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  1. La Porte Coach

    Looking back at Clear Springs game scores, looks like they had a pretty good defense especially in a high scoring district.  Good to see a coordinator get a first Head Coaching job ( I am assuming it's his first).  Good luck to Coach Renfro and La Porte!!!
  2. La Porte Coach

    Couple of local coordinators, and a couple of guys from the south part of the state.  I don't know any of these guys coaching backgrounds, but I thought a 6A Houston job that has had pretty good success might draw some bigger names.   side question: Is San Antonio Jay the school that the players targeted the referee in the back a few years ago?
  3. La Porte Coach

    Did they find a new coach yet?  
  4. Anahuac Open?

    I heard this, but I can't confirm anything.  Does anyone know if this is official?
  5. LP Job opening

    Or the Superintendent, or whoever is doing the hiring, already has his person in mind and is trying to lessen the applicant pool to justify the hire in the end. I've seen that stunt pulled off before! 
  6. 2018 North Shore

    I haven't seen Duncanville, but I would say yes.  If they are undefeated and beat this North Shore team on Saturday, they have a claim to be the best ever (at least from me... whatever that is worth)!
  7. 2018 North Shore

    5 reasons why North Shore is the best team (maybe ever)... 1.  They have the best football player in the country, Zach Evans, and they only use him about 1/3 of the game.  I can't imagine if he got all the touches. 2.  #5 for Lake Travis is suppose to be one of the top receivers in the nation, they manned him up with their own #5, and didn't think twice.  Kid shut him down. 3.  Offensive/Defensive Lines... they're bigger, quicker, and meaner on both sides of the ball in the trenches 4. The QB... He's almost as big a threat as the RB, the extra player you can't account for (and he can pass!!!). 5.   #2... This Middle linebacker is special.  I have seen some in his league, but it's a very short list, and it's taken over 20 years to compile.
  8. Games on Texanlive.com

    Awesome.  Thanks for all the input.
  9. Games on Texanlive.com

    In the regular season the video of the games was delayed a few hours, but now below each game is reading "Live at NRG Stadium".  Will people be able to watch these games live now that it is the playoffs?   All help is appreciated!
  10. North Shore vs Katy Friday 7pm NRG

    I saw North Shore play last Friday.  If I have ever seen a better QB/RB combo in HS, I can't remember it.  There defense is really good against the run, and they aren't afraid to just man you up with the DBs.  This game on Friday is going to be a battle, and I'm bummed I can't make it.  I'll for sure catch it on Texanlive later.
  11. The Hill vs Manvel

    Barbers Hill has a really nice balanced offense this year, and their defense gets better every week.  I would not be shocked if BH upset Manvel.  The only thing that would throw off that prediction is if Manvel's team speed is just too much. If they're able to straight man them up in the back end all night, it will be tough for BH to run the ball.  I have not seen one snap of Manvel this year, so this is all speculation.   Hope the Eagles fly high!!!
  12. CROSBY vs. LEE

    Also, can't say enough about the Lee coaching staff.  From all I had heard this school was a dead end for football, but they are very competitive and fun to watch!     The offensive coordinator at Lee maximizes what he has to its fullest.  This guy should be in line for a HC job soon, I would think.
  13. CROSBY vs. LEE

    He's done very well at Crosby.  If he were to leave for whatever the reason, someone would be happy to have him.
  14. Toilet Bowl

    If the QB, Woodley I think,  is healthy and plays for Lee, give me the Ganders in a shoot out! To put a number on it... 48-41 Ganders.   If he doesn't play... 48- 20 Broncos.
  15. Barbers Hill 49 Vidor 34/FINAL

    Don't think Vidor is quite what they've been the past couple of years. Barbers Hill has a pretty good run game to compliment their air attack.  Teams that throw the ball seem to hurt Vidor! Eagles will fly high on this one!