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  1. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    I would love to see many things done. My biggest concern by far was the makeup of the SCOTUS. With my comparison to Hillary however, the bar can be set very low.  To outdo a potential Hillary administration, victory will be achieved if Gorsuch is confirmed. Anything else in the next 3 years and 10 months is dessert. 
  2. Are you guys tired of winning yet?

    I was never for Trump. I did not want him to be the nominee for the Republicans and would have likely chosen 15 of the other 16 candidates over him. But he and all others outclass Hillary. If Gorsuch gets approved for the SCOTUS, I will call it winning.  If Trump gets another similar pick to replace a retiring Ginsburg, I will call it game-set-match and a very successful presidential term. 
  3. Franken was particularly stupid in his questioning about politics.  To paraphrase it..... Gorsuch said he could not be swayed by politics as a judge so he would not comment on political appointments.  In response Franken said gibberish like Gorsuch work on some campaign in (get this) 1976, then helped some Republicans in the mid 90's and blah blah....  Gorsuch shut him down but he has been a federal judge for only the last 10 years, not 20 years ago or 40 years ago.  He never said that he never voted or never worked on a campaign. He said that as a federal judge he could  not comment.   Franken is too stupid to realize (or  perhaps pure political BS) that what he did as a private citizen was not the same nor could be the same as the  he did as a judge for the last 10 years.   I guess by Franken's thinking, his headlines  for me would be, police officer admits to theft. Yep, on my polygraph/lie detector to be a police officer, I admitted to stealing a bag of Fritos when I was 15 years old. 
  4. ???

    But liberals complain about liberals? Yep, tons of Hillary is horrible or Obama sucked threads from the libs............ 
  5. Can't get enough Rachel today

    I love that compilation......
  6. Who delivers the better speeches?

    Obama - Great talker with absolutely no substance but a lot of complaining with laughter to follow from him. Trump - Great locker room talk with a little substance but no plan other than "believe me".  Hillary - One of the most fake politicians that I have ever seen. She is simply horrible and she is entirely unbelievable when she speaks. Take the (D) from in front of her name or her married name itself and she doesn't get 10% of votes from any race even in her own party. She rides the coattails of her husband to the max. Harry Reid - I don't know if I have ever seen anything he has said that resembles a speech but he has the complaining of Obama and Trump but with some much anger built up that he seems evil and disingenuous. 
  7. Who delivers the better speeches?

    For the ones listed, none of the above.  Comey doesn't give speeches. Testimony is not a speech.
  8. ???

    Interesting that we posted a few seconds apart and used a form of the word coherent. 
  9. ???

    Reply to what......  Rachel Maddow? Beauty in the beast? White milk? James Comey?   How about a coherent question. I understand that you are for a different viewpoint but how does a person respond to that? How about..... Russian hacking? Donna Brazile? Rigged Democratic process?
  10. ???

    Yeah, it was tough to follow.  
  11. Who would win?

    The Grizz wins. The gorilla might be stronger. The gorilla might be more agile.  The gorilla isn't packing 4 inch razor blades on each front paw in the form of its claws. I think the strength of the gorilla might be cut down a bit when its bicep is ripped to shreds and its throat is cut.  It is like a guy bringing a baseball bat to a gun fight. 
  12. Looking for a new deer lease

    They are game animals and to not attempt to recover and preserve one for consumption would be against the law. 
  13. Ben Carson

    You do realize that whites are about 75% of the nation and all other races combined equal only about 25% of the country? Nah, probably not. 
  14. Ben Carson

    So what? Is that a big deal for you, a guy makes a mistake on the definition of an immigrant?  Of course here is Obama saying that in their own way, slaves were immigrants themselves. Hmmm... I guess he isn't ignorant but Ben Carson is. I am 100% sure that Ben Carson is aware that slaves were not brought to the USA voluntarily and that many of them had atrocities committed against them even more than being captured and sold.   
  15. Looking for a new deer lease

    .... and plenty of javelinas.    I am probably going on a pig and javelina hunt there in a couple of weeks.