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  1. If I remember correctly, that same law makes it a crime up to a year in jail and removal from office for a sheriff or chief to institute such a santuary policy.  I am looking forward to some chiefs and sheriffs being arrested ........
  2. Post here if you are a member of the NRA

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  3. Florida Shootings

    That is not completely untrue about design..... kind of.  The AR, like other combat rifles, was made to kill humans at some very long ranges.  It can easily reach out over a quarter of a mile to hit a target.  However...... No school shooting has ever taken place at over a quarter of a mile. In fact most if the victims are within a very few feet, up to point blank range. At those ranges the AR isn’t particularly well suited. It is almost impossible to conceal, reloading can be much slower than with handguns. It is more cumbersome to get on target rapidly at close ranges (defeating your claim of shortest amount of time) and carrying a lot of ammo is a pain in the butt and way more difficult than with handguns.  It would not be a stretch that in most school shootings a high capacity handgun would have produced more fatalities than the AR.  So if  you do not think that those kinds of rifles should be owned by anyone,  great. If you are trying to claim that if no one owned that type of rifle, these school shootings would be different, you’re out of your mind. 
  4. Top 10 Sports Movies

    Lots of goods sports movies and I wouldn’t try to rate them in some kind of ranking. There are a few that I really enjoy watching more than others.  A couple that really stand out are Miracle about the 1980 US hockey team’s stunning (maybe biggest in sports history) victory over the USSR in the Olympics and Hoosiers. I don’t even like hockey and I have no desire to watch any of it but the movie Miracle is great.  I really like the original Longest Yard and I rarely see it mentioned and then Caddie Shack..... which like Miracle, is entertaining even if you didn’t like golf... which I do. 
  5. Gun Control

     That is entirely correct however that still required a rifle… Which is a bad word in some circles.  Almost all (with a couple of exceptions) of these shootings take place at point blank ranges where the AR is not an optimal weapon of choice.  To read the Internet you would think that if the AR did not exist then no shootings wouldn’t happen or there would be less casualties  when just the opposite might be true. 
  6. Florida Shootings

    He is rightfully angry but an idiot.  Mass murders are a society problem, not a weapon problem.  We can legally confiscate weapons like Australia did, if like the  Captain said in the movie G. I. Jane, we just trim a little fat off the Constitution. 
  7. Gun Control

    Absolutely, the Armalite Rifle was designed as a combat weapon.  Do you feel more vindicated in your beliefs for that reason and would feel better if the people were killed by a firearm that was not “designed to kill”?  The argument against the AR type rifles is merely a ploy for more gun laws. In fact in a majority of the shootings the AR is a poor choice of weapons. In the Killeen Luby’s shooting, the suspect used two 9mm handguns in what was the largest mass murder at that time.  In Virginia Tech the suspect not only used just two handguns in what is still the largest school shooting, one was a .22 which is a tiny target round and almost laughable as an offensive weapon and not even a recommended self defense handgun. Tell that to the 32 victims.  As you are well aware, the AR is designed and intended to be used at ranges of a quarter mile or more. For easy of carry, concealment, speed and ease if handling, carrying lots of ammo and ease/speed of reloading, the 9mm is much more effective and just as deadly. In this shooting and Sandy Hook, had the shooters been armed with a couple of small 9mm handguns, the death toll would likely have beet much higher.  I guess that would give you satisfaction since those self defense and target type weapons weren’t designed for offensive weapons and they don’t have the scary look of an AR. The entire “assault” weapon argument is simply a means to an end.  It would do nothing or stop nothing but would simply be another law on the books.  
  8. Gun Control

    I think we are already at that point and have been for a few years. 
  9. State of the Union

    JFK and Trump could almost be two peas in the same political pod but JFK was a polished politician and Trump doesn’t know when to shut up. 
  10. Tax Cuts

    BUT, BUT... Trump said that his SOTU address was a record audience and that was not true.  You know that Dims are hurting when they can’t talk about policy or results but only have tweets to discuss. 
  11. Not unless someone in the 9th files. I think all of those are in the 2nd Circuit. 
  12. This might be a stretch but the Dims need to read The United States Constitution Article I on the powers of Congress.  What is comical is that Obamacare was upheld under that same article under the authority to tax. Apparently some of them like the Constitution when it fits their desires and wants to ignore it when it doesn’t. 
  13. Favorite Movie Scenes
  14. The National Sunday Law

    In Bible school way when I was about 6 years old (over 50 years ago) my teacher told us that the Sabbath day was Saturday, a day of rest. I don’t know any Christian religion that believes otherwise.  Generally Christians gather for their main worship centered on Sunday. This was as I was told in the same lesson, the gathering to celebrate Christianity on Sunday, the day Christ rose from the dead or as we know it, Easter Sunday.  As he told us, basically every Sunday is a celebration of Easter. That does not replace the Sabbath in the Old Testament.   Not coincidentally most people, except shift workers, are traditionally off on both Saturday and Sunday or what we call our weekend. I believe that is why our traditional days off were S-S and not something like Tuesday-Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday are both holy days for different reasons. One in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. 
  15. The National Sunday Law

    You are reading and believing too much gibberish.  Let’s cut to the chase.  Do you really believe that the USA is about to spring upon us a Sunday worship law, enabling the prophecy of the beast?