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  1. Transgender: Real or Mental Illness ?

    Mental illness. 
  2. OJ

    Yes we should listen as that is the law. They are not quite the same though and not just being different facts. OJ was a popular and rich celebrity. Zimmerman, not so much.  The one juror that spoke after the Zimmerman verdict said that the jury "wanted to" convict him of murder but the evidence simply was not there. I think the jury in the Simpson trial had the exact opposite take and it was a case of jury nullification. If they "wanted to" convict him, they would have. Both certainly reach the same legal standing and they are both not guilty. There is a huge difference in the way the cases were handled and the popularity of the suspects however. 
  3. Trump talks to Boy scouts

     I am not going to use the excuse “but your guy did it”  but it is what it is and that is politics.  Politicians know there is a mic on no matter who is in the audience.   One of the most despicable things that I have ever seen a politician do in front of an audience was when Obama spoke at the memorial for the five officers gunned  down in the mass murder in Dallas.  They were there to honor the lives of police officers were killed for doing the job. It should have been left at that, shouldn’t it? But no, in his “memorial” to officers killed in the line of duty, he brings up slavery and Jim Crow laws.   While I know that Trump was using the Boy Scouts as a platform to make yet another political speech, doesn’t the other side do exactly the same thing?  It is mighty selective to point out a political speech on one side when it is not really called for when the previous guy in the same position did exactly the same thing.  Trump does not get a pass because Obama did. It is not tit-for-tat.  Sometimes we need to look in the mirror when we call people pathetic. 
  4. Will they ever repeal Obamacare

    I think the RNC is fed up with the Republicans that are fed up with Trump. 
  5. They might be trying to make 2+2=7.  I saw a study one time (and I do not dispute the results) that people watch more than 4 hours of television a day were significantly more likely to have a heart attack at a younger age. So, does the television cause heart attacks or it just more likely that people that sit around and watch television all day don’t get any exercise? If a guy watches 6 hours a day on the tube but then jogs 3 miles a day, is he as likely to have that cardiac problem as the guy who watches only 4 hours but never gets into any activity?
  6. Do you guys still love Megyn Kelley?

    I loved what she looked like when she was on FNC. I still love her look. 
  7. Ronald Reagan's daughter

    Let’s see, 320 million people in this country and we now have the opinion of one of them.  Maybe we need about 500 million new threads in this forum so we can varying opinions from one person on, let’s say, the last five presidents. 
  8. All They Have Left?

    Only if he was Russian. Since he is Hungarian, it is okay. 
  9. Jimmy

    We have had some long living presidents lately. Reagan died at 93, GHW Bush is 93 and Carter is 92. 
  10. Supreme Court

    It likely won't matter. There will  probably be a 7-2 conservative split by then so the course will be set for the next two decades anyway. 
  11. Jimmy

    Out of his 10 big accomplishments in life, only one had to do with his presidency. He did help broker the deal with Israel and Egypt which was a huge accomplishment. Nothing in the article, which lists lifelong major accomplishments, lists a single thing that he did for this country as its president.. Go figure.  A great humanitarian and a lousy president. 
  12. fake news about police- writer busted

    Hahaha!!! BUSTED .... lying about the police in order to sensationalize. Imagine that. 
  13. Atta Boy, President Trump!

    A quote (almost) of Alexis de Tocqueville goes like: “Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”   I believe this, as explained by a frenchman over 150 years ago, is foretelling the current state of liberal\proggressive\socialist politics. Let’s drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator so we can all say that we are equal instead of aspiring for individual excellence or achievement. 
  14. Atta Boy, President Trump!

    Because if you are too lazy to move ahead in life or your only response to poor performance is to blame someone else, then the only way to be equal is to drag everyone else down to your level. 
  15. North korea tested another missle

    Probably start a war. Then you will be asking why he did something.  Trump has been in office less than 6 months and you want solutions from many years of bungling.