in the bond. However, TEA sets standards for optimal education performance. Areas short of these standards hinders education performance determined by TEA. The infrastructure of a school building dictates the level of technology related education and educational growth that is needed in the advanced learning environment of today such as computer labs, smart board interactive technologies, chemistry and biology specific labs, etc. Classroom sizes are mandated from TEA to accommodated the growing needs within a classroom. Proper climate control, indoor air quality, etc contributes to a healthier environment which contributes to better education. The education advantages go way beyond the brick and mortar. I can provide plenty of supporting data if needed.  Furthermore, I'd be willing to bet if you survey the students that have spent years in an old school, then moved into a new school you'd see increased motivation. 
  7. Nederland Bond

    BC is trying to pass another bond now. Their needs did not go away.
  8. Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia - Yay or Nay

    Hospice is a well needed service. I can't say I disagree. I just see some remote similarities.
  9. Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia - Yay or Nay

    Couldn't hospice services be interpreted as assistance? 
  10. Whats up with the occasional flood of Asian language posts? Its not only irritating but concerning on the site's security.
  11. This is tragic, cowardly and evil. On a somewhat separate note; I'm a little confused that the name of the mosque was Chirstchurch. It sounds like a christian church name.
  12. Medicare.. For All?

    The challenge would the private sector working profitably within the government oversight. That's a big part of our health care problem now. I'd love to see them try it though.
  13. Medicare.. For All?

    Pardon the interruption but here's my two cents. I believe in basic health care for all. However, I believe a two, possibly three tier system could be an option. 1. Private insurance available for those that can afford it or those that meet an income threshold. 2. A form of medicaid expansion to include those below an income threshold. Yes this would put additional cost on the medicare system but the additional cost could be covered by the tax dollars already being spent to supplement the affordable healthcare act. Economically disadvantage households should have healthcare but not necessarily the same level as those that pay good money for theirs. You two can carry on with whatever it is y'all are doing.
  14. Trump’s $1 Trillion Deficit - Laugh Out Loud

    I agree with certain spending increases but the largest budget ever tends to go against the GOP platform of less spending.