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  1. Bulletproof Glass is Racist

    It is all starting  to make sense now. It is not guns in particular that the Liberals are against, it is against any form of self-defense. To be able to defend yourself is to not rely on the government. That is totally unacceptable and this just gives credence to that thought. 
  2. A slice of the district championship, three rounds deep in the playoffs and lost to a very good team.  That sounds like a great year for PAM. 
  3. Why does putting athletes on both sides of the line equal 5-5?   
  4. Play offense and defense and don’t stack all of your talent on one or the other? 
  5. Keeper for 3. 2-7 1:21. TC calls last timeout.  PNG 24-17
  6. And add unsportsmanlike on TC but inconsequential  1:28
  7. Keeper for 1-10 and should be game. 
  8. Timeout PNG. ????? 1:35 in game, 3-3 (or maybe 2), PNG up 24-17
  9. Looked to be going in for thing score and let the ball go.  Keeper for 2. 2-8 2:30
  10. Ball fumbled into end zone after 20 yard run. PNG ball on 20 3:01