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  1. BH Vs. Vidor

    Don't think Vidor is quite what they've been the past couple of years. Barbers Hill has a pretty good run game to compliment their air attack.  Teams that throw the ball seem to hurt Vidor! Eagles will fly high on this one! 
  2. BH Vs Lee

    That would be cool.  I just don't see it happening.  
  3. Crosby Qb

    Sad to hear!  This young man is really good football player, and I've enjoyed watching him a couple of times over the past couple of seasons.  I hope he learns the lesson of resiliency through this trial, and he is able to come back even stronger.
  4. Crosby V. PNG

    Too close to call based on the gridiron...  I'll take the team who's head coach has the best head of hair. Who's that???
  5. Dayton@Nederland

    The tooth brush was invented in Dayton, if it were invented anywhere else it would be called a teeth brush. Nederland way too tough for the Broncos!
  6. BH Vs Lee

    Barber's Hill will throw until the QBs arm is sore! The Hill with a ton of points!!
  7. Tough game to pick, and with major playoff implications.... Just based on feeling and a quick peek at some scores give me CE King in a tight one 31-28.  
  8. 21-6A

    Moved to the are a couple of years ago.  I most closely follow the Baytown teams and Barbers Hill by locational default.  Gotten to see Vidor a few times, I really like them.  Tough... remind me of my west Texas upbringing!
  9. 21-6A

    Alpha Wolf, I love that you love HS football, and your team!
  10. 21-6A

    I'll probably post once or twice between now and then.     I bow down to your almighty 5,455 posts.  
  11. 21-6A

    North Shore West Brook C. E. King Deer Park Channelview United Sterling La Porte ...and that's the Gospel!!!
  12. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I think the previous AD hired Coach Aduddell... Fake News!
  13. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I agree... judge a HC on his non-district schedule that will give you a better tell about his W-L record with very similar opponents, unless he was in a situation where he was forced to play non-district games by his administration, or past rivalries, etc...
  14. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I really have no clue to the specifics of the interview process, other candidates, and the ultimate decision of hiring him.  I can say this... he probably had more or similar HC experience than the other candidateswhich allows him to better answer questions about the process having already been through it first hand, a really good record as a coordinator, and he was able to sell him self as a leader and motivator to the interviewing committee.
  15. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I can agree with this, and the guy that keeps taking those jobs seems to be a glutton for punishment when he knows what it is about.  I don't think Coach Toomer applies to this description though.  He did about what everyone else did before and after at the schools where he has been the HC.  He beat some of the other Aldine schools, and he lost to the Spring schools.  Royal is typically pretty bad, unless they have Brandon Williams in the backfield.