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  1. Real Change

    Nothing mentioned above can happen with legislation by both houses of Congress coming into exact wording agreement. It does not matter what Trump will sign, if it doesn't hit his desk then it cannot become law.  I would not hold my breath waiting for Congress to act swiftly. They might start swiftly but waiting for a final product may take time if something ever even passes. It took a completely Democratic Congress and willing president two years to get Obamacare into law. Hopefully the repeal of it will happen and will do so fairly quickly but expecting an early change might be a stretch.  Early stuff might actually enforcing immigration laws, etc., which the president can do almost immediately. 
  2. Obama-- first administration in the modern era where the main stream media is afraid to uphold their responsibility to be impartial reporters. 
  3. Run over them and if they live, file charges for obstructing traffic.  God Bless North Dakota. 
  4. Post Modernism on steroids

    Every generation looks at the previous generation as being out of style. Every generation looks at the next generation as uneducated idealists without the wisdom of age.  That is just the way it is from each of our perspectives.  With that in mind, we are raising a bunch of brain dead idiots ..... that you could probably rob them over the telephone by saying you are in another state but have a gun pointed at the telephone and the bullet will travel to you so you'd better put $500 on your porch and not call the police.    
  5. I believe that was the original intent and that is what it should be.  It has evolved into an entitlement and I think many people are offended if someone suggests that their free money be spent on staples. 
  6. Probably like they don't blame him because he kind of got screwed over by the BISD admin. 
  7.  Let's see, he is mad because the judge dismissed a lawsuit because he could not get a telephone number. He then spent almost $1000 out of his own pocket to buy the equipment and pay people to bring the pennies in. He had to spend a lot of his own time to gather the pennies in the first place. Then he gives it to several clerks  who are probably making $15 an hour or less  and had absolutely nothing to do with his situation.  Yeah, that'll show 'em!! Yes this guy is several descriptive terms that is against the rules of this forum. 
  8. Interracial relationships.

    No real point. I don't know the person and even if I did, I can't read minds.  I am always suspicious of any issue when children are brought in as a reasoning for a decision. It doesn't mean that it isn't true, I just think it is a convenience.  Ask him this if the topic ever comes up again. What if the black girl was someone that he found beautiful and got along with great, and..... she couldn't have kids. So there is no reason to wonder about children being divided, the strife that they might have been put through, etc.  I could care less why someone doesn't want to marry or date outside their race or how a person views such relationships. That is a personal issue.  But when they say, it's for the kids......    
  9. Interracial relationships.

    It's for the kids... right?
  10. Interracial relationships.

    My wife is not white and she is not an American.  What was the question again? 
  11. Eating to Much Salad Bad for You

    The healthiest eating people will not get out of here alive. I guess they will die of good healthy but die they will.............. I guess I'd better sell my new copper coated non-stick pans. 
  12. Another cop and civilian

    Editing? By the media to hide the truth? Tell me it isn't so.....
  13. Eating to Much Salad Bad for You

    I love these always, among us, new scientific claims..... given by one person. Oh yeah, (always in the article) you can find further information in my book. Sorry, I just sold the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of days ago but just acquired Mount Rushmore so make an offer.....
  14. ..... unless you are looking for a handout.
  15. The scary thing about going in front of a jury.......