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  1. Income Tax Thought(s)...

    You are overthinking it.  Yes, if we signed for taxed gasoline, it would be under a penalty if it was false. We don’t sign any taxing document when we go shopping at Walmart or fill up our car with gasoline   What so many people claim to want in income taxes, actually exists in most other taxes. That is a no deductions flat tax. If you buy it then it is taxed at a given rate. It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire or on welfare, if you pull up to a gas pump at the same time on the same day, the price is the same. It doesn’t matter if you buy one gallon of gasoline a year or 20;000 gallons. It is built into the price. 
  2. School Shooting in Colorado

    Yes he was a hero. The word is too often used but Castillo was a first responder. He chose to be a firefighter running into a building to save someone, a police officer heading toward gunfire or a member of our military willingly going in harm’s way.  When the survival instinct hits and the immediate adrenaline dump makes you want to run to survive, Kendrick Castillo chose the almost unthinkable in a moment of intense stress and went toward the danger.  They won’t do it but they should fire a 21 gun salute to him at his funeral. He earned it. 
  3. Good ol' Joe

    Unlike Obama, Biden can go away from the TelePrompTer.   Obama was absolutely befuddled when he went off script. Biden doesn’t have that problem because he just makes it up as he goes.  You can tell by his rambling that he is just throwing words out. 
  4. Bill to Regulate Food Stamp Purchases

     The only interesting thing about this thread is the media fascination with bills that have absolutely no support and practically no chance of becoming a law. Every two years it is the same thing.  Headlines will say things like marijuana to be legal in Texas or DWI now a felony on first offense or Medicare for everyone in Texas or...   In truth, likely one guy submitted a bill because he told his constituents that he would. Out of the hundreds of other legislators, no one else would sign off on it but by God he did submit it. It will never come up even for a discussion within a committee much less come even close to becoming a law.   It is nothing more than Clickbait. 
  5. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Ground out.  Called strikeout.  Ground out to 1st.  Final  BH 3-0
  6. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    High throw error from short puts lead runner on.  Sacrifice bunt shoves runner to 2nd.  Foul out to first.  Passed ball moves runner to 3rd.  Strikeout.  Bottom of 7, BH 3-0
  7. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Pitch count  Nederland 91  BH 62
  8. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Walk on 4 pitches.  4-6-3 DP Strikeout.  End of 6, BH 3-0
  9. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Lead off walk. Wild pitch moves runner to 2.  Strikeout.  Long out to right.  Shallow pop to center.  Heading to bottom of 6, BH 3-0
  10. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Hit between 1 and 2.  Strikeout.  Lead runner out at 2nd on ground out. Runner on 1 on fielder’s choice.  Caught stealing.  End of 5, BH 3-0
  11. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Fly to right at the fence.  Caught looking at strike 3.  Lined out to center.  Bottom of 5, BH 3-0
  12. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Strikeout looking Fly to right.  Hit to right.  Caught stealing.  End of 4, BH 3-0
  13. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Ground out.  Long fly to right.  High pop up.  Heading to bottom of 4, BH 3-0
  14. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Leadoff hit.  Double play   Ground out.  End of 3, BH 3-0
  15. Barbers Hill 3 Nederland 0/FINAL

    Leadoff infield hit and Kemp goes down, maybe twisted his ankle. A couple of practice pitches and for now checks okay.  Bunt fouls out to catcher.  Double to center puts runners on 2nd-3rd.  Base hit up the middle scores 2. Runner on 1st.  Centerfielder misjudged ball for a double. Runners on 2-3.  Intentional walk liads them.  Infield hit scores 1. Ground out ends it.  Bottom of 3 on the way, BH 3-0