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  1. Did they the same when 12 Republicans voted with the Dems last week to overturn Trump’s emergency order?  I you think that the GOP votes together or does spit out different opinions then you aren’t paying attention. When was the last time a Democrat broke ranks when it wasn’t beneficial to that candidate for an upcoming election.  Even in forums conservatives and Republicans in general often criticize their own members and Trump.  
  2. Anyone that supports the Dems and calls someone a sheep.... probably thinks that he is looking at a photo but is actually looking in a mirror.    That is the most lock-step no self thinking group that I have ever seen. 

    AAAND.... the toxicology is in (or made public).  The guy had a potential lethal dose of PCP in him. 
  4. Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia - Yay or Nay

    Not in my opinion.  Hospice allows you to die but with comfort services until natural death. 
  5. Is Social Security Not Socialist?

    There are way too many forms, theories and explanations socialist or socialism. They probably offer bachelor degrees on the topic and I doubt that we want to debate for 4 years just the meaning, however..... I think that most generally think of socialism as market socialism or government control and/or ownership instead of free market capitalism.  So is SS socialism or socialist? Not really. Article I Section 8 of the COTUS gives Congress the power to tax as long as it is done equally across the country. SS is merely a tax for an insurance plan for disability, survivors and the elderly. SS is nothing more than a taxpayer funded insurance plan. It is in effect the same as its later sister program, Medicare.  But SS and Medicare don’t control or take away the free market. There are dozens of ways to have retirement funds, disability insurance, death insurance or medical insurance that are in fact far superior to those government programs   If we think that a government/people/tax funded insurance program is socialist then Inguess everything to do with the government is socialist. For example the interstate highway system is funded by tax dollars whether you drive or not. I might never drive in Montana but part of the taxes that I have paid have surely funded roads in that state  social? I think not   I doubt that we consider ourselves as a socialist country because the a highway system, an insurance program and many other things are funded by constitutional taxes. We are still (until AOC gets her way) generally a free market capitalism society. Don’t be swayed by the name “Social” in SS which in fact isn’t even in the name of the program.   

    STOP IT!! Logical thinking not allowed. It kills the conversation. 
  7. Pure Evil in Orange County

    Thank you   I have seen some fairly horrific crime scenes. Dismemberments, amputation, unimaginable wounds, etc. This one would likely have been the worst due to age.  I have talked to someone while he was holding his intestines in his hands and crying that he was going to die (but didn’t), I spoke with a guy whose brains were protruding out of his head before he died, I have seen a man trying to talk after he tried to commit suicide with a shotgun but was only successful in amputating his entire face and couldn’t talk because he had no lower jaw and his tongue was on his chest, I have been inside houses with multiple stabbing death and seen more than my share of dead children.  The police obviously aren’t the only ones terrible sights. Fire, EMS, some medical professionals and certain members of the military are a few that might have seen things that humans shouldn’t have to witness. Even other first responders however don’t always see what the police see when it is bad enough that the others simply aren’t needed. It is too late for lifesaving and only an investigation.  I could go on.... for days....  but yes we carry a lot with us. Like other professions you just learn to deal with it and move on. I suspect that some don’t which causes a higher than normal suicide rate. Off hand I can think of 8 officers that I have worked with or knew from other agencies that have committed suicide.  But it is something we voluntarily do. An overwhelming majority do so with courage to move forward into bad situations with fear but resolve to do the right thing for the right reasons. Unfortunately a few choose a different course and drag the rest of us down with them. 

     But since no local police department that I have ever heard of furnishes their officers with bean bag..... In reality it doesn’t matter anyway. A lone officer does use likely non lethal force to stop a lethal threat. 

    Like the video, I will be glad when the final autopsy including toxicology is finished and made public. 

    This is over except for the obligatory lawsuit. I am fairly certain that it will be settled out of court as no plaintiff attorney will likely want to show the entire idea to a jury and ask if the officer was justified or if it was wrongful death.  I have never killed anyone but my partner killed a guy about 10 feet in front of me. 

     After reading hundreds of comments on Facebook I sometimes wonder, are we even watching the same video? How far can someone go to make excuses? This should have been one of the easiest and most clear examples of law enforcement use of deadly force. Some people will still try to find some reason to show that the officer did the wrong thing, no matter how nonsensical.   I don’t care if the guy committed no crime. Let’s say that they were both on the sidewalk facing each other. If someone comes at me with a bladed instrument at the ready and Imorder him at gunpoint to put it down for my safety, it doesn’t matter what law he may have broken or what his intent was.  I would completely expect the same thing from a civilian in the same place as the officer.   

    Great, the officer waited until the last resort. We finally agree.  As far as the “norm”, police shootings are far from it. I personally could have lawfully shot several people in my career. Some in hindsight I probably should have but got away with holding back.  Most officers could probably say the same.  That is also why some officers are killed, by waiting and trying not to shoot. 

     Because no one from a civilian taking a self-defense class to the police or to the military is trained or convinced that you try to stop from being killed by using other methods than deadly force.   After reading hundreds of comments on various forums I have a lot of “what iffers”.   What if he really wasn’t going to use the machete? What is the officer was the best shot in the world and could somehow hit a 3 inch wide moving target (kneecap) while under stress?  What if the officer would have just turned his back and run? What if the officer would have just ignored the situation even if it would’ve cost a civilian his life?   There is one person that caused this situation. That person is deceased. We will never know what was in his mind and why he did what he did. He made the decision however. It seems like a few people in the public have completely ignored that a man iwas a definite threat to the officer and the public, walked directly at an officer without flinching and without making any attempt  to comply or to communicate.   I have the suspicion that about 98% of the people who are criticizing the officer, if faced with exactly the same situation and with a firearm to defend themselves, would not acted like the officer did. They would not have waited as long as the officer did to keep from having to shoot and would have started firing much sooner.   There are probably more Monday morning Chairborne Rangers in this incident  then there are Saturday morning quarterbacks after a high school football game. 

    I think that if somebody walked toward you with a machete and you pulled a firearm and told that person to stop and he continued to walk within arms length of you, you would not try to use harsh language or reasoning to stop him    

    As far as the shots, most officers can fire 4-5 shots per second. This officer fired 8 in about 2 seconds. Angel San Juan even reports (since he saw the tape that the mediythen altered) that the guy started to stagger at 5 shots.  That means that the officer stopped firing about 1/2 to 3/4 of a second later.  That is just about the time it takes for the human brain to perceive the action and then take the appropriate response. We probably all remember from drivers Ed that if you’re going at highway speeds and somebody pulls out in front of you, you’ll probably go over 100 feet before you can hit the brake. That is because of the time that it takes the brain to perceive the threat and then change that to action. That is exactly the same  situation that the video conference. It is nonsensical to think that a threat ends and in 1/100 of a second later the human body responds. That simply is not how it works.