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  1. GCM is Open

    The OC at Lee should be considered for this position.

    1.  A head football coach from the Austin area 2. Houston area OC (Good program from the west side) 3. A head football coach from strong East Texas small school 4. Houston area DC (Good program from the Southside) 5.  ??? 6. ???

    Congratulations to Coach Bass! It's always good to see a guy get his first shot!!
  4. Anahuac Open?

    Newton OC is what I heard at the water cooler.
  5. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Has real close ties to a Friend-ly area south of Houston, and he's hungry as a hippo to get back in the game.
  6. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Lured a BIG fish back into the game.  They'll be throwing it all over the yard.  People in Alvin should be excited!!!
  7. Anahuac Open?

    I'm completely lost.  I'll just stay tuned as it unfolds.  Does anyone know the when the hire is going to happen?
  8. Anahuac Open?

    Research...I feel like that is what i am doing on here.
  9. Anahuac Open?

    So, Someone from Barbers Hill is going to get this job???  Isn't the DC from Barbers Hill from Dickinson?  
  10. Anahuac Open?

    I'm lost... what does this mean?
  11. Anahuac Open?

    Was Darrell's brother the HC of Coldspring a few years ago?  They had some good teams!
  12. La Porte Coach

    Looking back at Clear Springs game scores, looks like they had a pretty good defense especially in a high scoring district.  Good to see a coordinator get a first Head Coaching job ( I am assuming it's his first).  Good luck to Coach Renfro and La Porte!!!
  13. La Porte Coach

    Couple of local coordinators, and a couple of guys from the south part of the state.  I don't know any of these guys coaching backgrounds, but I thought a 6A Houston job that has had pretty good success might draw some bigger names.   side question: Is San Antonio Jay the school that the players targeted the referee in the back a few years ago?
  14. La Porte Coach

    Did they find a new coach yet?  
  15. Anahuac Open?

    I heard this, but I can't confirm anything.  Does anyone know if this is official?